Monday, 9 March 2009

Thank you China, The Peace Maker.

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Thank you China for redressing the balance and come to the aid of poor North Korea who is over powered by America’s technologically advanced war mongering machine. All this, during today’s flexing muscles by the American armed forces and dragging South Korea along just they dragged us to Iraq and Afghanistan against the well of our nation, and with old Jack Straw telling the truth (Where is the young one, Gale?).

The world ought to know the peoples of the North and South have been desperately trying to get together for more than a generation ago. It’s just like Cuba. Look at the reality now. The intelligent Leader Kim IL Jung copied Cuba in a reverse way by stepping down to take a U turn and get closer to the West. This worried America and this year, she has even launched a more threatening presence in the DMZ.

Chances are that the US forces are out of control and they have not accepted the radical changes in Washington. America worked hard to establish the Evil Empire. Hard liners in the Defence Department find it intolerable to let go and loose it all because I pounced on the scene and spoiled the broth for them. It’s time they grew up and accepted the powers of blogosphere. It’s fast, it’s efficient and it’s devastating.

Why should America not accept North Korea’s cries that all she wants to do is to launch a communication sattelite? If the world does not know America’s fears, I do. With the North Korea gaining access to Western homes via TV through their newly installed sattellite, America’s monopoly in spacial broadcasting will be over and done with. At the moment the US and Murdoch have control and they have switched off the world as far as true and fair reporting is concerned.

They can and do do what they like. Take Indonesia’s Ache problem: The US has installed the central Indonesian government and has kept it under the thumb. World’s people, take note. For years, America has manufactured an Islam running under strict Sharia Law and has imposed in on the people of Ache. People are flogged with whips and generally conditions prevail that are objectionable by the Americans in the rest of the world.

Petty thieves are whipped and beaten up, while crooks and big time criminals like illegal loggers are not touched. Victims of Tsunami are given finances to rebuild their lives, while victims of the civil unrest are left to starve and fend for themselves. They have no choice but to steal from the Tsunami victims. Then, they are caught by the Sharia Police (can you believe this?!!!), tortured and beaten up.

On the other hand, the same practice when executed by the Taliban when in power was deplored and publicised to the whole wide world. Do you see the double standard? Murdoch and Bush folded their legs, sat in comfortable arm chairs and laughed while the raping, drugging and racial purification went on. Murdoch and B Sky B are going strong, are they not? What kind of material is Sky and B Sky B feeding you? Electronic dumbing down? Still supporting Bushism and “racial cleansing” sophisticated programmes that devastate your brains without you realising?

It’s the kind of TV that Talban banned in Afghanistan. Murdoch is buying Tescali. In this day and age, while businesses are folding, Murdoch is doing well and actually expanding, thanks to dumb Britons who have been sufficiently drugged and dumb down by the supermarkets that they cannot see the woods from the trees.

Should you still continue to buy Sky products or bin their satellite dish and switch over to your good old terrestrial TV, now that I have screen them out? Your choice is clear. Don’t let Murdoch “racially purify” you. The man is Evil. There is not one decent, moral, and ethical bone in that man’s body. In my reckoning, and currently, he stands as the number one enemy of 7 billion humans.

He is so ruthless that he does not feel or sense an iota of guilt as he still goes on about his empire building like there is nothing wrong. Children are being raped around the world, and Sky is diverting your attentions as if Sky was a rattle diverting the attention of a toddler being photographed for a family album (too look straight at the camera instead of mum holding the dog in check). At time like this, I wish I could speak to you to make this paragraph punchier and drive the sword of decency right through Murdoch’s heart.

Team, why don’t you do it? Open up Murdoch, BBC. Show the world in all languages just how good my devastating team members are. Orange, Sony Eriksson, BT/Yahoo/Oxfam/Avaaz, Channel 4 and all others: Gang up and destroy Murdoch power including his newspapers and other printed publications. Leave nothing open.

Back with the main story Korea but still via Indonesia: So, One version of Islam is manufactured in Indonesia and Hillary Clinton turned a blind eye to. Wahabi Islam is manufactured in Saudi Arabia and exported to Afghanistan and created the American brand of Taliban. The genuine Taliban have been desperately trying to accurately identify themselves, but they couldn’t. Consequently, America has imported foreign fighters as Wahabi Taliban and gives them Afghan Taliban identity.

The incredible thing is that America then from within Afghanistan fights their own manufactured gang imported from outside Afghanistan. They are probably mercenary Real IRA and Popes Mafia made up with beards and Shalwar Kamees to look like genuine Afghans. Bush and Murdoch satellites control the skies and they feed us with they wants us to believe in.

North Korea’s communication satellite will broadcast to us events truthfully and justly at least int their own dark back yard. America is hell bent to shoot it down. China came in with a show of solidarity with the North Korean by getting close to an American Naval vessel (within 5 metres of it) and America issued strong protestations to the Chinese government. And then, da ra ra ra ra ra ! In comes in Moaaaaaaaahammad and fuck things up for America with this here blog.

Well done China and North Korea. The blog power is fully behind you. I will follow the situation closely and announce relevant actions to be taken. No worries, as my Australian friends would say.

The two Korean people, soon you will be able to visit each other easily. I will have compelled America to lift the unbelievable curfew they have imposed on the South Koreans, depriving them to visit relatives in the North. That is uncivilised, inhumane and only applicable by armed forces deprived of human emotions and capable of drugging, raping, and racially purifying. Why else do you think American soldiers rape Japanese girls on the Island of Okinawa? These soldiers answer to no one as mentioned earlier blog posts.

All will change Korea. All will change for the better. Much, much better.

Mohammad Karim Ahmadzai,
Team Leader, Project Earth

PS If I lost you in the two Taliban realities it is due to my being unable to speak to you, sadly; not even by phone. The BBC will translate huh? You have Pashtu experts there.

PS 2. China, you will have a new friend in the New Britain soon: Another one party state, hey!


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