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Number 534, 2.12.2009. Is Ed Balls Against 'Typical Family', Too?

Post number 534,

Where and how active is the Blair left – over woman nowadays?

Katherine Rake, who recently said the days of the 'typical family' are numbered, is a hard-line feminist brought in last summer to head the Family and Parenting Institute, the state-funded mouthpiece on family life.

Her appointment appeared to toughen the organisation's long standing mission to belittle marriage and denigrate the traditional two-parent family. Crop-haired Dr Rake, 41, was for seven years the figurehead of the feminist pressure group, the Fawcett Society, where she declared her ambition was 'to transform the most intimate and private relations between women and men'. A key figure in her appointment appears to have been the woman who has chaired the Family and Parenting Institute for five years: Fiona Millar, former aide to Cherie Blair and partner of Tony Blair's former spokesman Alastair Campbell.

Dr Rake is a grammar-school girl from Canterbury who became a notable academic before gravitating to feminist activism. Her own family background suffered disruption. Her father divorced from her mother – the first of his three wives – when Katherine was 18, about the time she went up to the London School of Economics. Dr Rake lectured in social studies at the LSE and in Paris before taking an advisory role at the Cabinet Office's Women's Unit in 1999. Since she took over as director of the Fawcett Society, it has become a prominent and persistent voice protesting over the pay gap between men and women.

When critics say the pay gap exists largely because women who have children usually slacken their career efforts to spend time looking after them, Dr Rake says men should take over the responsibility for raising children. Last year she was awarded an OBE for services to equal opportunities. Despite her disapproval of state support for marriage and the traditional family, she lives in South London with her husband, a commercial manager on the Guardian newspaper, and four-year-old son. The FPI has always been anxious to talk down the institution of marriage. Dr Rake is merely the latest and loudest broadcaster of a message which has been pumped out by the organisation for a decade.

The institute was launched by Home Secretary Jack Straw in 1999 with £2million of start-up money from the taxpayer. Its first action was to publish an opinion poll which asserted that only one in five people thought having married parents was important for children. Its second was to host a speech by Mr Straw in which he told his audience 'don't panic' over the decay of marriage. FPI regularly promotes themes beloved of the children's rights lobby: for example there have been reports calling for tight restrictions on prosecutions of any criminals under 16 and advising parents that they should never shout at their children.

As long ago as 2000 it responded favourably to the suggestion that the Government should abandon support for two-parent families and instead pump cash into childcare. Its then chief Mary Macleod said it was 'time to find new ways of addressing the balance between work and family life'. The organisation remains firmly in the grip of state funding and Labour thinking. It was given more than £1.4million by the taxpayer last year, mainly through Ed Balls's Department of Children, Schools and Families.

Mohammad Karim Ahmadzai,
For RICE and Earth Projects

PS. The denial of holocaust in Europe is a crime now, subject to imprisonment, because holocaust as portrayed never happened and is a lie!!


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