Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Number 417, 2 September 2009. Hamas, Not Fatah.


Facebook = CIA have been playing havoc with our communicating to the world. Posts have been deleted, access to site facilities e.g. ‘notification window’, making ‘Link’ go dead so no one can post messages, etc.

It is for these purpose the posts 417 through to 431 record our important announcements to the world. What we announced was not rejected by Facebook readership, and as far as we are concerned, our allegations leveled at all including G.H.W. Bush are absolutely true, at least in FB landscape in which we communicate. The said posts are now recorded here for legal purposes as purported below.

Generally, the same goes for our blog posts. Non - receipts of any comments at all after a reasonable lapse of time (a few days), will confirm the validity of post contents, and they are deemed as the whole truth for legal purposes. We are pleased to inform the world that there have been no comments to any of our blog posts since August 2008 (bar one). As such, all blog posts accusing world leaders and others of serious wrong doings against humanity are the whole truth for legal purposes.

Post number 417,
To all who promote Palestinian causes on this site, except Sandra Budak: Kindly terminate your friendships with us & and stop contributing on any matter, and do not adveritse on this this. Ditto for non friends. Ismael Hanniyeh who should have a ...voice on Facebook has been removed to tell us his version of organ snatching and paedophilia by Arabs and Israeli Solders. In a world of true justice, he will have a voice.

Sadly, our intelligence revealed that individuals and organizations and individuals from the Fatah faction of the Palestinian cause, who have no place in our campaigns. Fatah = Israel + Talmudic Jewish 3+1 paedomasonic establishment and all else encompassing it, globally. There may be exceptions to our findings, but sadly, we cannot formulate for exceptions. Besides, Fatah has most of the influential world behind it and Hamas has no one. It would be just to give them their only voice in the world through this facility of our, but only if Mr. Ismael Hanniyeh requires the need for this window. He is most welcome. After all, Hamas won a democratically elected contest, and are the true representatives of the Palestinian people. The fact that the world does not recognise Hamas is illogical, and mind boggling. We feel it justified to announce that Earth Projects Team and RICE do not recognise Israel as a legitimate and legal state. Israel exists on STOLEN lands from others.

For logical reasons given above, we do not recognise Fatah as representatives of the Palestinian people. Rather, Mahmud Abbas and movement are the wholesalers of Palestinian and Arab honour, heritage, culture, history and all else as are Husne Mubarak of Egypt, King Hassan of Jordan, Nuri Al Malaki of Iraq and other Arab states who have recognised the existence of Israel among them. The latter could have been a welcome guest and neighbour. Instead,it turned out to be Nazi Germany treating Arabs as Jews, and an absolute nightmare for the rest of the world.

Mohammad Karim Ahmadzai,
For Earth Projects Team and RICE


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