Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Number 471, 23 September 2009. UN Moved To Egham And More

Post number 471,

1. Mark Hughes, my Man City Fans & all others <200 other club fans including Scotland & Northern Ireland. You all follow me from now on. Minister Mansfield, you work! (From Manuel Faulty sorting out, oh, Really (O’Riley) men, not knowing KHwho man with beard was! You make Laws!

1a. Ali in Iran and Mahmmood later today at UN: I remain a Sunny Muslim, because my Revolution started on May Bank Holiday in 2003, designed to coincide with the US President’s speech of the Sate of The Union or equivalent. I formally took back from JEWS (then known as The American Empire) an acre of land.

2. The acre in Runnymede England & my home (Egham) was unwisely given to the JEWS by Elizabeth II in 1957, without consulting the people of Egham. That was very rude indeed. Now, that is mine and the only clean land in the world accommodating ‘truth’ defined earlier. Later, the Revolution was launched by me, and an Englishman. We placed hands on Qoran & Bible, became brothers.

3. We swore never to lie to and cheat each other. There was a third British white man who witnessed proceedings. My adopted brother is the true King of England. I have his hair sample for DNA analysis. He (CF) is in hiding now in Britain. So, I have been 2nd to the throne as of the said May bank holidayas a Sunni Muslim. The place and other details are recorded & will be revealed later.

4. That time will be after my ‘writers block’ has been sorted out. Note an item below on how to. Let’s draw a line under above.

5. Now, Sarah Montague and Evan Davies,(also of Dragon’s Den, whose Peter Jones wrote to me to write a business plan. I didn’t write back,because I couldn’t possibly expains reasons why was a business plan not needed for this one.

5a. Thanks Peter for sound advice. It was taken, seriously, you know.) please take note: Man = Woman = I day old infant (protection from paedophilia) = I human right. Women of Britain will have 50% of board room jobs & the rest as of now.

6. Back to Mahmmood at the UN: Holocaust was indeed a fabrication. Now, I do not either expect or want you to announce it today. But we must have a near to cast – in - stone record today for future reference. Having established Runnymede’s fresh credentials and adding them to what Runnymede is already famous for globally, I want to tie in the truth of the Holocaust fabrication to EGHAM.

7. ( I told you, I will get you, you brother Jew, and your Staines, Ali Gee. Massive, my foot. Huhhhhhhhhhhh!). I love that bit when you said what has euthanasia got to do youth in Asia! Oh, dear, but must move on.

8. In your speech today, Mahmood, you MUST mention Egham covertly indicating that the truth about Holocaust is recorded in Egham. THAT would have meant the living book

9. A note for later: My government with the students as defined adequately earlier & the BBC among them, will prioritised managing world countries by connecting tem to the net. World will be governed by the net, at least initially. I have no human rights and cannot explain this now.

10. The UN will be housed in Egham, who has proven herself fit for purpose in the presence of the whole world. My working & living quarters WON earlier (blog) will be Brunel University Campus on Cooper Hill Egham.

11. The JEWS had purchased it to demolish & build rubbish housing to symbolically belittle my free and truthful acre of land. The site over looks my acre. JEWS will never be allowed with such insubordination while alive. They will all be exterminated as recorded.

11a. Analogy above directly applies to Norman Foster’s blowing up of Muslim Holy sites around Ka’aba and building Foster brand world reputed luxury high rises belittling Ka’aba. Foster’s brand and all buildings around the world will be re evaluated in due course. I have a feeling they will be bombed too, with clear justification.

12. Now, my ‘writers block’: Now listen Claudia Hammond (WOMAN!) of ‘All in the Mind’ Radio 4. I am writing zis only vunce and remove the item in 10 minutes, so record on your pc, laptop, mobile home, Blackberry (national HQ in my little Egham!), & other IT stuff I have yet to see.

15. MI6: Annie Machon & David Shaylor: Your assignment to sort out Brown’s MI6. Here is what you do. Locate Pauline Neville Jones. She is the Tory’s JEW. Beat the crap out of her before torturing. Get her to expose other JEWS in MI6. Then you both wear the highest ranking police uniforms. Get some real rough necks from the pavement with tattoos every where. Take upstairs to MI6.

16. Break every bone in body, roll down the stairs, dump on pavement and let die. Mark them traitors or worse. That will be the lesson to the police men/women on streets. They will be next targets of my football fans.

17. Muslims: My re establishing being a Sunni carries no other import but to maintain equilibrium of the ages. I actually enjoyed being a Shiia for a while. I was playing with philosophy (don’t ask me what kind) and stuff & accident happened. A bit like wiping sulphur of the lab table at school, and burning yourself.

18. Example carries scientific meaning only. Don’t hi jack for any thing else. JEWS have done enough of that.

19. Radio 4 & my football fans: Why were Barnie and his super duper GFI cancelled? I want Douglas Hogg, the mote man, and the other one with the floating duck pond punished thus, irrespective of whether they were responsible or not.

20. Now, you know that guy who sang “I believe in miracles, you sexy thing & stuff”, don’t you? Well, I know how he made his voice so high pitched.

21. I will have Radio 4 apply my advanced version on them: place the mote man’s and the duck man’s bollocks in vices. Tighten the grip like tuning the guitar until right note is reached. Then, make them sing, record & pass on to Steve Wright to play in Sunday Love Songs. Easy when you know how to.

22. Bishop of Southwick?: He pointed the kids to source of mass poison yesterday in the Today programme. The world heard him. He said in his ‘thought of the day’ that kids could stroke farm animals & then follow route of farm food to SUPERMARKETS! Really, Bishop? Here I am proving that SUPERMARKETS are centres for mass poisoning our people.

23. Mass poisoning at times of Revolutions. I have launched a Revolution. You are a very dangerous man indeed. You are stripped of your rank & status. Leave your garb in castle & get the hell out of there. I am the boss, you know?!

24. If you end up homeless, take my place: Drive way to Capital Radio, 2001, when Chris Tarrant’s driver nearly had to fold my stretched legs to drive the Mercedes through. It’s safe & you won’t get beaten up. I was sleeping rough hoping to see Blair, but had other things to do as we know now. Annie & David: Check all other Bishops for intent to mass murder. Next clay pigeon, Radio 4. Toss him/her up!

25. Global: Honduras: Listen up you bastard who chased the real president out. If you don’t go back to your barracks NOW, you will be made to sing the sexy song next, you hear! Give you 10 minutes to pack up!

25. Signed Field Marshall Mohammad Karim Ahmadzai for & on behalf of my student colleagues, with Captain Chris of Ivy 1 keeping an eye on things. MIT, would you watch at ‘home’ in the US? Thanks.

26. London 2012 Olympic Committee: Nelson Mandela, Olenka Frankel (assumed Jewess, not that it should matter, but curiosity is for those living in dark ages. Bloody hell!), Melanie Phillips, Jewess (Daily Mail, something about this girl), London Fashion, Children of London, Trevor, Chris our Ivy 1 History Captain.

27. This group may not know much about organising Olympics, but are considered sound founding for finding those who do. Objects needed thus far: Symbolic Obelisks to be smashed in the opening ceremony signifying that all will be demolished around the globe. Beijing, beat that!

28. $ & Euro are immoral & unethical currncies, and longer valid. They are LIES!
This is a part tribute to the Proud German Nation. My ‘new’ £ replaces both. :=))


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