Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Number 470, 21 September 2009. Global FB 1

Post number 470,
As posted to FB on 21/9/9

1. USA. Kathleen. Back just now at computer 21:22 hrs GMT. inactive from 19:55 hrs. Too much red tape1 Got your figures re US pop on state benefit. Useful. As of now, you are in my team of American govt with students, Mikael Rasila, Barack Obama, Jud of NASCP (I think), and my only authorised armed militia. Join these & MIT & govern. :=))

1a. United Kingdom: Mark Hughes my Man City Team Manager: Well done for standing your ground. I am a fan and will do my bit. Love the style. Rest assured. GO MARK!

2. Global: Obama/Israel = Mahmood Abbas peace deal. You all know that whatever you is not valid (Force Majeur). My Egham team will record this: Peace deal of today was between America and Israel only to be applicable to Hamas. This is more than a joke.

3. United Kingdom: It is now proven that our police’s covert policing is exposed. They police us with Fergusson (meaning New World Order Collectives) for the state. It is your duty now to turn your tables & police the police. Mark & eliminate when you can (Guerrilla tactics). Team up with Stockholm’s knitting grafittee & knitting cafes. Details in living book http://www.seachangeindryclening.blogspot.com issues of more than a year ago.

4. United Kingdom: Cover all CCTV cameras with knitting grafitti late at nights. If not removed by police after first attempt, then destroy. To sum up: PEOPLE: YOU ARE THE POLICE. THE POLICE ARE THE CRIMINALS, DRUG DEALERS, ETC. Kill each one at opportune moments.

5. Global: Climate change: Obama/Khu Jhin Tau. No pointing sneaking behind my back and pretend you know environment. You know nothing, naaaaaa thing (Manuel Fawlty). I suggest you 2 and other so called world leaders submit your Climate change reports in full including recommendation to my team at Ivy thru route of communication I TOLD (I was nice, friendly but you folgot (forgot) Force Majeur) Khu Jin Tau last night.

6. United Knigdom: Set up knitting cafes similar to those in Stckholm. Work together.
Full details in blog posts of over a year ago when you were not ready London. You may be soon. Knitting has benefits to mental illness, too. In the blog.

7. Global. Stitch & Bitch is global and active in most US States. If not JEWISH, get proactive & network for RICE. Details & website in blog of more than a year ago.

8. UK: London Fashion & Saville Row: You are now in RICE government. Prepare to fight. Guidelines in due course.

8. US & Global: To only FREE US citizen in fully armed sub marine in US waters. You spoke to me & were ready to hit Bush’s White House if the need arose. Fresh need has arisen now my friend. Target about 10 of them at Pentagon. We both were prepare to die for our countries. My pledge to Britain has not changed. I will know your position. Don’t tell me. I will know. If affirmative then I will approve time to hit Pentagon. Huhhhhhhhhhh Steve Martin.

9. Field Marchall Mohammad Karim Ahmadzai Sumo & co student governors from
Runnymede & US

10. France: Dominic De Vilpau: You are hereby announced innocent. My government offers Force Majeur Protection( I am sure we are Minister Mansfield). Minister without portfoilio www.bbc.co.uk announced a while back tonight poor sate of prison in Sarkozi’s prisons. We will find out if he used Rothschild stuff. You know, Liam Donaldson’s Sine Flu Vaccines, Pennington’s E coli scare, continued.

11. France continued: Now, not too much hanky panky. At least not in office hours over photocopiers. We will check if it is OK under the said office equipment & will get back to you via expelled Afghan refugee due hatred caused by Talk Sport Radio. If you got hold of a Rothschlid woman, you can try the mercenary position. Very painful indeed. Full colour illustration from Mandeson stock via 2nd Afghan the chunnel.


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