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Number 434, 4 September 2009. "Talk About A Revolutions, Well You Know, We All Want To Change The World"

Post number 434

The video “ Alex Jones TV 4/5 “The New America” sent in to our Facebook page by Kathleen Dearinger is worth a critical and serious analysis by us. We promised our Friends we will do a blog post on it and here goes:

As summary of what’s it about: The police’s training video has been released as scaremongering weapon to instil fear of the establishment and to stop genuine Americans (in our view, the majority) from waking up and getting together. You, the people have been deceived by your elected representatives, as every so called ‘terrorist’ atrocity has so many anomalies that the official version of things cannot possibly be true! A question for you to consider: Is there any genuine open minded Americans who believe that Lee Harvey Oswald killed President Kennedy? If so, You’d better a look at the documentary and film of ‘the Zapruder Film’.

For anyone that doesn’t know, the Zapruder film was shot on a hand held cine camera. The CIA confiscated the film, doctored it, and then released it for a short period.

The police training video and the information from Alex Jones regarding ‘the black list’ of individuals who will not be able to purchase guns and weapons, included an ex police officer, is a total infringement of the constitution! Just because someone doesn’t agree with the establishment system, does not make them a ‘terrorist’. The constitution states that the people have the right to bear arms against enemies without and within the country. If you have an enemy within (and you definitely do, and they are armed to the teeth) then you have the right to arm yourselves and defend the constitution of ‘we the people’.

An alternative observation is that the video informs (if not urges!) Americans that they need an armed revolution. Then, it prepares America to be ready, and Jones reveals all the secret ways of identifying (not sure if it did, but assumed so) so called ‘home gown terrorists’ like our own Kathleen Dearinger, and the establishment ways of dealing, controlling and neutralising them, incarcerate them, etc.

Adverts on Jones’ show then go on to offer info on various non lethal weapons, including tazers, sprays, stun guns, etc.

The above summary is just our various put together Our assessment and recommendations follow thus:

Reality on the ground: The NWO establishment has been subject to countless exposes. They are in danger of crumbling, and their sick answer to this is to inflict atrocities and wars, covertly to fool the masses. But the fact is you can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time. The establishment’s system of deception has worked time and time again in history, countless patsies have been sacrificed globally to protect the secret system. Take the Franklin cover up for instance. A complete farce! The sexual abuse being the key issue, can be linked via David McGowan’s work to the sick Masonic network, globally. In Belgium, you may or may not have heard of the Mark Dutrux paedophilia cove up, but it links the CIA, the Judicial system and the European Royal Family name of Sax Coburg Gotha, whose head, Queen Elizabeth II currently dishes out honours to paedophiles!!!

We assume the most critical scenario. That of the social landscape, being a volatile one, in a state of unrest, because of the aftermaths of the recession and ensuing economic downturns. Middle management graduates living in tent cities (Florida), jobless, penniless. We now assume that America is ripe for a revolution. How many will rise and take up arms (the video eggs them on!) depends on economically and socially stratified sections have been hit by the downturns.

Assessment: We consider two alternatives as announced on Facebook.

A: That Alex Jones is a true champion of the people, is warning the nation, and has engineered militia means of helping ‘we the people’ to succeed and bring down the dreaded NWO. To this, we say Alex, America and world adores you. You will save us by teaching us what to do and how to do it. Humanity will be indebted to Jones for a 1,000 years, may be longer. Fine, no worries.

B: Oh GOODNESS me (never OH, MY GOD & EQUIVALENTS!!! Remember blog philosophy of keeping all religions out except for those involved in paedophilia. If you bring religions into the revolution, we will all be dead!!!!!!!!!), the System knows, we will violently rebel and they are preparing to deal with us. In that case, Jones’ video is part of the track leading to the slaughter house. In this war, his planning, logistics, and execution have not been put to the test. We won’t know, until the day comes and give Mr Jones’ package a try for our lives. There is no guarantee. We assume the critical situation again: Assume the public has networked and the sheer numbers are there at the ready. Also, assume the public have armed themselves to the teeth and rearing to go.

Now, consider the logistics, i.e. weapons and paraphernalia. How good are they? If the System is taking you to the slaughter house, than assume that the logistics you’ve got are crap! At best, they are designed to be under rated in comparison to what the army and police will use against you. So, do not trust brands, labels, and specifications. Never!

Public readiness for alternative B: Assuming that the System will continue to egg you on to threshold limits that you will rise up and start a revolution. The System will accelerate the process to get Jones and others like him to keep on bombarding you. More videos, radio shows, papers, magazines, and modern means. You cannot stop the System succeeding in this. From your point of view, it will be the disadvantaged, ill informed sector, gullible enough to erupt first. You cannot stop them from uprising. The situation is very critical in real time as we speak. That leaves the rest of who are connected to the net.

Procedure for success and toppling the System: We have one huge advantage. We operate in complete openness. We have no secrets in implementing our revolution.
Speedy and super efficient abilities of intelligence gathering, collating, and communicating results to the field (other computers). Our biggest weapon is that complete OPENNESS. We have no secrets in what we do. Our blog has a success record of well over a year. We have called it a living book, and it is productive daily, sometimes hourly, reaching the world.

The System of NWO establishment has been and are successful in keeping boots on our jugulars by using secrecy. Intelligences used for execution of their Evil and Barbarous plans have employed secrecy to devastating effect, not only at home, but globally. Their manpower, human, and material resources are designed and built to function for a secret system. They are not designed to deal with a completely open system. As you are reading this, so are they! You have the advantage of getting informed from the bedrock (Mohammad’s bunker) very speedily indeed, to gather, Mobilise, act and execute.

The good news for the revolutionaries is the very bad news for the NWO we would like to share with you. As said, their state and federal apparatus geared up for a secret network, they will not be able to deal with their concurrent receipt of data you receive from us. Their networks get clogged, bottlenecks produced and absolute chaos will ensue. In fact, these crippling effects to their apparatus are being felt by them even as we write this. Our communication both to friend and foe are concoctions of packages made up of social, economical, health, and all the rest. While you receive these and deal with calmly, but speedily and efficiently, the opposition is bogged down. Various bits of each communicque needs to be dispatched to compartmentalised departments, at remote and divers locations. Meetings will be held and meetings about meetings (Government red tape).

Preliminary stages of action plans will follow final decisions before dispatching results to the theatre of war for execution.

With the time differential in the public’s favour, they will have the luxury of doing everything better including sourcing and purchasing logistics fit for purpose, to match say the fire power of army, and the police.

As we said, the system is in danger of crumbling. They are not going to give up power without a fight. All we have to do is pick the right fight. The one we have hinted in the blog and Facebook parts of which may have gone astray is to have the first strike, and surprise the hell out of the enemy. We have passed on a list of 100s, may be 1000’s of establishment paedos (David McGowan’s work) who may have served light sentences and live right among you. Locate these and hit them with your militia forces. This will cause such a world wide publicity that the enemy dare not hit you back without discrediting themselves to the world and loose the grip they been building for decades if not longer. Extrapolate the rest. Submission by the defeated enemy, and a different order restored with Revolutionary Individual Collective Establishment (RICE ) that appear after our signature in every blog post. How about that, for telling you about how our design on paper has been done!

Do remember is that speed is the essence, we have it and they don’t. Never in human history have humans been given superiority over their masters as we have now. We will utilise it and succeed. This revolution has worked on paper and you’ve all experienced it’s successes thus far. How? We are where we are and that’s not a bad place to be.

Mohammad Karim Ahmadzai,
For Earth Projects, and RICE


Let us try to destabilise the Talmudic Jewish paedomasonic means of total control and anal domination. Google, are now publishing all of our recent posts, but for the backdated omissions by Google, a comprehensive record can be followed in our Facebook site.

Linguistic, cultural, historic and religious barriers must not be allowed to jaundice the perception of the reader from grasping core issues.

Preface for continuity so that we do not forget Teresa Cooper, Julian Grail (Plymouth City Council) and the government involvement.

For readers new to the blog, we recommend you research and Google the following:

‘Dunblane conspiracy’, ‘the Bryn Alyn Welsh Homes scandals’, and then Google ‘Freemasons sexual abuse conspiracies’. The information will be staggering.

Some previously visited sites have been deleted/cleaned up/hidden from scrutiny. For an insight, new comers to the blog are advised to read from post number 244 onwards.

Every council in the country is run by the Freemasons, answerable to one man in position of authority. That man was Sandy Bruce Lockhart, but now replaced by homosexual Simon Fuller. There is an overt Masonic Lodge in every town, but also covert (secret) Masonic houses in every town, where ritual abuse takes place.

It must be noted that Lord Nigel Lawson and Harvey Proctor have been exposed by our own team members of taking active parts in the ritual anal domination/rape of young children. The rarity of exposure of the individuals involved is due to the secrecy of the system, and control over the dominated children who don’t speak out.

In all fairness, we have given ample opportunities for the likes of Lord Lawson, Lord Mandelson, Lord George Robertson, Tony (Marilyn) Blair, his mentor Peter Selby Right, David Cameron and Michael Howard to come forward and talk, but the silence is deafening!!!

The physical evidence and symptoms of sexual abuse are obvious to our team members. We know, from experience, that the bags around and under the eyes are evidence of anal penetration as young children. This may also be relevant to adult anal penetration depending on the size of the implement used. We now predict that in the near future, plastic surgery will be used in an attempt to hide this evidence and symptoms.

Take a look at the MPs, the House of Lords, the media in particular, and political commentators on TV. How many have the give away signs, of not only the pressure induced bags under the eyes, but also other physical traits that we will divulge at a later date. We know of a multiple number of anally abused victims that show not only the bags under the eyes but various other physical symptoms which correlate.

From our research and experience, only about one in ten paedophiles are exposed. Reference to a previous blog post, where approximately 450 paedophiles abused 67,000 children!! If one paedophile abuses 20 children, how many paedophiles do you think will be created by the paedophiles acts?? ‘Official figures’ suggest that 50% of the abused children become paedophiles. So from 67,000 abused children, you may very well have ended up with 33,500 paedophiles among you!!! And they are not being exposed and caught!!!


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