Friday, 6 March 2009

A Tooth For A Tooth RBS Board, American Millitary in United Kingdom, and BNP!

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Deer hunters and associates to take serious note. You are working on the substructure or foundation. My theoretical derivations and some documentations from the past alarms that Fred the shred and the board of RBS have extremely powerful support buried deep in the foundation. I call them land mines that will blow you away if you get close enough.

These people are ultimately connected with the US military forces, commandos who are responsible for unexplained gun and knife crimes, and our own British people. The latter could very well be BNP members who have hijacked national flags without any one’s permission.

Mr Nick Griffin is told in no uncertain terms to explain himself by sending detailed comments to this blog post and give reasons in plain English why is the BNP the custodian of national colours. He has 24 hours to register his comments. We work 7 days a week in this business. If no replies are received, then he and his party will be deemed criminals, enemies of this nation and will be charged with high treason.

They should also hand over flags to Her Majesty The Queen and the BBC to record proceedings on film. All this within the said 24 hours.

Edwina Currie, and Clive Anderson to take note of time and date tomorrow for reckoning when we actually take physical charge of running tomorrow’s government.

It must be born in mind that all political parties have already been dissolved. What may have not been stated is this: We now work across the defunct party lines, and may not have any parties at all to begin with. Existing political party philosophies, party political lines and ideologies, and even names are all irrelevant as of now. We will not have Tory, Labour and others by their existing names.

I have no idea what people want and what names will they select if they decide to establish political parties at all. Her Majesty may decide to continue to rule by decree as she is now. Time will tell.

Dear hunters and associates, your job is now a lot easier now. You can and should target the BNP quite openly and launch psychological war fare on them in the first place. Use them as your metaphorical punch bags to practice on. Fortunately, unlike other landmines the RBS boast about and remain hidden for now, the BNP are sitting ducks. Just complete your local, regional, and national maps for my processing asap.

It is now clear that our priority assignment will be to march on all US military installations when we are sufficient in numbers this summer. The RBS board and Fred the Shred should not sleep in peace. We can use psychological war fares on your homes as of now. If my people are hit or killed than I know where to come and seek redress. A tooth for tooth will undoubtedly apply. I am not going to lock up murderers, and then feed and house them. We live under Martial Law, remember?

I take the pension of £703,000 extremely seriously as you will find out while more pressure is exerted on you all incrementally, as we go along hour by hour.

You handle this team, while I go and do something completely different.

Mohammad Karim Ahmadzai,
Team Leader, Earth Projects

PS To reieterate, the BNP will be treated as the enemy of this nations if I do not receive their response in 24 hours, i.e, by 17:00 hours tomorrow.

I can register that no comments are received to date from Madeline Albright about the bombings of the US Embassies in East Africa. I now declare that accusations levelled at William Jefferson Clinton are correct. The man killed and maimed a lot people for which he will stand trial when the times comes. The position of his wife, Hillary as the Secretary of State becomes untenable. As such, all work during her current trip becomes at least illegal, moraly and ethically repugnant.


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