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Number 413, 29 August 2009. Schwarzenegger! I Will Be Back If You Don't Help Our Kathleen!!!

Post number 413

Governator Arnie Schwarzenegger and California Senators must have been involved together with US Military, police and Bank of America, and CPS in snatching Kathleen Dearinger’s teenage daughter Jennie. To know what the US Military and the Talmudic Jewish 3+1 Neo Nazi paedomasonic establishment might very well do to children in Kathleen’s stolen home and business premises, you will need to read this post in conjunction with post number 412 published a few hours earlier.

The following are excerpts of Kathleen’s own case notes that include names of some of those corrupt and sadistic practitioners of evil, likely on Jenny and maybe even on your children, Californians, and Americans. We thank Kathleen most sincerely for providing us with details of a real case that we can get to grips with , and solve. And, with your help, solve it we will! If not, then I WILL BE BACK, Governator!
Case notes from Kathleen Dearinger:


Kathleen Dearinger
Families Unite 4 Childrens Rights
Tweet at twitter. Join "fu4childrights"
Project Camelot provides a vehicle for CPS Victims, researchers, and whistleblowers to get their stories out! Visit: • •
Check out:

oh the names. Oh yes. I posted them on my blog last year. I'll see if I can find the link.I just added a "Search" window to my website so that might make it easier to find. Key words of the corrupt individuals are "Judge" "Police" "bank" and all of the people who were involved in kidnapping my daughter. I have posted their tax returns which clearly shows they are money laundering. The names of those who were involved in our case were on the children’s non profit. It was ahuge conspiracy that went all the way to the legislative level. Our Senators and Governor are aware that children are being taken illegally and they do nothing about it. They are allowing CPS to terrorise families and children.

*Leland Collins-CPSDirector (kingpin) of CPS 805-781-1836 / 805-781-1825 email:
*Karen Grace-Kaho-State Ombudsman
*Greg Rose (Karens boss)
*Sheri V. County Counsel (attorney for CPS): *Social worker L.Tobin (sadistic) -
*Social Worker Amy (kidjacker) - *Gerald Carrasco GAL Attorney who did nothing to help Jenny:
*Crooked Judge Picquet-ruled completely in CPS favor. False contempt charges: 805-781-5936
*Senator Maldonado-made false police report for requesting CPS Audit: senator.Maldonado@SENATE.CA.GOV *Assemblyman Blakeslee-called CPS to keep Jenny in the system while ignoring my pleas for help
*David Fisher - Corrupt Attorney who kept Jenny in the system:
*Lt. Dana - Atascadero Police
*Chief of Police Jim Mulhal
here's the link:
PLUS Bank of America (John Galindo Fraud Dept)””””

This is ‘the real deal’. Get a hold of it someone, and make yourself famous. May be then, YOU could have your radio show when you will be telling all of the truth, unlike one we know of, who tells it partially at best! Heck, why don’t we spell it out: We mean Alex Jones is a liar, a clone, a deadly weapon of the Talmudic Jewish 3+1 paedomasonic establishment. America and world should call his bluff, and stop him from poisoning minds at $19.99 a shot.

Mohammad Karim Ahmadzai,
For Earth Projects, and RICE


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