Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Number 476. Still Incarcerated But Active

Post number 476

Hello readers & lost friends. I announced on 25.9.9 that 911 was an inside job and carried out by the Bush & Blair governments and their internal, external security appartus along with NWO Supremo Israel and her MOSAD. Instead of being paraded on world TV & media, I have been locked up in Abraham Cowley Unit St Peters Hospital Claire Ward ph 01932 723 470 & pay phone 01932 873 174. I have not remained idle. I have sent 47 SMS text messages to Daily Mail via BBC radios 2, 4 and BBC1TV breakfast programme. Today's post on paedophilia appears in the living book http://www.seachangeindrycleaning.blogspot.com. I have had 3 hours leave today and been able to do this. We are winning big time. Don't give up. :=))

Girls, Staffordshire Gold, Silver, other UK RICE and Mohammad
For Earth Projects


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