Monday, 21 September 2009

Number 463, 21 September 2009. Peace As John Lennon Would Have Had It.

Post number 463,

Amendments: Jewish should read JEWis in item 11.

Various national & global emergencies

1. National UK: Co Intellectual governs, Minister without portfolio & BBC Global. Coup attempt by Confederation of British Industry (Mandelson’s Dept) coup plot detected & exposed to public. Those responsible will be executed by firing squad at Wembley Stadium. Students, make a list of board & top up with others as you deem fit. :=||

2. Global nuclear & Miscellaneous: Global peace award to Ali Khamina ee bestowed for declaring to world public, that nuclear is against philosophies of Islamic Republic.

3. Obama position WEAK but STRONG: Overruling CIA is indication of loss of Grip by Prince Hall & A to Z Masons, Bilderberg & chain loosening. I strengthen you more by TELLING you to join FIRMY with Jud of NACP as of now 04:27 hrs GMT. Resistance by outdated, torture loving, deceitful CIA punishable by execution by my American armed militia. I ban use of weapons by all others.

4. Now, reinforce national and global authority (under my supervision) by answering Ali straight with. You lie, you DIE. Even if a live, than worse than dead, so will be America. I reiterate: Any one opposing these directives will be executed by my proud Americans sooner than they think.

5. Cuba, join in Barack, Ali, Mikhael Gorbachev (he is smart. He wears Saville Row), Medvedev in a solid new union as strong as carbon fibre. Cuban million white wearing concert makers: PUMP UP THE VOLUME. LET US HEAR YOU! :=))

6. Bank of England. Give money to Mansfield or I will see you at Wembley, down to tea boy! For students. GOT IT! :=||.

7. Global: Muslims, happy Eid, naturally. Celebrate with Jews, if you can :=))

8. National: Police Chief in County where Muslim Asian Amran shot at his door. Been patient indeed to hear more than statement that he was shot. Now, get this: You will be executed with others if the nation does not hear a live interview on BBC TV, you personally CRAWLING to grieved widow’s door and let her give us full version. I know your plot:

9.While I am busy doing other stuff, you are plotting to cook up terrorist story & get things fucked up. You fucking cunt! (religion, me no god). What do you take me for? You Global Terrorist, War Criminal, & War Monger! I want the full case story televised hourly until the case is solved in public. This is my policing. Do or die.

10: Global: UN, Barack UN building will be burned as my symbolism of the old world order. If you have to address the Security Council, terrific, but acknowledge my setting limits. You be speaking for nearly 200 nations. Any mention of
missiles & shit like that will only expose you to my side winders, and you wouldn’t like those:=)).

11. Global: Geneva Human Rights: You are JEWis. Mr Medvev, are you going there? Contagious infection will get you. I suggest you cancel it. JEWS want to get in through back door, unless you are!

12. Home: Imperial Ivy 1 and Birmingham Uni: Follow NHS case & expose in full. Minister Mansfield and team (surely by) will do the legal stuff for charging any crimes you gals & guys may expose.


13. US: Barack, plan dissolving CIA. The world hate it, & deservedly so. Compare: I have a filing system in bits of paper & in memory stick. How many blocks their records occupy? And I kick their ass every hour of every day. If you keep them, they will keep on embarrassing you. They are not fit for purpose and an infected baggage from a filthy dirty, cruel & vicious system. Do you want to be associated with them? Be my guest. :=))

14. Israel: You did not respect my global weapon freeze, & neither did Hamas. World, boycott Israeli products, goods & services. All borders, air & sea ports closed for ANYTHING coming in or out. Hamas has these imposed. :=||

14a. Home (UK) & Global: British Telecom is in my student led government. Buy BT because they will deal in truth/truth. BT: You don’t cheat. If others cheat you, I will know & deal with them. Go buy & sell Globally. Do some other stuff, like spying. Spy on & UK police. They haven’t taken me seriously about the apple & knife thing. They have a week to make British streets safe, or they will be bollocked! :=))

15. Signed Field Marshall Mohammad Sumo, Co governing with Historically First Intellectual Ivy League 2 STUDENT governor, moderated by Chris, History captain, Royal Holloway Egham, RUNNYMEDE (CBI to note, you traitors).


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