Monday, 6 April 2009

E-mail To The Freemason Foreign And Commonwealth Office

Post number 280

E-mail to FCO

Monday 6/4/9

For The Attention of Rebecca Davies at the South Africa Political Desk

Tel: 0207 008 1500

Dear Rebecca,

Vulgarity has been deliberately used to humiliate. Blog readers are used to my psychological means of employ to succeed. These are known as the Weapons of Ass Destruction or WAD. Unlike Bush and Blair's WMD that did not exist, my WAD exist very much indeed and dispensible at the touch of a mouse. I have learnt to innovate innovation no matter what it takes to protect British children from rape and abuse at the hands of the establishment.

As mentioned on the phone this morning, I accuse Paul Boeteng and the British government in being directly involved in aiding the blood thirsty, arm dealing, Freemason, and drug dealing, AK47 gun toting, and raping Jacob Zuma to become the next South African President unopposed.

I am fortunate to have discovered a niche market in dry cleaning applicable for global commercial realisation, with enormous financial contribution to this country from the sale of intellectual property. Social responsibility benefits are incalculable. However, for more than 20 years of active promotion, I have not succeeded in getting any help from investors, banks, the government or even the EU.

The reason has been that Freemasons due to their presence every where, have thrown spanners in the works and have stopped me dead in my tracks. I had no choice but to take the Freemasons head on and discovered amazing things that are recorded in my blog Choice discoveries have been that Tony Blair commonly known in his public school days as Marilyn (Ref: Book by Claresa Dickson Rice, one of the two fat ladies on TV), and George W. Bush have been victims of child rape and abuse during their childhoods.

They ended up running the world, launched illegal invasions and wars and are responsible for the killing of over half a million Iraqis to begin with. Marilyn after the disservice to Iraq and the Arab cause has been appointed to make peace between the Arabs and the Israelis. Only some one who has been endlessly raped during childhood to a possible extent when you can drive a child’s Tonka toy car through his ass hole and not feeling the intrusion can be so devoid of morals, and ethics to accept such a responsible post without feeling an iota of guilt.

As far as George W. Bush is concerned, he enquired from the shoe throwing Iraqi journalist “what his beef” was? Only a son of a whoring bitch like Bush with ass hole the diameter of a beer pint glass can be so immune to guilt to sit among the Iraqis and don’t feel responsible for half a million deaths. He was on world TV, didn’t even blink and was convinced that he was on the right side of international law, morality and ethical values. He still seems to think that the whole world has got it wrong and that he really did democratise Iraq!!!

What he did was to eliminate the one nation that was the pride of the Arabs and a beacon of light for the rest to follow Saddam Hussein’s steps. The present Iraqi government are cheap half Iraqi imports from the west and the Iraqis will deal with them when the time comes. Very soon now!

The British government is still run by paedophiles and Freemasons and are aiding their brother in arm, Jacob Zuma. This e-mail and your reply will be posted on the blog. Jacob Zuma if elected at all will not last long to drive the whites out of South Africa and change South Africa to another Zimbabwe the way the other bastard Robert Mugabe has done.

I trust you will copy this e-mail to Paul Boeteng in South Africa for his direct replying to me. This is direct action in its best form and does not make allowances for red tape and procedure. I demand direct and speedy answers from Lord Malloch-Brown and Paul Boeteng. Non replies will be treated as admission of guilt and reflected on the blog.

Mohammad Karim Ahmadzai,
Team Leader, Earth Projects


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