Thursday, 24 September 2009

Number 473, Trans Atlantic Relations Are Being Reversed. Britain No Longer Dog's Tail. Wayhayyyyyyyyy! :=))

Post number 473,

Note: Kingdom Of Mercia will be looked into in search for wholesome and 'clean' English & British values.

Birmingham University UK elevated to global Ivy league status. Chris of History Ivy League 2, Royal Holloway, make it official.

1. Missing post numbers leading to 473 will be published in due course.
After the long absence from my computer, I now inform earth, & all he environments (includes the position of the furthest space craft right now 03:16 hrs GMT).

2. Minister Mansfield, record as formal for new UN HQ, Egham, BBC world service broadcast 0f 03:00 hr GMT as formal records. Kadaffi’s referring security council of terror further justifies Egham as the new UN HQ. I now strengthen my current weak link of the BBC as all mine by doing the following. This is also for strengthening my genuine English (NOT GERMAN) King brother who rule as true King but under my orders.

3. He will Rule freely, provided I hand him my power bases currently enforce, but signifying perhaps the strongest: My loyal Man U fans first, then Mac City, then the entire nation’s leagues of <200. Those above 200, including women foot ball teams will all be considered as women to boost women numbers. So, some men teams & supporters are considered as women!

4. This is a social enjoyable research to experience what its like to be a woman, while a man. Mad, isn’t it? Well, I want some data & will cancel if Peter Thatchell sneaked in & officiated homosexuality. My brother King may find this nutty, but there you go. At least people will it live thru the living book.

5. Link to BBC for purposes of my owning it: Letter 1 of 10 on HMP Highdown paper of 14:35 hrs GMT, Sunday 13 July 2003. Prisoner number KJ (Knig John?) 5001. Letters written from my cell marked “The Square Office”, telling fellow prisoners this Taliban bollocked the “Oval Office” from right here cell.

6. My heroics day & night, 23 hrs solitary confinement drove prison authorities so much, they threw out of High Down. Guantanamo my ass. Those guys don’t know how to do my stuff! Any way, they sent me psychiatry. I sorted them out too. Now, they are all mine. We are challenging world psychiatry too as we speak

7. Trouble with me is when I end up some place, I starting sorting things out no matter whose in the way. Some people don’t approve of my methods, don’t like me for it, but agree with me sooner or later. Any way, the King the medical officer of health of the wing thought that if any one can get the King to his throne, I was that man. So, we became brothers, da de de da, & here we are.

8. Any way to convince the medical officer & King, I had 2 dry runs, reached the Throne and parts of the Universe. Once using Fashion-dry cleaning & currently, paedopohilia. The third is of course this effort to install him as King. Any way letter 1 of 10: & Messrs Roger Bolton, Peter White, John Waite et al Feedback & You & Yours, BBC Radio 4, Broadcasting House, London W1A 1AA.

9. Dear Sirs/Madam, letter from Surrey number 11 Damage to illegal ABA Magna Carta & JFK Memorials in Runnymede. 1) To be read in conjunction with letters 1 to 10 & 210 emails i.e. Woking Court Documents KF23 to 25, entitled “Fashion Design & Hygienic Dry Cleaning to Unite Humankind, & to promote True Peace & Justice.
10. … BBC & new readers, 49 global recipients of e-mails were asked & given legal consent to distribute material by whatever means they could distribute my publications to global readers. Info was for public information. Those asked were diverse & included student unions, UNISON (you bastards! I went through hill but I’ve got you now. Huhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! :=)),

11. Egham & Surrey Police, Colin Powell, The Israeli Embassy in London (Middle East peace), Romao Prodi of EU, Huhhhhhhhhhhhh:=)), Tory MP Phillip Hammond (got you at last, you son of a bitch), the Parliament, T. Mbeke, Khatami, Royal couts of Sweden & Norway, Buckingham Palace, my “international family”, Private Eye & others.

12….Commander Drew of Egham Police & passed him a list of 15 Greenpeace members who stole intellectual properties (later caught Proctor & Gamble Egham & claimed ownership with immediate effect! They thought I was joking. Typical, absolutely fucking typical!!!! :=( ) for passing/selling to US Govt USEPA, universities, & chemical companies (they included Dow Chemicals).

13. Gradually, I had informed David Blunkett of the significance of my projects in the hands of America for the purposes of using as a weapon of war for world domination, similar to Al Qaeda – non existent as PUBLICISED (so every one knew this since 2003, then? Huh!), Taliban (my people), terrorism, GM food, AIDS campaign, in Africa & others.

14. More in the letter, but the above will suffice.

15. BBC’s copies may have been adulterated by the likes of the new artists, otherwise known as the performers of “I believe in miracles, you sexy thing, you sexy thing…, mote owners, mote owners mote owners, mote owners mote owners mote owners (how many is that? Fuck them. I don’t care. Monty Paython will tell them better).

16) Reliable copies are in Cuba, Iran, my family (don’t touch them or their records in Canada, Holland, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, India?, …), & my records kept in Egham.

17. Now, the King, Church of England (mine, & how weird), smart as hell (Bletchley code breaker, co inventor of first ? UK desk top computer, historian, physicist, mathematician, & other weird stuff I don’t understand). Any way, when we are together, I am the dumb one as in “Smith & Jones” facing each other & Smith telling Griffith Ryse? Jones clever stuff.

18. All Jones can say is “yes”, “aha”… You know the one. One of Smith’s one liners that even makes me laugh now is him as a snooker referee. Imagine Ronnie O’Sullivan at the table, taking a shot going “click”. Smith announces the score: one”. Room very quite, not a sound, Ronnie takes another shot. Pots the damn ball. Smith announces the score “another one!”. Ha ha ha ha . Oh, dear. Ha ha ha ha

19. Now, the King: I can’t his hair for DNA. He changed its place in my bunker & didn’t tell me. But I have a pair of his WORN M & S brown cords 81 inches waist, 74 cm inside leg. He fled in a hurry, & even left a thick folder full of photos & records. I’ve got his sleeping bag, too.

20. Oh, one last thing fro me now before I search the place for his hair. The bunker is like a teenager’s room & its wonderful to be a teenager at 66. How about that. And, oh, just smart King, his not as smart Muslim brother who is changing the world as we speak. The 2 of us together, what else could we do? Britons, will let us try, won’t they. A smart king with his ass kicking brother, & their foot ball supporters & Students for added good measure.

21. One last thing for now, promise: Official SURREY POLICE photos of my sledge hammer damage to illegal monuments leading to my clean ‘truth full’ acre of land. Photograph reference number 03/6904 by Marcus C Bishop, 26 May 2003. Why do I have these photos? Because SURREY POLICE was always a part of the King & sillies.

21. The king is their land lord. Elizabeth stole Mount Brown, and I take it back right now. Huhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Elizabeth, you Gotha Coburg people. You are illegal immigrants & I have consultants I that field: Messrs Brown & Sarkozi. Shame they destroyed that jungle!

22. Now, that damn hair! Why should I always tidy up after him? And his whiskey! Trevor thinks its mine. It bloody isn’t. He enjoys it. I never touch it.

Mohammad, the new English ? (who is the white medical officer!!!) Kings brother & more…

PS The FA is fired. Pass the news round Mark Hughes. The girls & boys will elect their own FA (we do things from bottom to top). Oh, and I will get rid of the referees. They are all Freemasons. :=))

PPS The BBC is mine. Chase the JEWS out, Sarah Montague! :=)) How am I doing, Messrs casperov and ? Any good? Any way, Gordon, go get barrack, boy! This should be check mate. Then, I’ll TELL YOU what to do, OK????!!!! No tricks with Pope.

PPPS. Proctor & Gamble global is MINE. Told you Timothy Maxell of Kansas City. Enough in the blog to hang. You make hygienic facial cream on the one hand, put shit in people’s clothes by your hygienically backward GreenEarth dry cleaning, & may spread C. Defficille in world’s hospitals. You, GEC stooped doing tests. MRSA, too. GEC global is mine, too. You can’t blame me. Read the blog, line by line. I don’t loose, guys! Ref; Peter Hofmann of Health Protection Agency laundry infection division who told me no need to do bacteriological tests on dry cleaning. This is directly linked to you & your Dr Brian Perry of Egham.

This post is published for records & ease of reference by world leaders & peoples who are reminded that there are no valid laws on earth. We are in Force Majeur, and I, Mohammad and associates are the law. Both $ & Euro remain illegal currencies.


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