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Number 462,21 September 2009. Homosexuality

Post number 462

A belated acknowledgement: I would like to stress an important point. Preliminary work and that of successive stages did come across as genuine heart felt efforts by all founders who fought for the rights of an under privileged group amongst. Who knows, had it not been for our near – catch phrase now, of leaving no stone unturned, homosexuality may indeed have stayed the norm. We weren’t looking for any thing specific when our attention was drawn. :=))

1. It may appear to some that the publication of this post could have been ill
Timed. Gay Pride may be facing alarming risk, and exposed to personal injury danger particularly in Serbia where cultural/religious tolerances are at threshold levels with anger & violence as the datum. Channels of communication available to me have been blocked for both Serbia & the Czec Republic. I have no news to report.:=||

2. Reason for late publication for releasing tension was for me to prepare this work in a digestable way to most in the world irrespective of lingual, cultural, religious & other barriers IN ITEM 11 BELOW. The exercise was difficult to do. :=||

3. I hope readers of living book & FB have positive news to report to me for informing the world. I certainly have genuine reasons below that would explain how I bumped into homosexuality as a curiosity that led to plainly bringing the subject to light as a convincing weapon of the JEWS. Derivation is logical only. Logic does not allow room per personal favouritism or indeed prejudices. As simple as that! :=||

4. Those who follow my contributions closely would have realised that my
personal take on homosexually was a positive one to a few in the late 80s to March 1995. The stereotypes may wish to know that Messrs Mr John D. Northover & American partner, Mr Anderson of Armoury Way Wandsworth knew me then. I was their exclusive dry cleaner, taking care of Mr Northover’s fine labels including Paul Smith items. :=||

5. While I remember, a tangent: Elton John, “This Train Doesn’t Stop” indeed. Well, it just did! You should have thought things over before you wrote the goddamn thing. :=)) That’s the end of that one. “Candle In The Wind” my ass! Sorry, folks, but not a favourite any more. He fucked it up! :=))

6. Alex tom, Jaeger Kings Road knew me as Jean Muir after care consultant through Jaeger. Whatever several or joint picture of me they all paint, will suit me just fine. :=|| I am a heterosexual. :=))

7. A special mention is made of Mr Nigel Lyndsey – Finn of Budleigh Salterton who had so much trust in me to succeed in dry cleaning, he allowed me to run rent arrears of 20,000, a record of any kind in those days. But alas, you got it. :=||

9. The eniveable JEWS spearheaded by Natwest, Wandsworth Borough Council, & Wandsworth Enterprise Agency & DEMOS, cheated me in broad day light. WEA’s Alex Mposha and Jiff St Paul even sold my business plan to David Tothil, the dry cleaner. All recorded for nothing! :=||

10 The subject in debate is highly sensitive & emotive one, & I had to make my position as clear as possible for deviant minds, bigots, & the arrogant ones amongst us. Every society has them. So, no dig at any one/group at all. :=||

11 Back on course: I had indentified divide & rule as divisive, breaker of communities to isolated small (er) units, where state sponsored paedophiles can be and ARE planted among us to rape our children much more easily. Other ill conceived means to scatter gatherings so that maintaining bonds (not bondage Peter!!!) with each other has been made difficult under various deceitful fronts. And camoflages. :=||

12. Some examples are: the world was 100 countries then, it is nearly 200 now. Yugoslovia 1 then, quite a few now, Afghanistan 7 provinces then, over 30 now. Family unit 1 then, 3 later single male/female parent, 5 units now with dad/dad, and mum/mum added on by homosexuality.

13. Some intangible pointers from Trevor’s 45 years of understanding varied influences of paedophilia, including homosexuality as being man made & INDUCED by sickening experiences which for some become the norm.

13a The rise of the Nazis of Germany is another example of INDUCED perversion. SS Chief Heinrich Himmler's "pederastic proclivities [were] captured on film" by Nazi filmmaker Walter Frenz (Washington City Paper, April 4, 1995). Reinhard Heydrich, mastermind of the first pogrom, Kristallnacht, and of the death camps, was homosexual.

13b. Clearly, homosexuality & paedophilia linkd, then. More examples available, too. the Wandervogel (equivalent to boyscouts) was dominated and controlled by the pederasts of the CS. CS co-founder Wilhelm Janzen was its chief benefactor, and its leadership was rife with homosexuality.

13c. In 1912, CS theorist Hans Blueher wrote The German Wandervogel Movement as an Erotic Phenomenon which told how the organization was used to recruit young boys into homosexuality.

14. A different categories of examples: Banning smoking in pubs. Do you really thing the JEWS care about our health? Not if they want to exterminate may be 6 billion of us. :=||

14a. They invented political correctness to keep us at bay from each other. PC is totally illegal as of now. Start calling each other what you like. It is good for our revolution. We need a weak point to break through this thick reinforced blanket they’ve covered us with. Doing away with PC is our best weapon yet. If you are penalised, we will take note and punish culprits in our courts. Remember the government has no mandate to govern. There is no law. :=))


15. Mandelson hell bent on closing post offices so as to cut off cmmuinities vital communication links, so that he could install his boys into designated houses to rape, sell drugs. Here is an appalling example: Sleep overs. Little girls were invited so that the paedophile father can rape them. :=||

16. You would think twice about sleep overs with Mandelson as powerful as ever. Than man eve has authority over Toyota for goodness sake, through his international status in the Bilderberg Group. We know his fate now: Mercenories! He is only one of the two internationals. :=||

17. Very powerful indeed. So, do Toyota dealers do special favours to paedophile Lord. Do you know that if that man was exterminated 10 times over, he would still be in moral & ethical debt to this nation! :=||

18. Super markets: One of the most destructive weapons of all. It has the post effect, for a high street is a kind of a long outdoor post office for people to maintain healthy social cohesion. At the same time, super markets had always the evil secret intent of poisoning chamber for gradual dumbing down of people by Fluorides, Donald Rumsfeld’s Aspartame, and any thing else put in 1,000s of needlessly variant equivalents of a few same food. :=||

19. The so called ‘choice’ is deliberately designed so that in the given time, you wouldn’t have the time to ensure you are buying safe food. What about hidden poison that is impossible to detect. The impersonalisation of our food have us exposed to install weapons (poisons) in our food items. For mass killing, a central place like a super market is obviously the most ideal & opportune. If any one thinks that a certain degree neoriticism is detected here, then have no idea who we are dealing with. :=||

20. Signed Field Marshall Mohammad Sumo co governing with Historically first intellectual Ivy League government ruling fro the grass roots, & similar places. :=))

21. PS Japan, Black Bear Killing, then shot by people. Got it, thanks. Glad to note how you are going to take Okinawa back. Weapons freeze lifted for only shooting Prince Hall Freemasons & chain out of Okinawa. Occupiers, you are sitting ducks. No weapons. Just receive for a change. :=))


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