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Number 385, 23 July 2009. Their 'Common Purpose' Is To Inflict Pain, Suffering And Anal Domination

Post number 385, 23 July 2009

At least according to, Freemasonry and Common Purpose are one and the same. We have also researched into biblical times and can confirm that Common Purpose existed as a goal of the races depicted as fallen angels. With the Common Purpose mentioned as to “inflict the people of earth with pain and sufferings”. Some ancient texts, that go back in time, from 4000 BC (before Christ), 6000 BC, and exactly how far back, is questionable because of the links to other cultures. Cultures that could even build with solid rocks individually weighing up to 200 tons in weight!?

The ancient Sumerian texts and Cuneiform writings and other ancient texts speak of a race of beings that flew in crafts. With two individuals named ENKI and ENLIL, who supposedly created a slave race of people on planet earth, through genetic engineering, blending their own genes with a race of beings?, on earth. Could this be the race of the Common Purpose with the Talmudic Jewish paedomasons in action today?

With Freemasonry also having a long history of centuries, and may be millenniums in human societies, then the tow organisations probably have a lot in common.

In the long article below, the Chief Executive of Cornwall County Council, and of Common Purpose, literally runs a child snatching business, where solicitors, social services and others literally make millions of £ every year by forcibly and illegally snatching children from loving and caring parents and placing them in the care homes and with foster parents. There’s a million to be shared between council workers and solicitors per case per year!! Common Purpose is complicit. Surprise, surprise! Oh no, that’s Cilla Black!

“””JUST JUSTICE-ITS THAT SIMPLE!!!no more, no less, just justice....


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Child snatch fraud

6 June 2007 The Falmouth Independent Issue 2 June 2007 Price where sold 30p

Councils’ 4.5 billion child snatch fraud Unbelievably, council workers and solicitors are milking 4.5 billion nationally from our council tax and legal aid, by snatching children from their parents on false pretexts they need to be taken in to care.

The resulting court battles, council specialists and consultants are then able to stretch out the custody, care, foster and adoption procedures for a year or more, pocketing around a million per child. Wrecking young lives, all this is our taxes, used to wreck innocent children’s lives and devastating the lives of parents, all for private profit.

The racket begins when social service officers identify poor or defenceless parents,
preferably a single mother. They then snatch her child or children, quoting a false deficiency in her parenting. The next step is to call in consultants, either themselves or their associates, to prepare expensive psychiatric reports on both the children and the mother, for which they pay themselves as much as 25,000 a month in additional fees. They call in solicitors they work with, one to represent social services, one for the child. Except the one purporting to represent the child is actually working with social services, too.

Solicitors from hell

The two sets of solicitors then work together against the interest of the mother and child, dragging out the affair for as long as possible. Demanding more psychiatric reports, often taking the mother in to care, too. The solicitors’ bills grow to hundreds of thousands of pounds, more with deliberate delays and adjournments; the social services staff make fortunes out of the consultancy.

The trauma the mother goes though is unbelievable; the trauma the children suffer
with the separation and moving around inside the ghastly council care system can
be with them for life. None of that matters:

There’s a million to be shared between council workers and solicitors. Common Purpose is complicit

This exploitation is enabled via the EU’s Common Purpose, a criminal organisation
that manipulates our legal and local government systems for private profit, using members operating inside and outside government. If social workers need a firm of
solicitors to act corruptly, the Common Purpose network has solicitors as members. If
they need to shut up parents or grandparents, the CP network has members in the police who will arrest them on trumped up charges. If they need external psychiatrists to falsify reports, CP has them. It has magistrates and judges as members.

Maria Wallace, Chief Constable of Devon and Cornwall Police, who had to leave hurriedly, is also in Common Purpose. Common Purpose has been set up to run local government after the European Union abolishes our 19,000 councillors and our 48 counties.

Our corrupt legal profession

The former Chairman of the Law Society, Janet Paraskewa, is in Common Purpose,
which may explain why corrupt lawyers are protected, instead of being struck off.
The Law Society did not act when firms of solicitors scammed 800 million from the Government’s compensation for miners. The Serious Fraud Office had to be called in to solicitors like Beresfords.

Perjury in secret courts

In secret family courts, social workers and solicitors routinely commit perjury to pervert the course of justice. Instead of sentencing them to time in jail, judges, who are acting criminally, protect them. A fair trial is now a rare exception in places like Plymouth. If the solicitors or judges are exposed, they furiously threaten newspapers and individuals alike with injunctions and arrests. They appear to see perjury as their automatic right. Each year 200 parents and grandparents who attempt to expose this miscarriage of justice are sentenced by bent judges to up to six months on false charges of contempt of court to shut them up.

You may see details of similar cases of child abuse by Council Social Services departments at,, or

See Melanie’s Hell, this page, and page 7.

Melanie, now 24, was awarded custody of her children, and returned to Falmouth
to live with her parents, Paul and Elaine Garvey, on 27th October 2005. Melanie had post natal depression after a difficult birth and caesarean with her premature daughter. That was the excuse the council later used to pounce.

Melanie’s Cornwall County Council hell

Cornwall’s Corrupt County Council

In November Cornwall County Council Social Services told Melanie she could not look after her own children, and forced her out of her parents house. Mr and Mrs
Garvey, in their 40s and experienced parents, with six lovely daughters of their own,
four now grown up, continued to look after them. In December 2005 a Dr Metcalfe put Melanie on heavy medication for over a year (600mg a day of Quietepane, enough to bring a grown man to his knees). In May 2006 social worker Ken Phillips came to their house and left saying, I’m off on a snatch now. That was a foretaste of the future.

Snatched by Ken Phillips

In June 2006, Social Services snatched Melanie’s two children, both under four years old, from the safety of the Garvey’s loving family home and put them in foster care with a view to having them adopted. They were devastated. A Dr Choudry wrote a report in September 2006 saying Melanie had learning difficulties. This is extraordinary; Melanie has 10 GCSEs, and a City and Guilds in hairdressing and beauty treatments. He also accused her of substance abuse; she’s never taken harmful substances and has hair strand analysis reports to prove it.

Threats by Social Services

Then Melanie was told she would have to live with her children in an assessment centre in Swindon, Wiltshire if she wanted them back. After a further 4 months she
passed the assessment with flying colours, even though drugged with Quietepane
while being assessed. Cornwall County Council said they would stop the adoption
and look for a house for Melanie. Mr and Mrs Garvey suggested a second house owned by a family member, and then a flat they could rent. Cornwall County Council
rejected both.

Just before Melanie left the assessment centre one of the staff verbally assaulted her son and shook him violently, and Melanie complained. Dr Hibbert, who runs the assessment centre, changed the report from good to bad. Ken Phillips and Dr Hibbert got Melanie in a room and told her she had to sign the children over for adoption or they would be split up and put in different foster homes. Melanie, who said she feels like a zombie on Quietepane, still had the sense to refuse.

Isolated and controlled

This has been the pattern; each time Melanie, or her family, try to stand up for her,
Social Services wreak their vengeance on Melanie tenfold. With their threats against
her children, they control her completely. In February 2007 Melanie and the children were moved in with a foster family in an isolated hamlet north of Dartmoor. There are three caged dogs in the house which concern her. Ken Phillips has seen them; is that why he chose that foster family? When her family complained Phillips visited and again threatened Melanie with the children being moved up country and being split up.

Rigged trial No. 1

Melanie spent the 19th to the 23rd March 2007 in Truro County Court. Cornwall
County Council had a barrage of ‘Expert Witnesses’ falsifying their statements to
Continued on Page 6 EU methods and corruption are sweeping through our councils, courts and legal profession. Independent

Melanie’s hell from Page 1 suits the Social Services line. The trial was effectively rigged - the only person to speak up for Melanie was the CAF-CAS representative.
Judge Vincent ruled in favour of the council - we ask is he incompetent or a member of Common Purpose? The barrister appointed for her was equally useless, and Melanie quotes her as saying, I’m off to get my money now; don’t worry “You’ll see your children in 16 years”. (Barristers have to get a legal aid signature from the court before they can be paid.) The Judge granted Cornwall County Council both a care order and a placement order for adoption. Now Melanie had lost her children, the Garveys were told she would be taken off the Quietepane - but now she seems to be back on it.

Injunction - Statement under duress

Social Services staff had recommended Foot Anstey, Plymouth Solicitors to represent Melanie. They did not seem to present any evidence in her favour her or fight her
corner in court. In fact their main contribution has been to write threatening letters to Mr. Garvey, and get an injunction against him to force him out of the proceedings and the appeal hearing altogether, to further isolate Melanie. She phoned to say she was under duress when they took her statement.

Foot Anstey have completed Melanie’s isolation; she’s cut off from all avenues of
help. The solicitors organised an appeal on the 9th May 2007 at the Appeal Court in
the Strand, Westminster London. The court costs were astronomical - and delayed matters further by ruling for a full retrial in July. The total costs to your taxes are probably already over a million; clearly Social Service plan a larger jackpot on this case. The Garveys’ have seen the Barristers fees quoted at 35,000 resulting in one hour in court.

Police threats to Paul Garvey

As all Paul Garvey’s attempts to get his grandchildren back through official channels
have been blocked, he has put signs up on the main A39 and outside his house telling the public Cornwall County Council are child snatchers. The police are threatening to arrest him, and called round several times; Mr Garvey had the good sense to be out or hide and pretend he was out. Demonstrating, with or without signs, is of course not an offence. But under the governments new legislation he could be arrested on this trumped up charge - or indeed no charge at all, and held for 18 days. Every knock on the door is a worry – presumably that was the intent behind the threat.

Malicious arrest warrant

That injunction was pure character assassination, and prevents him from doing things
Mr Garvey would never do, but much of which Foot Anstey are doing right now, including harming his daughter. Mr Garvey is now not allowed to see Melanie. Foot Anstey then falsely accused Mr Garvey of breaking their injunction, and set a warrant for arrest hearing with three days notice. Melanie was in court, guarded by three staff, to ensure she could not get help or speak to her family. The trial date was set for 6th June. This necessitates employing a solicitor to defend, and Mr Garvey’s been quoted 5,000 in fees. The crooked solicitors’ cartel wins again. But the simple fact is he has almost no chance of a fair trial, with most of the judges hand in glove with the solicitors. We are watching perversion of the course of justice up close.

Staff responsible for this abuse

The Director of the Social Services division for children is Dean Ashton. He knows
all about this case. We have documentary evidence that Cornwall County Council is
working to adoption targets - they plan to snatch children regardless of the rights or
wrongs of the case. Maurice Emberson is his assistant, and denied this abuse is happening in reply to both the front page of the Falmouth Packet newspaper, and their columnist, the Skipper, who rightly deplored Cornwall County Council Social Services actions in this matter.

Alex Dashwood is Phillip’s manager, (and stated Melanie had ‘a severe learning Difficulty’ which is a lie.) These two seem more like sadists than social workers, and in our view should not be allowed to work with children.

The council buries complaints

Mr and Mrs Garvey have been to the Council Complaints Department. The Garveys
were warned no one who’s children have been snatched get past the first level of three levels, and their complaints are buried. Elisabeth Taylor and Gill Dunstan are the Council complaints managers.

The Head of Council Legal Services is Richard Williams, in it are Karen Jackson, Ian Kennaway, Deborah Stoleworthy; they know what’s going on and allow this horror to continue. Mr and Mrs Garvey have been to the top - to the Ombudsman, who won’t be involved until the case is decided. By the time he consents to be involved, the children are usually adopted and its too late.

Fire these abusive staff

We ask Cornwall County Council that Dean Aston, Maurice Emberson, Alex Dashwood, Ken Phillips, are fired immediately without compensation, and barred from all government or public posts for life. It appears their actions are closer to embezzlement and child abuse than social work. We ask for an investigation into the extent to which Elisabeth Taylor, Gill Dunstan, Richard Williams, Karen Jackson, Ian Kennaway, Deborah Stoleworthy have perpetrated this miscarriage of justice.

We ask that Cornwall County Council bar members of Common Purpose, which is behind this and most council corruption, from both public office and employment within the council.

We ask that Foot Anstey be barred from all council, legal aid and public contracts until those involved, such as Nicki Cozens, have been dismissed from the firm, and their fees for this ‘work’ be withheld.

Criminal charges against social services

We ask the police and Crown Prosecution Service to investigate all the above on
charges of abusing children and the fraudulent misuse of public funds. Providing there
are enough honest, non Common Purpose people left in the police and CPS to carry
out a lawful and proper investigation.

We ask that a permanent restraining order be put on Social Services, preventing them
from contacting Melanie or her children at any time, now or in the future. Sheila Healy and David Whalley the two people ultimately responsible are Cornwall County Council’s Chief Executive, Sheila Healy, and David Whalley, the council
leader, both Common Purpose.

We ask for the resignation of both Healy and Whalley for encouraging this horrific abuse and fraud in scores of similar and worse cases, to go on unchecked.

And finally we ask Cornwall County Council that Melanie and her two children
are immediately returned to the loving family home from which they were stolen.

Luke 17:2 ‘It were better for them that a millstone were hanged about their neck, and be cast into the sea, than that they should harm one of these little ones.’

The Gulag Of The Family Courtsby Jack Frost ISBN 9 781430 316350

The Book on child snatching

Available from Amazon, Lulu, The Book Depository, Waterstones and independent distributors

The book exposes a secret UK judicial system that is not recognised by Parliament, and is not accountable to its Minister The scandal concerns social workers making a huge number of false allegations of child abuse against innocent and vulnerable parents in secret, so that their children can be forcibly taken from them and traded, often into an industry of ‘connections & corrupt cronyism’, in a nether world that gags the press with threats of imprisonment, and is completely opaque, unscrutinised and unaccountable.

The police are involved in frustrating prosecutions of the criminal actions of social workers.

The BBC is in breach of its Charter responsibilities, by failing to publicise the scandal.

The book takes Essex County Council as an example, and shows senior officials have a determined policy of misleading their elected County Councillors, obstructing elected officials and protecting those public officials who have abused their office.

Web site: Price £14.50p

Contact the author: Gulag Publications. PO Box 9819. Braintree. Essex CM7 0BU.”””

Also, see Camilla Cavendish’s articles of early June 2008 in times on-line at:

So, the BBC is in breach of its charter!! Is the BBC biased? Then yes! Is the system biased? Again, yes, absolutely! We have individuals and organisations operating in this country (Britain) that are exempt or immune from the law and prosecution!

These stories of children being snatched by the paedomasonic establishment like the ones of Melanie above, makes us feel sick and angered. We have to stop the abuse of children, or at least attempt to. For 52 years now, one of our team members has seen the farce and cover ups of paedomasonic crimes. Crimes committed in a deliberately corrupt/flawed system that allows the most sickening events to occur time and time and time again.

We suggest the whole system is unfit for purpose, from the Crown, or two Crowns down!

Mohammad Karim Ahmadzai,
For Earth Projects Team


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