Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Number 475 (SMS 46). Paedophilia! An Exculsive For You, Daily Mail.

Post number 475 coincides with SMS text message number 46 sent to www.bbc.co.uk/radio2 text number 88291, www.bbc.co.uk/fradiofivelive, text number 85058, * BBC1 TV breakfast programme text number 6112 and to the Daily mail through these BBC outlets. Messages have been sent daily since my incarceration and torture at the torture ward Luareate.

Today’s message on paedophilia is in response to the Daily Mail’s article (not seen) on recommending parents who take on exchange foreign students should be vetted for paedophilia. My text message is copied below as sent:

46. Paedophilia!!! Wow! I didn’t think there would be a newspaper that would touch the subject for months. Its as hot as hell and will scorch you. The only global media that’s been able to mention the topic is the BBC. But then the BBC is powerful because the BBC is mine and I am the most potent power pack with my lot.

I now even have 4 army generals of Dunnett, Michael Jackson, Patrick Cordingly and another to second General Aziz in a government of national unity. Before paedophilia, let me assure Hilary, Ram Emmanuel, Eric Holder, and Barack that they have my word that the government of national unity will work like hand in glove with new NWO goyim America on the surface playing leading role. You have the press to tell the world USA and paedophile NATO run the show. Underneath, it will be government of national unity, General Aziz & my military generals running the show.

Thank you Barack for Sudan and Marijuana as your sweetener of understanding between us. I shall remain as the field Marshall and coordinator with my girls and Claire Short among us now. Welcome aboard, Claire.

Now, paedophilia. You brave Daily Mail. You actually wrote that parents must be vetted before being allowed to take exchange students. With that, I can promise you exclusive a galore. My co campaigner is a walking encyclopaedia on the subject and has over 40 years of facts, figures, names of victims and perpetrators. Food poisoning by freemasons, out of body experience (personally to him as a child) and other stuff you wouldn’t believe your ears! Then, we have our friend, alive but unwell who was repeatedly raped by Lord Nigel Lawson. In fact, he continued getting raped during his class hours in the entire school years that he was not given time to become literate. He still has trouble reading!!!

You and us could even tie Lawson and George Robertson to other high ranking establishment figures, including disgraced Elizabeth II and the trafficking of British children. Join Scottish Sunday Herald to open up Dunblane case. Clarissa Dickson – Wright is ready to tell us Marilyn Blair story on Radio 4 and BBC1 TV.

Alex Salmond can really make London dance to the Scottish tune in a hung parliament next year by helping Sunday Herald o publish sordid stories of Dunblane. I wouldn’t worry about MarilynBlair’s 100 years secret act. It’s obsolete now.

Girls, others and Mohammad


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