Friday, 6 March 2009

Violence Will Not Be Tolerated.

Post 213

Plane Stupid: Your gesture of Scotland Free and Brave and airport expansion issues were noted as soon as you guys landed the helicopter on a roof. The reason I did not react at the time does not mean I missed the incident. I knew nothing will come out of your protest and left it at that. In any event, I take violent actions very seriously indeed and this post is fitted in ahead of my other commitments to advise others not to get impatient and take the right approach briefed at the end of this post.

Laila?: Threw green custard at Mandleson. The man is politically dead. I have given him blow after blow, and Jeremy Paxman gave him a good going over on Newsnight. I agree we should still keep on hitting him knowing how immensely powerful he still is. But no violence.

Now advice: Both of you have environmental issues that you need to see sorted out. I suggest you get in touch with Professor Phillip Allen, Martial Law Environment and girl colleague and let them have any solutions you’ve been working on and conclusions arrived at. Strengthen their hands for establishing our ground zero.

The big deal is this: You may not have any solutions written down on paper to convince the government on either of the issues. Either of you could have given your solutions to the BBC after your deeds were completed. Your publicity gave you that opportunity to air your views in writing.

I the absence of having convincing solutions, I could interpret you as a trouble maker and working for the opposition and create a larger scale violence. We in United Kingdom and Northern Ireland are walking a tight rope at the minute. I have given people hope, and every one is rearing to go.

Masses of students, post office workers, Trade Unions and loads of others know that we are all waiting to the summer concerts to begin when seas of humanity will be out with a common purpose (not Common Purpose, I must clarify) when we will have outnumbered trouble makers like the BNP (and may be you two!!!) by 1000s to one.

In order to avoid remaining inactive and getting tensed up about issues, I have created deer hunters, asked Eggheads, school kids, university students and staff to get busy and do ‘foundation’ work using their heads, computers, Balckberries, and mobile phones.

Why not join them?

Mohammad Karim Ahmadzi,
Team Leader, Earth Projects.

PS. Laila, if you are going to have a cup of coffee with Mandleson and laugh the whole thing off, I will find out, you know. Have you seen the size and calibre of my team? We are every where, already.


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