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Number 535, 5.12.9. Climate Gate. More Spanners Thrown In Works!

Post number 535 Revised 7.12.9,

Climate Gate,

After the newsbreak of allegedly data fudging by Professor Phil Jones and colleagues at the University of East Anglia, UK (Ivy 1, i.e. Imperial, Royal Holloway, University of London, please slot in for global ivy ranking in this field), the UK Met Office are now to publish the full raw data for nearly 160 years (when records began) from well over 1,000 met stations around the globe. This is surely a windfall for other universities and amateur researchers to get stuck into and keep busy for years.

The data will be published next week in support of Professor Jones to indicate that data have not been fudged, but the publication will not, in my view, be good for damage reparation exercises intended. As the sceptic environmentalist Professor Bjorn Lomborg of Denmark said over, scientists will no longer be believed just on faith. The newsbreak has already produced a strong reaction from Saudi environmentalists to the extent that the country will no longer spend efforts to reduce its carbon impact on the global scene.

Generally, all debates, research papers, digests and conferences are staged well above the intellect of the general public who have never been able to take a proactive part, to contribute to debate, or deliver relevant comments where needed. Pseudo environmentalists like Greenpeace have done nearly irreparable damage by merely scratching the surface, and have frightened the public to donate even more generously to Greenpeace coffers than they do now!

For now, let us lower the tone and comment on aspects that lay hidden beneath the surface. Let us consider two aspects alone that have bearings on the interpretation of raw data: An example of the global geopolitical scene has caused inequitable and irrational distribution of the world’s natural raw material and wealth. New global giant, China is in need of millions of tons of iron for her economic growth. Yet, China is forced to negotiate the import of iron from the far fetched Africa (Serra Leone?) instead of neighbouring Afghanistan.

Talmudic Jewish controlled New World Order Israel has grabbed the inexhaustible Afghan wealth (up to 65% open cast iron ore contents en rout from Bagram to Baamyaan) for other purposes. Consider transport charges from Africa to China with that of Afghanistan.

An even more irrational example in this category is the import of finished petroleum fuel daily by Iran all the way from Venezuela instead of the neighbouring Gulf States. Israeli New World Order controlled America is the cause of this environmental injustice. How many more crazy examples can you find in your part of the world that will affect the CO2 calculations used for deliberations in Copenhagen?

The second factor is the lavish but unnecessary life style that the West has become accustomed to; the consumption of cash crop such as out of season vegetables and yesterday’s fresh cur flowers from Kenya! Do we really need Israeli ‘rocket’ salad in Scotland? Angola’s economy is one of the fastest growing in the world due to 2 million barrels of oil production daily. You can buy fresh apples from Washington State (Seattle) in Luanda shops.

If on the one hand, we are terrified of sea levels rising due to temperature increases over the last century, but have no qualms in eating fresh salads in the middle of the winter, then why are we complaining n the first instance? We in Afghanistan of 50s and sixties used to ‘sun dry’ some vegetables for winter consumption such as onions and tomatoes, while burying others like potatoes, turnips and carrots below frost levels. Water melons, melons, pears, apples and grapes kept fairy fresh and usable in mid winter with indoor storage at room temperatures. Mulberries, cherries, and apricots were also dried.

There are air cargo freights cress - crossing global air ways on hourly basis on a 24/7 basis. Are these CO2 ‘consumption’ figures used for predicting current and future regional and global temperature variations of the upward trend? If so, then results are dictated by the wishes of the extravagant West’s life style demands. The developing world may have had little say in all of this. Well over 190 countries will have a voice in Copenhagen. If this post reaches them in good time, then some are going to air some fundamental questions forcing decision makers to go back to drawing boards and start afresh.

The point to consider is this: Have graphs, terrifying forecasts and others for debating in Copenhagen been based on existing extravagant habits and non maintainable geo political status quo, (save continued unjustified military force)? If so, then results are not worth the papers they are written on. The inevitable failure of Israeli spearheaded NATO campaign with 64 countries taking part (43 NATO and 21 others contributing 7,000 fresh troops to the American surge of 30,000 in 2010 according to Rasmusson of NATO, this week) in Afghanistan will change the global power play on many fronts including the environment. We will have to wait and see.

In effect, world war 3 will star on New Years Day! 64 against a bunch of wild turban wearing locals fighting the world’s military might with hand weapons!!!

Afghans got rid of communism and freed Eastern Europe from the communist grip of Israeli’s New World Order and handed them to the American led capitalist forces of the same Order. When NATO fails in Afghanistan, NATO will dismember in Europe. People will become brave and will seek their national sovereignties. The projected force of 300,000 made up of foreign and Afghan troops are bound to fail because according to NATO’s own admission, Taalibaan are in – charge of 90 of the rugged Afghan soil and people. One will need millions of troops to dislodge Taalibaan, especially with the corrupt of the earth Karzai at the helm for next 5 years.

Apologies for not keeping the blog updated over the past few days. This has been due to my sore throat getting worse, and the pain spreading to my tongue. I have been ill at my hospital bed and no amount of NHS expertise has helped reduce the pain, never mind diagnosing the cause. Even Dr China’s herbal mixes are no longer effective, nor is strong 400 mg of Ibipropaicn from the ward stock can keep the pain away. The only respite is offered by ‘Lockett’ throat lozenges that I live with, with one sweet in mouth at nearly all alert hours of the day. The state administered poison seems to be doing its job, slowly but surely.

I am being killed gradually in a hospital bed and the killing supervised in an NHS hospital prison, ACU. Thanks for this blog and Facebook. At least, you know the facts.

The reason Dr China’s detox herbal mix is no longer effective is due to the assumption that I am being continually poisoned either at home when I return to update the blog and Facebook, or at the hospital itself.

Mohammad Karim Ahmadzai,
For RICE and Earth Projects

PS. The denial of holocaust in Europe is a crime now, subject to imprisonment, because holocaust as portrayed never happened and is a lie!!


Let us try to destabilise the Talmudic Jewish paedomasonic means of total control and anal domination. Google, are now publishing all of our recent posts, but for the backdated omissions by Google, a comprehensive record can be followed in our Facebook site.

Subtext for continuity so that we do not forget Teresa Cooper, Julian Grail (Plymouth City Council) and the government involvement.
For readers new to the blog, we recommend you research and Google the following:

‘Dunblane conspiracy’, ‘the Bryn Alyn Welsh Homes scandals’, and then Google ‘Freemasons sexual abuse conspiracies’. The information will be staggering.
Some previously visited sites have been deleted/cleaned up/hidden from scrutiny. For an insight, new comers to the blog are advised to read from post number 244 onwards.
Every council in the country is run by the Freemasons, answerable to one man in position of authority.

That man was Sandy Bruce Lockhart, but now replaced by homosexual Simon Fuller. There is an overt Masonic Lodge in every town, but also covert (secret) Masonic houses in every town, where ritual abuse takes place.
It must be noted that Lord Nigel Lawson and Harvey Proctor have been exposed by our own team members of taking active parts in the ritual anal domination/rape of young children.

The rarity of exposure of the individuals involved is due to the secrecy of the system, and control over the dominated children who don’t speak out.
In all fairness, we have given ample opportunities for the likes of Lord Lawson, Lord Mandelson, Lord George Robertson, Tony (Marilyn) Blair, his mentor Peter Selby Right, David Cameron and Michael Howard to come forward and talk, but the silence is deafening!!!

The physical evidence and symptoms of sexual abuse are obvious to our team members. We know, from experience, that the bags around and under the eyes are evidence of anal penetration as young children. This may also be relevant to adult anal penetration depending on the size of the implement used. We now predict that in the near future, plastic surgery will be used in an attempt to hide this evidence and symptoms.

Take a look at the MPs, the House of Lords, the media in particular, and political commentators on TV. How many have the give away signs, of not only the pressure induced bags under the eyes, but also other physical traits that we will divulge at a later date. We know of a multiple number of anally abused victims that show not only the bags under the eyes but various other physical symptoms which correlate.

From our research and experience, only about one in ten paedophiles are exposed. Reference to a previous blog post, where approximately 450 paedophiles abused 67,000 children!! If one paedophile abuses 20 children, how many paedophiles do you think will be created by the paedophiles acts?? ‘Official figures’ suggest that 50% of the abused children become paedophiles. So from 67,000 abused children, you may very well have ended up with 33,500 paedophiles among you!!! And they are not being exposed and caught!!!


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