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Number 511,, 9 November 2009. Susanne Killner - Johnson, Another Victim Of The Cuckoo's Nest! The Cuckoos Are In Control!

Post number 511,

More of Susanne’s inhumane treatment at the hands of Bradford and District Care Trust (Mental Health Service Provider just as my ACU prison hospital is)

“””Susanne Kellner-Johnson

27 Victoria Street


North Yorkshire

BD20 7HY

The Complaints Manager

Bradford and District Care Trust

8 November 2009

Dear Madam

Ref.: Official Complaint under NHS complaints procedure

The 1998 Human Rights Act prohibits torture, degrading and inhuman treatment, yet this is exactly what I am being subjected to by the employees of the BDCT.

I am a prisoner on the Clover ward (PICU), where I am detained against my will, and in a secret meeting on Friday it was decided to give me forced injections. Everyone knows that I am allergic to food additives, colourings and chemicals and that I suffer severe side effects from psychiatric drugs such as Olanzapine. Yet this secret committee, no doubt influenced by the Common Purpose members of the meeting and instigated by the Fixed Threat Assessment Center, has decided to force fed me Olanzapine.

As you are well aware, I was on ward 13 in September with severe uterine bleeding, which needed a two pint blood transfusion for my survival. Shortly afterwards I was arrested by your Nazi and Gestapo team and have been held under Nazi Concentration prison terms ever since the 14 October, with plenty of forced injections thrown in.

I fainted twice on the Heather ward and they did not get me medical help. On one occasion I fainted, was unconscious in a tub chair as a matter of fact. They dragged the tub chair with me slumped in it in the dining room, and left me there. During the night I was unconscious again and had to crawl to the bathroom to try and get a drink of water.

I have now obtained medical evidence from the internet which states that Olanzapine causes severe uterine bleeding, and other anti-psychotic drugs can have the same effect. Your Consultant Psychiatrists are totally negligent and do not care about my physical medical problems. Olanzapine is dangerous, and I am on the list of Eli Lilly’s victims of the drug. In fact, Eli Lilly has me down as suffering from side-effects of Olanzapine, officially.

However, in spite of all of this, I have received forced injections of Olanzapine twice a day since Friday. Why? And on what grounds? Why was I woken up on Friday evening and violently held down on my bed and injected by force? I suffered palpitations and was hyperventilating as a result of this mistreatment, which is nothing other than GBH, torture and degrading treatment, and ‘prescribed’ by criminals. Nurses claim that they do not want to do it, but they have to. Who exactly tells them that they have to?

Apart from that, the ASW Helen Woods who has been arresting me over and over again for staging human rights protests came to see me on Friday and all she has to say is that I should sign on when I complaint that I am running a business and not earning anything. Your staff is hell bent to force me onto benefits! They are trying to deprive me of my livelihood and my autonomy all the time.

Since they started with the forced injections, I have started with side effects straight away, pins and needles, circulation problems, blurred vision (can’t read books anymore), I am losing my memory and can’t remember my friends phone numbers, nor my pin numbers for my bank accounts. The intention is no doubt, to make me angry so that they can say that I am ‘psychotic’ and ‘manic’ in the Hospital Managers appeal on Monday, and they just need to punish me with drugs that they know I am allergic to.

Furthermore, Clover Ward is what staff refer to: a low stimulus environment. In plain English, this means: bugger all to do and we can’t be bothered doing anything with you.

I am virtually trapped in a bedroom 24/7 with absolutely nothing to do at all. They only allow me 30 minutes a day on a computer and that is the only time I can actually do something! Disgraceful. The Bradford and District Care Trust is following it’s usual Nazi rule and treats me to forced injections as I have a brain and use, clearly those working brain cells need to be interfered with and they have to stop my healthy neuro-transmitter function with forced drugs.

I am not allowed any S17 leave, not allowed to go to the cash machine to get money out and check my account balance, not allowed to the hospital shop. Someone raided my house and I am not allowed to go home and check. The blonde bimbo, Julie Gill, who dares to call herself a psychiatric nurse from your Assertive Outreach Team, just sat there with her usual blank (there is nobody at home in the brain department) look and stated that they would take me home to check eventually. Oh, I see.

And the ethics on Clover Ward are: we offer a low stimulus environment so people can think. Yes, right, and if you do that successfully and you vocalise it and you write letters and e-mails, then you get forced injections as your letters and e-mails are passed back and the person writing them needs to have their brain function slowed down and stopped.

So clearly, the Bradford and District Care Trust is following its usual policy of coercion, Nazi and Gestapo methods to threaten, intimidate and violate those who dare to speak out and complain. As you want me to extent the time line for my complaints, why don’t you include this one as well? All I ever get from the BDCT is violence, threats, intimidation, barbaric mistreatment, torture and GBH. With coercion being the big theme overall.

Yours truly

Susanne Kellner-Johnson

Human Rights Activist

Copy to: The Rt Hon David Curry MP”””

David Curry MP has obviously not come to Susanne’s rescue. He is obviously part of the same rotten to the core establishment of this country that we want to uproot and bury forever. Do MPs have to fulfil some sort of agenda to be selected by the various political parties? We say a definitive yes, or they won’t even be allowed to be nominated for elections.

Are they all mentally ill because of sexual abuse as children? In our view, the people that have been abused as children, and fulfil the agenda of towing the line and not speaking out, fits the bill. Take Stephen Fry. He went through the paedophilic system, was sexually abused, sodomised, and all he has to say about it is that he felt flattered that the abuser fancied him. The key factor to this is that Mr Fry has spoken out about his abuse and has been classed as mentally ill and suffering from bipolar disorder.

Marilyn Tony Blair was mentored by a persistent paedophile, namely Peter Selby – Wright, and he is ‘not bovvered’! Blair has not spoken out and therefore fulfilled the agenda, which incidentally, begs some serious questions, and was placed to rise to the position of Prime Minister of Great Britain via the secret societies network. To blatantly lie and act in the way that he has acted must suggest a form of mental illness! Is the whole establishment therefore, mentally ill?

Probably unbeknown to most people, the Nazis were paedophilic and homosexual at the very core. Hitler even being a copraphilic (someone who’s been turned on by human excrement). The treatment that Susanne is suffering is nothing more than the Nazi ways of dealing with anti establishment individuals. Do we think this is a coincidence? Why are they targeting Susanne the way they are? Is it because she is a human rights activist. Or is there more? We reckon she knows something about the weapons of masss destruction industry of this country, for which there is absolutely no need in today’s world, except for those determined to fulfil Israel’s New World Order prophecies.

Paedophilia has been exposed in recent times, as never before. The system in this country protects paedophiles. The legal system tells the public, ‘We’ve got them under control, they are on the sex offenders register, and tare therefore safe in the public domain’. If you believe this, then you’d believe anything they tell you.

Mohammad Karim Ahmadzai,
For RICE and Earth Projects


Let us try to destabilise the Talmudic Jewish paedomasonic means of total control and anal domination. Google, are now publishing all of our recent posts, but for the backdated omissions by Google, a comprehensive record can be followed in our Facebook site.

Subtext for continuity so that we do not forget Teresa Cooper, Julian Grail (Plymouth City Council) and the government involvement.

For readers new to the blog, we recommend you research and Google the following:

‘Dunblane conspiracy’, ‘the Bryn Alyn Welsh Homes scandals’, and then Google ‘Freemasons sexual abuse conspiracies’. The information will be staggering.

Some previously visited sites have been deleted/cleaned up/hidden from scrutiny. For an insight, new comers to the blog are advised to read from post number 244 onwards.

Every council in the country is run by the Freemasons, answerable to one man in position of authority. That man was Sandy Bruce Lockhart, but now replaced by homosexual Simon Fuller. There is an overt Masonic Lodge in every town, but also covert (secret) Masonic houses in every town, where ritual abuse takes place.

It must be noted that Lord Nigel Lawson and Harvey Proctor have been exposed by our own team members of taking active parts in the ritual anal domination/rape of young children. The rarity of exposure of the individuals involved is due to the secrecy of the system, and control over the dominated children who don’t speak out.

In all fairness, we have given ample opportunities for the likes of Lord Lawson, Lord Mandelson, Lord George Robertson, Tony (Marilyn) Blair, his mentor Peter Selby Right, David Cameron and Michael Howard to come forward and talk, but the silence is deafening!!!

The physical evidence and symptoms of sexual abuse are obvious to our team members. We know, from experience, that the bags around and under the eyes are evidence of anal penetration as young children. This may also be relevant to adult anal penetration depending on the size of the implement used. We now predict that in the near future, plastic surgery will be used in an attempt to hide this evidence and symptoms.

Take a look at the MPs, the House of Lords, the media in particular, and political commentators on TV. How many have the give away signs, of not only the pressure induced bags under the eyes, but also other physical traits that we will divulge at a later date. We know of a multiple number of anally abused victims that show not only the bags under the eyes but various other physical symptoms which correlate.

From our research and experience, only about one in ten paedophiles are exposed. Reference to a previous blog post, where approximately 450 paedophiles abused 67,000 children!! If one paedophile abuses 20 children, how many paedophiles do you think will be created by the paedophiles acts?? ‘Official figures’ suggest that 50% of the abused children become paedophiles. So from 67,000 abused children, you may very well have ended up with 33,500 paedophiles among you!!! And they are not being exposed and caught!!!


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