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Number 412, 29 August 2009. This Is The Reality In America NOW!

Post number 412,

Kathleen Dearinger vs US Military, terrorising police state, and Bank of America

For the attention of world people here and on Facebook

Alex Jones needs to give us a hand on this one,and get the truth out! THIS is the “REAL DEAL” and happening now as we are writing this (11:38 hours on Friday 28 August 2009.

After our introduction, what you read below is the plight of one of our Facebook friends right now at 22:43 hours GMT.

Intoduction: The US Military are the bully boys swindling Kathleen out of her business (the Talmudic Jewsih 3+1 Neo Nazi paedomasonic establishment has already taken her house away from her!!!), and inflicting her with losses of hundreds of thousands of dollars. State Police have terrorised her outside her house (Kathleen has since fled the US for her own safety, forced to leave her teenage daughter behind), and Bank of America is helping the Military. The latter as per our own findings.

The main jest of Kathleen’s story is copied below, and is self explanatory. We are certain that broadcasting her case to the world will stop the vicious blood thirsty paedophilic US Military dead in their track for once in their history. How do we know that her house, and business will not be used to carry out ritual sexual abuse and programming and create more of these monstrous and sick perverts among you, Californians? It’s a runaway train and you’ve got to tear the track up. The Military could go onto use Kathleen’s assets forsnatching your children for the child sex porn film industry. We’ve already reported that 90% of the porn industry is run by the Talmudic Jews.

Children can also be used by the Military for child prostitution to esatblishment seniors in Washington DC including the White House, and to foreign heads of States, governments, and even Kings and Queens, including the Sax Coburg Gotha Royal family of Europe, including the King of Belgium “ Detrux case” with links to CIA, rest of America, and countries all over the world). This IS why the world is in such a mess!

Kathleen’s fault? (NOT): She objected to CPS snatching her teenage daughter away, and she starting a battle with the system.

“If you tolerate this, then “your children will be next, will be next, will be next”, Californians. Quote from Manic Street Preachers’ song

“””Let's reform CPS throughout California and the US! CALL 805-781-1834 and speak to Child Welfare Director Leland Collins. DEMAND AN INVESTIGATION INTO THE UNLAWFUL REMOVAL OF JENNIFER DEARINGER. This Director told me he didn't care about the Laws and was friends with the Judge. Please visit our Childrens Rights website at: Let's hold them responsible for their crimes against humanity! Write your story and send to:
Wednesday, August 19, 2009

LINK: Police & Banks are conspiring to take CPS Victims homes

CPS kidnapped my daughter and during this time CPS Director Leeland Collins takes pictures of my home. He is a real estate investor who is flipping properties with people from other children charities. He is on the "Mental Health" non profit and the husband of the Social Worker who took my daughter is on another children's non profit. The Social Workers son sells real estate and gives Real Estate loans.

CPS tried to throw me in jail by issuing me an illegal "Gag Order". They wanted me to take down my websites and write letters to the media telling them NOT to cover our story. When I wouldn't comply they tried to throw me in jail, so I fled the State.

My home was broken into by a squatter and together with my bookkeeper they embezzled $30,000 from my Bank of America Account.

Enter the Police who have a Children's Non profit.In fact they assisted him. The squatter stole my truck and many of my valuables which he placed in a storage unit under his name. The Police refused to file charges or lock down the storage unit even though I had proof that this crime had occurred. I had letters from my CPA and tape recordings from the squatters accomplances, but this was ignored. Since I own a mini storage facility I explained to them the law but they still refused.

of America explaining that I needed a report to file a Claims loss. Afterwards Bank of America refused to reimburse me for my loss. I filed eviction paperwork with the Court but they wouldn't file it; claiming to have lost it. I sent copies of my loss to the District Attorney but they too ignored this crime. I was finally able to get the squatter out and changed the locks only to have him break in again. Once again the Police refused to help me. I hired a property manager but after meeting with Police she changed her mind. Apparently the Police slandered me. I hired a CPA to assist me in evicting the squatter but Police continued to Obstruct Justice.

Since I couldn't get the squatter out of my home it was foreclosed upon. Turns out my loan was sold to Bank of America AFTER contact with the Police. Soon afterwards Bank of America cut off my $100,000.00 line of credit, making it difficult to pay the mortgage on the Collaterized Loan on my business which has approximately $1,000,000.00 (1 MILLION) dollars in equity. They tried to take everything I had! I was not late on my payments (auto autopay), so there was no reason for what Bank of America did. They even closed out my Business accounts and I have been struggling ever since. I am now forced to sell my business at a loss because of these ruthless criminals!

I hear from other CPS Victims who have similar stories for they tell me their homes were also taken. I was not guilty of any crime. In fact the State dropped the Frivolous charges against me yet kept my child. My daughter loved that home and she wanted to go back there once she turned 18. I planned on leaving my daughter the family business, but those dreams are now shattered.

We have lost everything due to FRAUD. My daughter's baby books, all of our

Children's non profit of San Luis Obispo:

Bank of America Fraud:

NOTE: This is the condensed version. Police also tapped my telephone and terrorized me by sitting out in front of my home & giving me a FALSE DUI to stop me from speaking out in Washington DC about my daughter's kidnapping.
Posted by osoluckyme at 10:17 AM
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Dear Al & Geoff,

I have been calling my office and Margo is avoiding answering my calls. All of my calls have been going to voice mail since Geoff's visit on Saturday. I received a letter today confirming this as Margo sent an email to Al stating that I have been calling yet she is ignorig my calls. She states that she does not wish to get in the middle of things yet she continues to have communication with both of you while ignoring my requests.
According to our agreement your Management of the property would not become effective until Sept 1st, providing we revised the existing contract to reflect our verbal agreement. I still do not have the 50,000 in my bank account as of this date, yet utilities have been placed in your names, you have set up a business bank account and are now dealing directly with my workers who are refusing to cooperate with me. I was hung up on twice by Geoff when I called my office on Saturday, even though the contract between us was not yet valid. I feel I have every right to call my office and I should not be treated in such manner, especially when this rubs off on my workers who are suddenly developing an attitude and will not cooperate.

I do not know what took place at my office over the weekend because I wasn't present, but I do feel the tension that is developing due to lack of communication. You are aware that I am in Europe and am doing my best to facilitate a lease-option with your company, however, this has not worked to my advantage for it has placed me into a precarius position with being thousands of miles away and without proper legal representation while you have access to my office and my workers, who it seems you have have formed a new alliance with.

As we discussed on the phone, the 50,000 is to secure the property so that you can purchase it anytime during the "lease-option" period for the amount of $850,000, which would give you roughly $400,000 in equity. Not a bad investment for only 50,000 down. However, I was very clear on the fact that the deposit was "non-refundable" and I even made these notes on your Commercial Sales Agreement which was faxed over a few days prior. I agreed to apply the $50,000 towards the purchase price as stated in section 13 of your Master Lease Agreement which references LESSEE'S HOLD OVER, however when this was signed I was still waiting for the contract revisions on the Sales Agreement and I had missed the part where you had inserted the words "all such deposit shall be returned to Lessee", however, I did notice that instead of making the lump sum payment as agreed you had changed this contract to state that $25,000 would go into an escrow account which when we spoke you assured me the funds would be released within 60 days.

Over the period of a few months we have gone back and forth on the terms. We have spoke of a purchase, a partnership, and a lease option, and I have stated to you what terms I am agreeable to. I agreed to a very low payment so that you could turn the business around, I have offered to do an owner carry, and I have allowed you to have access to my office without me being present. While I realize you are trying to get a good deal on the property I feel like you are giving me a mental workout while creating problems between me and my workers.

There is no doubt that the property needs to be professionally managed and I have explained this to you while providing information on what the property normally makes when it is managed properly. Perhaps if you don't want to put up any money then maybe you would be more interested in just managing it and taking a percentage of the income. I feel like you want it all -- to tie up the property with no money down while taking all of my income. What do I get out of it? I need something to live on and as I explained eariler I am not able to return your $50,000 if you default.

So what do you want to do?

Kathleen Dearinger “””

We now call on our supportes and readers here and on Facebook to extend a helping hand to Kathleen and offer help by exposing the corrupt system as much as they can.

Mohammad Karim Ahmadzai,
For Earth Projects, and RICE


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