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Number 461, 20 September 2009. Global Violence Against Homosexuals Sanctioned By Stone Wall. GOOD GRIEF!!!

Post number 461:

Stone Wall’s 5 founders including Mathew Paris & Noted Actor SIR (awarding authority paedo/child trafficker/child ware house owner, the disgraces & deposed Elizabeth II). Broadcast on with broadcaster Sue McGregor at 10:15 hrs GMT today Sunday 20/9/9.
2. Due to the confirmation of Holocaust being SHEER LIES & FABRICATION, the landscape for holding any debate must respect certain unavoidable facts on the ground. To begin with, some parts of the world will be celebrating the Jewish New Year season with extraordinary mixes of joy on the one hand,

2. continued: …thanking god (religion outside my domain of research except paedo based/borne/related) for having been saved last night from uncertain amount of bloodshed, on the other. Additionally, Jews establishing diametrically opposing opinions about the persecuted proud Germans…

2. continued:…Germans with possibly millions dying, taking to their graves, a baggage of shame, indignity, stripped of self worth, pride & all other decent human values that Hollywood portrayed Jews to have suffered from. I cannot possibly express my own unlimited amount of grave sorrow I feel for Germans.

3. The least I could is to ask Europe to observe 5 minute silence from the start of the Stone Wall broadcast to 10:20hrs GMT. I know, I will if Trevor lets me for very good reasons of his own that I MUST respect & I certainly. Quite genuinely he is extremely upset with me for not apologising to Fay & others who took me to task while I was avoiding bloodshed. I overruled him & will pay an extremely heavy price for disobedience.

4. Trevor’s upset from his view point I justified fro another reason. Let me explain: Injustices done to abused children including himself must be addressed, paedophile caught & punished yesterday! So, when view TV or hear on radio that a paedophile caught but a whole circle of others involved infuriated him so much that absolutely nothing else matter.

5. Stone Wall ought to take a note of this. If Trevor agrees, my role in saving bloodshed was as if there was no urgency, and what I did could have waited until after I had apologised to Fay & co! Yet, here is the utter shocker: I do know that Trevor’s human emotions towards Jews are the same as mine. Philosophise that some one.

6. My Government researchers at a London higher Institute of learning dealing with cerebral fields of say life forms from planet Lithium (does it have to like this?!), an Ivy League of mine, will have realised that I am ignoring the main subject, & even devaluing the impact of this post by not delving in it straight without tangent. But they can see that there is other way.

7. Now, at last, few other significant changes: Gay Pride marches in Czec Republic & Serbia are cancelled due to the states unreadiness to offer adequate security against overwhelming public opinion. Before my work in advance to update the world on my mathematical derivation of family break up as a function of homosexuality, in turn proving homosexuality as a deadly weapon of the NWO, described in much more punishing ways in my living book.

8. I can add this grave observation to emphasise the persecuted German’s plight: Hitler used homosexuality to effective use “Pink Swastika” in his reign. Once again, right now, The Neo Nazis of Obama-Brown-the entire parliament – Lord Coe & 2012 committee (sodomy Olympics) of the UK, Pope (note below), Gay Pride, Stone Wall, heads of EU have ganged up on German to remind them that Nazism has never gone, and we will show to you today in concert with

8. The whole world including some homosexuals must be awe struck, speechless, & in a state of disbelief if my derivations are correct. If not, then I will have other explanations to offer later; substantive positive ones at that to assure our London children, young men, women, old men, women, disabled, mentally ill, followers of all religions, atheist & others will be FORMALLY anally penetrated, broadcast to world so that they could all be thus penetrated too.

9. Can any one believe that even the Pope has approved that.

10. The Pope & more. Last night, while saving Jews from blood, I also derived that the Pope, Brown, Merkil, Obama, & EU heads of state are in fact employees of Benyamin Netanyahu. The respective countries are governed for puppet Netanyahu for JEWS (includes Prince Hall & ALL other Masons, Bilderberg, com 300 Rothschilds, Rockefelers, & others of equal stature & even higher).

11. I will now add that all world countries with diplomatic relations with Israel fall in the category of 10 above, & are ruled by JEW puppets. These countries annual GNPs are analogous to loaves of bread. JEWS get the whole loaf minus a slice. JEW puppets like Merkil get the slice, and nations get the crumb. This is the general picture.

12. Adjustments and realistic recepients will be identified by my UK government defined earlies, & now includes Minister without portfolio the very broadcasters of today’s programme. How extra ordinary! Welcome back. Your contribution of the last 24 to 48 hrs out ways your insubordination, although I remain in complete darkness.

13. That Man Zuma will tried for rape, drug dealing, arm smuggling, and money laundering. His power base, the boys with AK47s will be re informed by Desmond Tutu with TRUTH. As far as his own AK47 is concerned, its insertion in his anatomy is pictorially described I the blog under Zumafication with a heavy launch of my WAD (too rude to spell out here!

14. Apologies to Germans & Jews for being insensitive, but some bastards need sorting out. He & Mugabe remain the most dangerous people after Elton John (gocha!), Gay Pride & indeed Stone Wall in my view. Time will tell.

15. Some may feel I have been just a shade heavy handed on Stone Wall. In that case, I will compensate. I ask Surrey & the Met to gather members of Quakers, & a significant number of supporters who gathered in the Church(?) when Quaker rationally announced that Quakers from then on (a month ago) will conduct same sex weddings.

16. The gathering was peaceful, & they were very pleased indeed with the outcome. Now, they can throw in their weights behind Stone Wall & nearly 200 JEW puppet heads of state, the Pope & even NATO who are solidly behind Stone Wall. I must say that whether a coincidence or a design, London sodomy Olympics will have been reinforced, and the whole world’s people will have been buggered en masse.

17. Aren’t you all glad I intercepted in time, and caught an undescribable lot of people (?!) red handed.

18. Hugh Pennington is doing his bit with the E. Coli thing, all fabricated of course and TERRORISE (!) the people now that I got rid of Dr Mengele Donaldson. He died, buried & one heard, or he would been on air. Donaldson loved Newcastle United and attended home matches. He loved them so much that he would have injected fans with his vaccine to dumb down future generations of fans in readiness for slavery by JEWS.

19. Pennington, meanwhile is rounding up the under 4s and 5s & herding them for sodomy Olympics. He claims he has 30 yrs research material on E Coli, and that the incidences of illness caused in under 5 is 15%. My govt health Ivy League White/WHO of Ivy 2(! Reform) & Prof Astrid Fletcher LSHTM both epidemiologists will examine Pennington’s research work.

20. To round up, today’s broadcast if recorded will come across as dated but Stone Wall will come across having assumed that the whole world’s power pack is behind them. Parts of the world petrified of their fate in 2012 world are assured that the confident ones are us. If a live broadcast, then it would be interesting.

21. MY UK government (Ivy 1, BBC, Minister Mansfield et al) rule. I remain on sides. Mohammad. Maintain Force Majeur & Martial Law due to last night’s catching George Golloway as perpetrator of crimes against humanity, who ‘gave’ me McDonalds who were to incite UK population for violent uprising last night (Galloway’s considerable fan base, well informed in HISTORY!!!). Plot foiled. With McDonalds caught, the world economy will collapse. I am working on it.

22. After the broadcast: Mohammad Ahmadzai Sir Ian McCullum’s being a paedophile by association with the disgraced & deposed Elizabeth II was totally ignored by Stone Wall. They disrespected a lot of issues, assuming brodcast was live. They lacked humanity to share joy or extreme sorrow with the rest on humanity, too. Also, Sadly for them they dealt a shttering blow to their own foundation.

23. Now, they have a Stone Wall without foundations: Those brave belivers in ...Serbia, the Czec Republic are particularly left exposed. They are in danger of loosing their lives for cause, while the 5 Founders seem to care less.

24. Both conutries authorities have clearly stated they are unable to provide security. As far as 1+1 =2 logic's accuracy, Homosexuality is now FORAMLLY accepted as man made, & a devastating weapon against 6 billion humans. The believers are now left to fend for themselves. Founders are classified as Global Terrorists, War Criminals & War Mongers. My government, make it official Mohammad 11:41 hrs GMT:=|| PS What about homosexuals in countries with zero tolerances by publics as well as states. In some instance is the law. Good grief, What have Stone Wall done?!!!


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