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Number 376, 9 July 2009. Dr Who And The Daleks? NO! Trust Me, Dr WHO And The Domination Of Planet Earth

Post number 376, 9 July 2009

The actual post number 376 begins 9 paragraphs below.
Let us try to destabilise the Talmudic Jewish paedomasonic means of total control and domination. Google in their search engine, under “seachangeindrycleaning” do not list out all blog titles/numbers and leaves out selected posts. For comprehensive reading, readers are advised to follow entries in our Facebook site.

Linguistic, cultural, historic and religious barriers must not be allowed to jaundice the perception of the reader from grasping core issues.

Preface for continuity so that we do not forget Teresa Cooper, Julian Grail (Plymouth City Council) and the government involvement.

For readers new to the blog, we recommend you research and Google the following:

‘Dunblane conspiracy’, ‘the Bryn Alyn Welsh Homes scandals’, and then Google ‘Freemasons sexual abuse conspiracies’. The information will be staggering.

Some previously visited sites have been deleted/cleaned up/hidden from scrutiny. For an insight, new comers to the blog are advised to read from post number 244 onwards.

Every council in the country is run by the Freemasons, answerable to one man in position of authority. That man was Sandy Bruce Lockhart, but now replaced by homosexual Simon Fuller. There is an overt Masonic Lodge in every town, but also covert (secret) Masonic houses in every town, where ritual abuse takes place.

It must be noted that Lord Nigel Lawson and Harvey Proctor have been exposed by our own team members of taking active parts in the ritual anal domination/rape of young children. The rarity of exposure of the individuals involved is due to the secrecy of the system, and control over the dominated children who don’t speak out.

In all fairness, we have given ample opportunities for the likes of Lord Lawson, Lord Mandleson, Lord George Robertson, Tony (Marilyn) Blair, his mentor Peter Selby Right, David Cameron and Michael Howard to come forward and talk, but the silence is deafening!!!

The physical evidence and symptoms of sexual abuse are obvious to our team members. We know, from experience, that the bags around and under the eyes are evidence of anal penetration as young children. This may also be relevant to adult anal penetration depending on the size of the implement used.

Take a look at the MPs, the House of Lords, and media in particular, political commentators on TV. How many have the give away signs, of not only the pressure induced bags under the eyes, but also other physical traits that we will divulge at a later date. We know of a multiple number of anally abused victims that show not only the bags under the eyes but various other physical symptoms which correlate.

From our research and experience, only about one in ten paedophiles are exposed. Reference to previous blog post, where approximately 450 paedophiles abused 67,000 children!! If one paedophile abuses 20 children, how many paedophiles do you think will be created by the paedophiles acts?? ‘Official figures’ suggest that 50% of the abused children become paedophiles. So from 67,000 abused children, you may very well have ended up with 33,500 paedophiles among you!!! And they are not being exposed and caught!!!

Post number 376

The World Health Organisation (WHO) is undoubtedly a Talmudic Jewish paedomasonic established organisation. It is designed and authorised to have power globally, particularly as the formation of the EU, The African Union, the South American and North American Unions and all the other super states are being created in order to establish what is termed as the New World Order.

The Talmud, which is the basis of what we term as Judaism, depicts the Jews as their God’s ‘chosen people’, superior to all other races of mankind on planet earth. With these other races to be subject to domination and treated as slaves of worthless value. To understand exactly what is going on, people need to research the Talmud as it is the holiest of holies of the so called Jewish faith. We use the term ‘so called’ because some team members have researched the various religions, and arrived at the conclusion that they are all a variation of the same thing, control and dominance.

Most religious people, haven’t even read their own religions’ books, and take for granted what they are told or instructed by the so called priests or holy men. Therefore, the curiosity to question the authenticity of scriptures and stories doesn’t arise. If we were to ask the question: in Genesis of the Old Testament’s Adam and Eve story, “what was the name of Adam’s first wife?” how many people would know the answer? You will find the answer at the end of this post.

Some passages from the Talmud claim that the Jews should control the population of the earth, with the goal of domination and the reduction of the lesser races’ numbers down to one billion controllable slaves. How could they possibly do this?

From our view regarding diseases, the creation of diseases and the antidotes in laboratories, the epidemics in our domesticated animal species have been shown to originate from the laboratories. So, if the recent outbreak of Foot and Mouth in Guildford, Surrey originated and was spread from a GOVERNMENT laboratory in Pyrbright near Guildford, then it shows that these illnesses are induced. They can even be targeted at individuals and used as a weapon against opposition to the New World Order.

One of our team members had discovered the information below and forwarded it to us. The phrase “TRUST ME, I AM A DOCTOR” springs to mind. From some of our team members’ experiences, as opposition to the Talmudic paedomasons' New World Order, trust is one thing they cannot do regarding doctors!!

Please have a read and let us know what you think.

Anyway, the answer to the biblical question is at the bottom of the page.

“””Case about Bird Flu
Criminal charges filed in Austria about the bird flu
WHO has the power to order forced vaccination in 194 countries
July 9, 2009 by birdflu666
The International Health Regulations (IHR) pursuant to Article 21 of the Constitution of WHO came into force in June 2007 and allow the General-Director of WHO to declare an international health emergency.
In such a case, the Director-General can impose regulations, including “sanitary and quarantine requirements and other procedures designed to prevent the international spread of disease”, also travel restrictions.
In the event of WHO declaring a pandemic, WHO has the authority to order forced vaccinations around the world.
All 194 signatory countries to IHR must comply. A list of countries which have signed the WHO Constitution can be found under this link.
This is Article 21 of WHO’s Constitution.
“Article 21The Health Assembly shall have authority to adopt regulations concern-ing:(a) sanitary and quarantine requirements and other procedures designed to prevent the international spread of disease;(b) nomenclatures with respect to diseases, causes of death and public health practices;(c) standards with respect to diagnostic procedures for international use;(d) standards with respect to the safety, purity and potency of biological, pharmaceutical and similar products moving in international com-merce;(e) advertising and labeling of biological, pharmaceutical and similar products moving in international commerce.
Article 22Regulations adopted pursuant to Article 21 shall come into force for all Members after due notice has been given of their adoption by the Health Assembly except for such Members as may notify the Director-General of rejection or reservations within the period stated in the notice.
The International Health Regulations 2005 are legally binding regulations (forming international law) that aim to a) assist countries to work together to save lives and livelihoods endangered by the spread of diseases and other health risks, and b) avoid unnecessary interference with international trade and travel.”
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Canadian doctor backs legal action against WHO over bioterrorism
July 8, 2009 by birdflu666
A Canadian Doctor has said that H1N1 Vaccination is a Eugenics Weapon for Mass Extermination, according to a report by Kurt Nimmo on Infowars July 8, 2009.
In comments off the record, other top doctors have also said WHO is guilty of waging bioterrorism.
“Canadian doctor Ghislaine Lanctôt, author of the Medical Mafia, has underscored the lawsuit recently filed by Austrian journalist Jane Bürgermeister against the WHO, the UN, and several high ranking government and corporate officials. Bürgermeister has documented how an international corporate criminal syndicate plans to unleash a deadly flu virus and institute a forced vaccination program,” writes Nimmo.
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WHO Memoranda from 1972 prove three shots mandated by US government for “swine flu” vaccine designed to be killer
July 8, 2009 by birdflu666
Please make sure to listen to vaccine experts Dr Rebecca Carley and Patrick Jordan, discuss two key memorandums from WHO, discovered by Patrick Jordan, which prove WHO has intentionally created the three-shot killer vaccine that people in the USA and other countries could soon be forced to take on “What’s Ailing America?” this Saturday at 3 PM EST
Dr. Patricia Jordan, DVM internationally recognized expert on Vaccine Induced Diseases in Animals and Humans will also be joining in the discussion on what is in the three shots “flu” to be produced by companies like Baxter and mandated by President Obama.
1972 WHO Bulletin 47, No 2 Memordanda #1 and #2 technically outline the ability to create biological weapons in the form of vaccines that:
1) First totally disable the Immune System.
2) Load every cell of the Victim’s body up with Infection.
3) Switch the Immune System on causing the host to kill themselves in a Cytokine Storm.
One, Two, Three, Dead.
These WHO Memoranda describe the three-stage impact of the three “shots” many people will be forced to take this fall to allegedly treat a virus that WHO also helped create and release.
Many thanks to Patrick Jordan, Patricia Jordan and Dr Carley who have uncovered this crucial piece of evidence of WHO’s long-term genocidal intentions that could stand in any court of law because these memorandums give the best and fullest explanation WHO’s and affiliated labs (such as the CDC) current activities, such as their patenting of the most lethal bird flu viruses, their sending that virus to Baxter’s subsidiary in Austria, which weaponised it and sent out 72 kilos to 16 labs in four countries almost triggering a global pandemic.
For every crime, there needs to be motive, an indication that it was deliberate, planned. The WHO memorandums provide the evidence of just that deliberate, long-term planning to kill people by weakening their immune system by use of the first vaccine, injecting a live virus into their body by a second, and creating a cytokine storm using squalene in a third.
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My new pay pal account…
July 8, 2009 by birdflu666
help prevent this fired journalist from undergoing a radical slimming diet
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Role of the Austrian media in the Baxter cover-up
July 8, 2009 by birdflu666
I’m getting ready to file a new set of criminal charges here in Austria over Baxter, WHO and their role in producing and distributing 72 kilos of live bird flu pandemic material this February.
Because I’m arguing an international corporate crime syndicate is at work, I’ve spent some time analysing the system — “the monolithic and ruthless conspiracy as JF Kennedy called it — to determine just how this group accomplishes its aims and operates, at least in Austria.
The pattern of activities in Austria seems to be repeating itself in other countries, and so it might be interesting if I tell you a little bit about what I have found out so you can see whether the same applies to your country.
So far, I’ve isolated the Austrian Health Minister Alois Stöger, health ministry officials such as the Director General of Public Health Hubert Hrabcik and the Chief Vetinary Officer and a host of other people, also related to the pharmaceutical and medical industry, as key players who are working together with Baxter and WHO in a synchornised and coordinated way to help them accomplish their goals and also cover up their tracks.
Other key players I have identified here are the press barons.
Austria is a pretty small country with only about 8 million people and so I’ve had the chance to accumulate concrete proof of how the mainstream media in Austria, in this specific case, Profil, a magazine that markets itself as critical and independent, is deliberately and systematically concealing from the general public the true nature of what happened at Baxter, in part because of email communications I had directly with Profil over the Baxter episode in April.
Although the mainstream media suggests to people there is a strict division between a government, corporations, society and the media, my own experience working as a journalist has taught me that the media, like most governments, are actually in the hands of an international criminal corporate group, who control the flow of information to the general public in such a way as to further their business interests.
Planning and preparation alone cannot guaranteee success in any attempt to use an artificial virus and a toxic injection to carry out large-scale murder.
If enough people knew the virus came from a lab and that companies like Baxter, which are contracted by government to supply the vaccine, are also releasing that same virus and deliberately, they would refuse the injection!
People will only be led to accept the vaccine of their own free will if there is feasible explanation for this virus (originates in a mysterious way from pigs, birds etc etc ), if the threat is hyped up, and if the vaccine is presented as a cure rather than as a killer.
Only if a consistently feasibly explanation is put out by the media in North America and also Europe can a crime of this kind be carried out: and many people rely on the mainstream media to provide them with information.
Profil’s report on the Baxter incident this April shows just how that same media is being instrumentalised by members of the international crime syndicate to systematically mislead people to enable this crime to occur, and underlines that the media has become an integral part of the international corporate crime syndicate.
A report appeared on Baxter in the print edition of Profil on April 20th 2009 in a section called “Extra”, that is, two weeks after Profil received my 70 pages of criminal charges and after I rang the magazine twice asking them to cover the incident.
The title of the Profil report on pages 62-64 was “Safe is almost safe.”
The reporter: Emil Bobi.
In the final few paragraphs of the report, which comes across as a kind of eulogy to the high standards of the pharmaceutical industry and includes a picture of focussed lab staff in spotless protective clothing working at benches, Bobi finally gets round to mentioning the Baxter incident.
Bobi calls it a “banal” lab accident.
He informs the reader that the contamination of 72 kilos of flu vaccine material with live bird flu virus occurred because a tube that was connected to a bag containing glucose (sugar water) had not been switched after “work had been done on the bird flu virus“.
The tube cost barely one euro, he tells us in the third paragraph from the end, but the staff had not bothered to change the tube because the “liquid was not meant for people anyway”, according to “a source that was close to the events”.
Furthermore, he implies that this incident breaches no regulations because the regulations for manufacturing medicines do not apply in this case as it was experimental material.
What Bobi, however, forgets to mention is that the biosecurity level 3 rules do apply to highly dangerous live bird flu virus “experiments”, according to EU Directive 90/679.
He also omits to mention that 36 people had to undergo preventative treatment for bird flu in hospital in Austria and the Czech Republic and also be put under qurantine because they had contact with this very same Baxter material.
Biosafety level 3 regulations require that the live bird flu virus be kept in a separate room with negative pressure, double doors etc. Any accidental contamination is therefore impossible, let alone the manufacturing of 72 kilos of material.
Bobi’s report does not explain why the bird flu virus was in Baxter’s lab in Orth an der Donau the first place; why it was sent out of the biosecurity facilities irradiated and also with a false label; why it was destined for vaccine material; what was the specific strain of H5N1 involved; and whether it was the particularly lethal strain patented by Baxter.
True, I didn’t find out myself Baxter had sent out the gigantic amount of 72 kilos until the Health Minister Alois Stöger was forced to reveal the fact when he answered parliamentary questions on the incident on the last day of the 8 week period allowed to him on May 20th.
All the same, the report struck me as odd. As a minimum, Bobi could have done some research and found out that biosafety level 3 regulations applied even if he hadn’t had time to read my criminal charges, which also contained that information.
I sent Bobi an email and he replied on April 23 2009 at 17:44:59 from his email address
My questions were:
1) “Where do you get your information? You write “according to sources”? What sources?”
2) “Are the so-called Extra pages paid for by industry? Why are they called Extra? Did the pharmaceutical industry give money or another form of support for this report?”
Bobi replied:
1) “”sources” means in this case a source that cannot be named which was followed the reconstruction of the accident at first hand”
2) “rest assued: my report is an editorial one and is not “supported” by anyone or evenfinanced”
The founder and publisher of Profil, like the Standard and trend in Austria, is Oscar Bronner, who attends the Bilderberg meetings regularly.
This year the Austrian Chancellor Werner Faymann was at the Bilderberg meeting in Athens along with the CEO of Novartis, the company that killed at least 21 people in Poland last summer during its fully licenced “bird flu” drug trials.
It seems to me this report by Profil is a pretty clear example of how a magazine is deliberately masking the truth about an event so serious that it nearly triggered a pandemic around the world, according to the Times of India.
The language, ideas and images in the Profil report are used to deceive the public into thinking it was completely harmless.
This report is, however, typical of the mainstream Austrian media’s coverage of the Baxter incident with few exceptions. I was told one journalist who finally covered the Baxter contamination in a mainstream newspaper did so inspite of his editor.
Though I’ve reported for the British Medical Journal on many a more trivial thing, their editor turned down a report on the Baxter incident when I sent the information to them.
Interestingly enough, control of the media is also a central objective in Austria’s pandemic influenza plan. Guidelines and directives are to be issued to the media on how to cover the “pandemic.”
The pandemic plan foresees “panic” and argues that a strict communication policy, including pre-written press releases with the information from WHO and the EU, need to be implemented at every level.
This looks like a WHO propaganda misinformation apparatus designed to reinforce the idea that the injections from Baxter are necessary and good — even when people die following those very injections. The deaths will be used to whip up more fear and encourage people to get their injections more quickly.
Under the pandemic plan, a system will be set up to gather information about how many people have been vaccinated in order to more efficiently increase the vaccination rate.
The objective of the Austrian pandemic plan is to inject everyone with a toxic brew of heavy metals, whole viruses and adjuvants – and that for a virus that Baxter and WHO helped create and release in the first place.
All the security and health and communication functions in Austria will be under the power of WHO and the EU in the event of a pandemic.
Government departments at federal and local level will be required to subordinate their activities to WHO – and so will the media.
The mainstream media will move from being a covert to an overt arm of the internaitonal corporate crime syndicate.
A pdf of the report and cover of Profil magazine dated April 20th can be found under this link. (By coincidence, this same edition reports that many Austrian journalists worked for the CIA in the sixties)
on the the download site:
Many thanks again to Detlev.
It is time for all journalists to start reporting the truth about WHO, Baxter and the H1N1 flu, namely, that it is a bioweapon.
President John F. Kennedy gave a speech on April 27, 1961 before the American Newspaper Publishers Association in which he stressed the responsibility of the press for allowing the crimes of this internaitonal corporate syndicate to occur.
“The very word “secrecy” is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths and secret proceedings. We decided long ago that the dangers of excessive and unwarranted concealment of pertinent facts far outweighed the dangers which are cited to justify it. Even today, there is little value in opposing the threat of a closed society by imitating its arbitrary restrictions. Even today, there is little value in insuring the survival of our nation if our traditions do not survive with it. And there is very grave danger that an announced need for increased security will be seized upon those anxious to expand its meaning to the very limits of official censorship and concealment. That I do not intend to permit to the extent that it is in my control. And no official of my Administration, whether his rank is high or low, civilian or military, should interpret my words here tonight as an excuse to censor the news, to stifle dissent, to cover up our mistakes or to withhold from the press and the public the facts they deserve to know.”
“For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence–on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day. It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations.
Its preparations are concealed, not published. Its mistakes are buried not headlined. Its dissenters are silenced, not praised. No expenditure is questioned, no rumor is printed, no secret is revealed.”
“No President should fear public scrutinity of his program. For from that scrutiny comes understanding; and from that understanding comes support or opposition. And both are necessary. I am not asking your newspapers to support the Administration, but I am asking your help in the tremendous task of informing and alerting the American people. For I have complete confidence in the response and dedication of our citizens whenever they are fully informed.
I not only could not stifle controversy among your readers– I welcome it. This Administration intends to be candid about its errors; for as a wise man once said: “An error does not become a mistake until you refuse to correct it.” We intend to accept full responsibility for our errors; and we expect you to point them out when we miss them.
Without debate, without criticism, no Administration and no country can succeed– and no republic can survive. That is why the Athenian lawmaker Solon decreed it a crime for any citizen to shrink from controversy. And that is why our press was protected by the First (emphasized) Amendment– the only business in America specifically protected by the Constitution– not primarily to amuse and entertain, not to emphasize the trivial and sentimental, not to simply “give the public what it wants”–but to inform, to arouse, to reflect, to state our dangers and our opportunities, to indicate our crises and our choices, to lead, mold educate and sometimes even anger public opinion.
This means greater coverage and analysis of international news– for it is no longer far away and foreign but close at hand and local. It means greater attention to improved understanding of the news as well as improved transmission. And it means, finally, that government at all levels, must meet its obligation to provide you with the fullest possible information outside the narrowest limits of national security…”
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WHO poised to take over North America and Europe
July 8, 2009 by birdflu666
The United States, Norway, Sweden, Austria and other countries have announced that in case of a “swine flu” pandemic all health and security authority shall revert to teams and command centers run by the WHO and either the UN or the EU.
Check out the various country’s pandemic influenza plans for details.
The “swine flu” or novel H1n1 virus is an artificial virus just like the “bird flu”.
Both these viruses were developed with the assistance of WHO. Also, WHO supplied Baxter in Austria with the live bird flu virus that Baxter used to contaminate 72 kilos of vaccine material, according to Baxter’s own spokesman.
So, WHO helps develop a lab virus and also a so-called “vaccine”. There is clear evidence, WHO is in involved in supplying the virus to companies (Baxter) who then release it nearly triggering a worldwide pandemic.
At the same time, WHO stands to profit most politically and financially from just such a pandemic and from declaring a pandemic level 6, triggering, among other measures in many countries, forced vaccinations with shots from companies like Baxter.
In the USA and some other countries, it will be a criminal offence to refuse the shot. Police ae entitled to use deadly force on criminal suspects.
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WHO memorandums prove killer vaccine intentionally created *** New Zealanders start campaign
July 7, 2009 by birdflu666
Dr Rebecca Carley and Patrick Jordan are going to be discussing two memorandums from WHO, discovered by Patrick Jordan, which strongly support the notion that WHO has intentionally created the killer vaccine on “What’s Ailing America?” this Saturday at 3 PM EST I will joining in as a guest.
Also, check out this flyer from Penny Bright’s team taking the fight to Baxter in New Zealand.
Direct link:
Baxter has a subsidiary in Mt Wellington, Auckland, New Zealand.
The government of New Zealand has ordered an initial supply of 300,000 doses of H1N1 shots, according to a statement issued Monday – that in spite of the ongoing criminal investigation into Baxter’s contamination of 72 kilos of vaccine material with live bird flu virus in Austria this February, and in spite of the evidence that the “swine flu” is an artificial (genetic) virus that was deliberately released.
Even the Paris-based World Organization for Animal Health has objected to the name “swine flu” for the H1N1 virus, noting that the virus contains avian and human components and no pig so far has been found with the disease.
Also, Australian virologist Adrian Gibbs has gone on record saying the H1N1 virus comes from a lab.
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Governments take an interest
July 7, 2009 by birdflu666
Here are some of the governments, companies and other organisations clicking on just one website where documents concerning my criminal charges against Baxter and WHO for distributing 72 kilos of vaccine material contaminated with live bird flu virus — a virus supplied by WHO — are deposited
153 0.80% 12 0.77% 4023258 0.08% | Austrian Government
39 0.21% 0 0.00% 1331142 0.03% | German ministry of finance etc.
13 0.07% 0 0.00% 299647 0.01%
7 0.04% 0 0.00% 1044661 0.02% | Military/Industrial Complex
7 0.04% 0 0.00% 210798 0.00% | city works of Hall
5 0.03% 0 0.00% 157047 0.00% | RFID – Chip manufacturer
5 0.03% 0 0.00% 176693 0.00% | European Central Bank
5 0.03% 0 0.00% 153179 0.00% | Government of Saskatchewan
5 0.03% 0 0.00% 8265267 0.17% |
5 0.03% 0 0.00% 153183 0.00% | US diagnostic company
5 0.03% 0 0.00% 526480 0.01% | University of Malta! (Malta Knights?)
3 0.02% 0 0.00% 13822976 0.29% | Dep. Of Veteran Affairs
2 0.01% 0 0.00% 57619 0.00% | US Navy
2 0.01% 0 0.00% 665391 0.01% | Belgian State
2 0.01% 0 0.00% 1784142 0.04% | obvious
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July 7, 2009 by birdflu666
I was fired last week unexpectedly from my job as European Correspondent of Renewable Energy World, a member of the Pennwell oil industry publishing group, and would appreciate donations to keep this legal action track. Every 10 dollars you send will make a difference.
JANE BUERGERMEISTER (Jane Bürgermeister)
Bank Austria Creditanstalt
Schottengasse 1- 6, A-1010 Wien, Austria
Account number: 152 115 33300
Swift code: 12 000
IBAN = AT83 11000 152 11 53 3300
This also works
Buergermeister, Jane
IBAN des Empfängers AT831100015211533300
BIC / SWIFT-Code der Bank des Empfängers BKAUATWWXXX
Kreditinstitut des Empfängers UNICREDIT BANK AUSTRIA AG
Straße und Hausnummer des Kreditinstituts 231, SCHOENBRUNNER STRASSE
PLZ und Ort des Kreditinstituts VIENNA
Zielland Österreich/Austria”””

Adam’s first wife was named Lillith. According to some writers, this name represents serpents or reptiles.

Mohammad Karim Ahmadzai,
For Earth Projects Team


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