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Number 505, 5 November 2009. You Are All Friends, Facebook Contributors :=)))

Post number 505,

This is a general note of thank you for all the interest groups that have joined my Facebook site and beating their drums. Welcome one and all. The way I see it is this: In the past, we did ‘feed the world’ to lift Ethiopia up from poverty and misery. We did and are doing the Israeli/Palestinian causes to restore peace not only in the region but the world over. We did raise masses of money for Tsunami victims, AIDS sufferers, Save the Children (Pudsey of the BBC). We did loads of other things.

We never got any where. We never solved any problems.

Trevor and I attacked paedpohilia and made great stirdes until I announced 911 as an inside job and was put away and still am. We lost all our support and power base on Facebook. We drew attention to the cruel and barbaric practices and teachings of the Jewish book, the Talmud and their god condoning raping our 3 year old children.

Now, we can inform you that 911 will not have happened without the corruption of paedophilia.

The campaigns we took on earlier (except for paedophilia) were all localised, limited to counties or a continent at best and its’ widest. The New World Order Rent A Mob, 96% globally controlled media, overwhelming military force and other forces got amongst us and scattered us.

This time round, with 911 exposing the New World Order as Global Terrorists, we cannot possibly fail, but will succeed. That is why every one of you with your individual messages, songs, Mafia Games and the rest are telling me that YOU ARE ALL SLOIDLY BEHIND ME in agreeing that 911 was indeed an inside job. Just as one example, consider the Italian courts over powering the ass licking Silvio Berlisconi to try the 23 Americans all of the CIA bar one for extra ordinary rendition. I have driven a thick wedge between two powerful New World Order allies, and Israel’s heart is pounding as a result. So, keep on joining, contributing, and taking part.

You are all my friends. One day, I can boast millions of friends on Facebook in every continent, even millions in every country. We can then rise up and launch our own Revolutionary Individual Collective Establishments, and rule our countries by consensus the way we all want to, but have neer been given an opportunity for 1000s of years. If it is the Taalibaan who will be the key to achieve our aims, then so be it. Besides, with 96% of the news about Taalibaan coming to us via the New World Order sources, have we really got all the facts about Taalibaan, folks? When were they given a few microphones and the world TVs to express themselves in their own words? Will I be lying if I said never?

You have been reading one Taalib to begin with. The only difference is that the Afghaan Taalibaan are knowledge seekers as I am, but they have gathered their knowledge from their mountains, soils, water and air, easily accessible to them. I have been fortunate enough to gather more knowledge from working and living in 4 continents. And another thing: What is wrong in them living their lives the way they have been accustomed to? What about if there definition of human rights and wrong are different than ours? How about our trying to lift them by two centuries and place them where we are in the 21st century? Could that have been achieved in the Victorian England?

For all we know, some Papua New Guinean tribes may still be practising cannibalisms. Shall we try to find out why first, before blasting them out of existence to stop the practise. History records that they chopped up ? Chalmer Tamate, and English Missionary and ate him on the shore the minute he landed. In his earlier trip, he converted the people to Christianity, lost his first wife to malaria. He cam back to England, remarried, and went back to continue his good deeds. On arrival, something went wrong (he may have put the wrong foot first on soil?). The locals promptly chopped him up, cooked and ate him. Just like that.

Now, there are statues of him in Towns, may be Port Morsby, the capital.

The living book narrated a story in which a Taalib/Afghaan woman has more power in beheading or forgiving a murderer. Hence women> one respect. When did you hear that last?

Mohammad Karim Ahmadzai,
For RICE and Earth Projects


Let us try to destabilise the Talmudic Jewish paedomasonic means of total control and anal domination. Google, are now publishing all of our recent posts, but for the backdated omissions by Google, a comprehensive record can be followed in our Facebook site.

Subtext for continuity so that we do not forget Teresa Cooper, Julian Grail (Plymouth City Council) and the government involvement.

For readers new to the blog, we recommend you research and Google the following:

‘Dunblane conspiracy’, ‘the Bryn Alyn Welsh Homes scandals’, and then Google ‘Freemasons sexual abuse conspiracies’. The information will be staggering.

Some previously visited sites have been deleted/cleaned up/hidden from scrutiny. For an insight, new comers to the blog are advised to read from post number 244 onwards.

Every council in the country is run by the Freemasons, answerable to one man in position of authority. That man was Sandy Bruce Lockhart, but now replaced by homosexual Simon Fuller. There is an overt Masonic Lodge in every town, but also covert (secret) Masonic houses in every town, where ritual abuse takes place.

It must be noted that Lord Nigel Lawson and Harvey Proctor have been exposed by our own team members of taking active parts in the ritual anal domination/rape of young children. The rarity of exposure of the individuals involved is due to the secrecy of the system, and control over the dominated children who don’t speak out.

In all fairness, we have given ample opportunities for the likes of Lord Lawson, Lord Mandelson, Lord George Robertson, Tony (Marilyn) Blair, his mentor Peter Selby Right, David Cameron and Michael Howard to come forward and talk, but the silence is deafening!!!

The physical evidence and symptoms of sexual abuse are obvious to our team members. We know, from experience, that the bags around and under the eyes are evidence of anal penetration as young children. This may also be relevant to adult anal penetration depending on the size of the implement used. We now predict that in the near future, plastic surgery will be used in an attempt to hide this evidence and symptoms.

Take a look at the MPs, the House of Lords, the media in particular, and political commentators on TV. How many have the give away signs, of not only the pressure induced bags under the eyes, but also other physical traits that we will divulge at a later date. We know of a multiple number of anally abused victims that show not only the bags under the eyes but various other physical symptoms which correlate.

From our research and experience, only about one in ten paedophiles are exposed. Reference to a previous blog post, where approximately 450 paedophiles abused 67,000 children!! If one paedophile abuses 20 children, how many paedophiles do you think will be created by the paedophiles acts?? ‘Official figures’ suggest that 50% of the abused children become paedophiles. So from 67,000 abused children, you may very well have ended up with 33,500 paedophiles among you!!! And they are not being exposed and caught!!!


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