Thursday, 24 September 2009

Number 474, 24 September 2009. Moon Landing Was Fake. It Never Happened.

Post number 474,

For your quick & handy reference.

1. WOW! 1,500 pieces of Staffordshire GOLD! All mine! Not really, I will ask the New King, girls & boys of foot ball and students how it should be spent. We will decide & do things bottom to top, ALWAYS. We will have secrets, or its societies. It will be reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally nice, Staffordshire. The thing is our revolution is succedeeding at speeds neve experienced before in human history.

2. Experiences gained are awesome. They truly are. I could finish this I a couple of days, give or take. But we must let Brown run the show for a few months for the smoothest of transfer of power to people. This is fantastic, because the strata of people who could cause bloodshed, haven’t got a clue what’s happening. Bless their souls, they have suffered. Just stay cool, & let me unroll it nice & easy

3. 3 Having said all that, if the nation can do it seamlessly, then just take over. It is your show. Lol ::=)) your New King’s brother.

4. 4. Be as you are. Now, Staffordshire, what a joy! The public found where the gold should go & I got equal returns. Anglo Saxon. Heaven (research, reliogionS). Now, I will be hopping all over the place, because Trevor has found me more gold, so I will back when I can.

5. 5. Now, hopping: Russian Ambassador to London. Diplomacy with sanctions against Iran. Couldn’t have put it better myself. Mandelson, you are a spent force, neutered, irrelevant & powerless. Rather spent my time other important issues. You are practically dead. You showed ultimate power again re minister with green shoots. OK, fine. Too much power, what can I do?

6. 6. I tell you what I can do. I pretend you don’t exist, so I won’t respond again no matter what you say or do. So, there! ;=))). Global opposition to me & what I stand for, is on auto self destruct. Let them carry on. I rather spent my time with Trevor & his gold.

7. 7. While Trevor is on the phone, I wish the Norwegian blue, the no more, would be with us because I could have told him I got Blair. Now, he is shut out, being misquoted, and there is where he could go to make himself heard. Gave him a taste of own medicine, didn’t I?

8. 8. Soon, I will drive knife in by inleashing Clarisa Dickson – Wright on him to tell to all about Marilyn. By the way, is phone bugged?! Won’t be back for some time now. :=)))))))

9. 9. I am bored, so why not waste your time by telling you a phone call I received the minute I mentioned the research material. Got ‘writer’s block’ so I can’t think ! but :=)). Any way, I got this call from America telling me I’ve won 2 week’s holiday in Florida, &b that I should push various buttons to know equally various things. I did, & within 5 second, an American male voice asked me who I was?

10. 10. I wanted to know who wanted to know. He hang up. Now, people, people, people, the fact of the matter, or it the matter of fact, bloody hell, I am so pest off (NOT), any way the point of the point, the point of the bleeding point? Got to take deep breath. I did. One minute later, I can tell you this: The man was obviously trying to sell me something. So, why did he put the phone down?

11. 11. It’s a bit like a shop advertising 70% discount. People rush to get in, & the security shuts the shop door! Is it me or it them? I will be reaaaaaaaaly a while now. Ask Michelle Hyder who saw me yesterday. She is at Dr Ging’soffice. OK?! :=))))))))))))))))))))

12. 12. Minister with green shoots. Do remember that you will be representing me at G20. I own, Barclays Bank, AIG, GEC, Proctor & Gamble & more. I certainly do have at G20 for many a reason.

13. Here is a little taster to impose your SHEER authority on the gathering. You will insist that from then on, women of the world will have a 50% of all jobs from road sweeping to board rooms. I am pleased Gordon selected you.

14. 14. Go For It girl, another GFI, Barney and kids! :=)) why get so excited. Just plain sailing will do, hey Staffordshire. As high as the British Museum so far. , The Brother. Force Majeuar should be remembered.

15. 15. Wayhayyyyyyyyyyyy. Staffordshire! From British Museum to archaeology as the new cool. See what the Crown has done? The nation has taken over & I am made redundant! Makes sense to me. Can you see your door way to RICE education from bottom to top? Making new curricula. Supply & demand, fitness for purpose.

16. 16. Global: Squeeze Ahmadinejaad over the nuclear thing, Gordon Brown. Show him what the Russian London amabassador’s diplomacy with sanction means!.I say gloves are off, don’t you? ;=))

17. 17. Back to UK national from item 15.: Staffordshire, I wonder if there is a pattern for your unstoppable juggernaut, I could learn from. Tell you what? I will do the Swine Flu thing with Ivy 1 (Imperial) girls, boys & allies. Let’s compare notes. Follow me:=))

18. 18. Imperial & others: I am not talking to dead, deceased, capoot, no more Norwegian blues. So, let’s get records from the late Joseph Mengele Donaldson’s oofices and take a look: ask for these: sampling, data collecting for pretty accurate weekly increase in the number of cases in 1,000s of units. Let’s see if there is a pattern recorded to mach the weekly predictions.

19. 19. Bear in mind that a lot of people could recover after the application of Tammy flu one or 2 weeks course of treatment. I do know that it is silly to cite my brother, Jagjeet Singh Sandhu of Job centre plus Rugby reovered thus.

20. 20. However, with so much lying, deceit, & scare mongering by the Brown government, I have reasons to smell fish. Also, a couple of Navy personnel died on ship(s) that the government concealed, after receiving their Swine Flu vaccinations.

21. 21. Data for such cases may end up having graphs/curves, i.e. straight line, parabolic, hyperbolic, logarithmic, exponential, others, none of these I mentioned. What size computer they use, where is it, & much more updated methods developed in the last 30 to 40 years (my input given here). :=))

22. 22. See what you come up with especially in the light of the fact that initial diagnosis over the phone by semi qualified staff at best sounds like Taro Card reading to me! :=))))))))))))))))))))

23. 23. Global: Goaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaardon ( I wish I had human rights or just my voice. Research, monetary other values calculations): You said our Special Relations are strong with the US. I also know you meant to add that it is strong, but in our favour now. I know its hard after 1000s of years of slavery to JEWS (back on course to remind Gordon that Obama is still a JEW but a semi freed one by me).

24. 24. Your predecessors have been ass lickers, servants, & extremely insubordinate to JEWS. One of the worst examples were Marilyn Blair who ended up friends to both Clinton & George. If I had slipped in their, he would have even become mine, too despite my not giving him the day, GMT or old money. :=))

25. 25. Try to sound dignified, confident, proud, moral, ethical and things like that. These are acquired tastes for people like you, but these values will grow on you. So, try to sound a little less pathetic next time. :=))

26. 26. Crown gave you gold, Staffordshire. You gave me Anglo Saxon, & then we had parallel mirrors, well sort of. As I said plain sailing. Just plaiiiiiiiiiiiiiin sailing. :=)) Force Majeur applies – my Sumo Field Marshal thingy.

27. 27. Plaiiiiiiiiiiiiiin sailing :=)). Want to raise British museum’s valuation of ‘Staffordshire Gold’ (x amount of my new £) to my expert valuation of ‘Staffordshire Gold ++’ Huhhhhhhhhhhhhhh:=)).

28. 28. British Museum may outbid me if accountant does not receive my selected name for business to register new company name ‘Staffordshire Gold ++’ with Companies House. Neither I nor new company owners can reach account for 08:30 hrs GMT tomorrow Friday 25/9/9.

29. 29. If accountant (I know naaaaaaaaathing about, including name sex, race, not seen ever, could be any of you) not reached by designated time, parallel mirror achievement will be lost for ever & all depending on it. Bigots, UNEDUCATED (pregnant mums, your new born will get one), those full of hate, please note: NO MONETARY GAINS IN IT FOR ME AT ALL!

30. 30. Annie Machon & David Shaylor of RICE’s MI6. This is top drawer stuff, isn’t it? Watch what ‘Staffordshire Gold ++’ can do to America’s Health Bill. JEWS, be men & women enough to pass the bill. I dare you! Barrack, YOU owe me a big one.

31. 31. As I said, plain sailing, folks, just plaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin sailing. Slight weakness in Sumo is attributed to my not knowing Latin. The whole world could be lost because of it. (research: data for costing human rights!!! For our RICE courts). Still maintain plain sailing folks, just sheer plaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin sailing my lovely soft shell & hard shell eaters in South who are the same as those in North. How about that :=)))

32. 32. Gordon, you idiot. You just did a Roy Booth(the German Elizabeth II), Talk Sport Radio - George Galloway (McDonald’s Rivers of blood McCarteny/Starr),etc. You slipped YOUR COMMON PURPOSE (to abuse children)! Ooops! You know what I do with such slips:

33. 33. Minister Mansfield, All Common Purpose people are destined to Wembley Stadium along with those in Chatham House, & Fabian Society. :=|| The Field Marshall with Sumo. Oh, yes!

34. 34. First Plain sailing,just plaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin sailing folks. I established that mood because comes next will make your belief in my truth and the now unshakeable parllalel Mirror set up with Staffordshire shaky. The latter may even start doubts & loose confidence in being in –charge & my being redundant. I can assure nothing has changed, & I am redundant. :=||

35. 35. To further insure, I resume status of Field Marshall Sumo & maintain vigil all night. Oh yes! Now then, more down turns: I feel belittled, insulted, humiliated, and even face danger of becoming a laughing stock, resulting loosing all I have meticulously built.

36. 36. That is going to Jews very heavily indeed. (research: optimum (limited edition version) of unit cost for loss of human rights). Think News of The World & Sunday Sports British newspapers.

37. 37. I have to smash the moon landing. It never took place. My defence: truth prevails. If it doesn’t than the Afghan unifying lie better than divisive truth comes into play. A sort of trump card maintain parallel mirrors. Now, I place Staffordshire on auto pilot and even trust them with reinforcing America’s defences for the JEWish - TERRORISING health Bill.

38. 38. As I said plain sailing folks, just sheer & utter paiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin sailing. Field Marshall Sumo (includes vigil). Huhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh at JEWS


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