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Teresa Cooper, Help Has Arrived In A Massive Way.

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These proceedings of Paedophilia and related topics that started with post number 244, (my recorded delivery letter of 7 July 2007 to scum bag Tony Blair that remains unanswered to date), will continue until I achieve results and get closer to my dry cleaning aims.

We will remain on this topic like a broken record until Glastonbury and until we expose the likes of the Pimp of the establishment, Chris Tarrant, Lord Nigel Lawson, and the modern day Joseph Mengele, Dr Liam Donaldson. The trouble with an occasional publication now and then in the Times, The Mirror and the Daily Telegraph is that they are one off articles with no follow ups. We should remain on course, and build up momentum.

New comers to the blog are advised to read from post number 244 onwards.

I have found a key player who will be a great help in catching the likes of Tony Blair, Liam Donaldson, Gordon Brown, Nigel Lawson and others. She is Teresa Cooper, the author of books such as “Pin Down”, “Trust No One”, and “Locked Up”. The latter is about Teresa’s own experiences in Kendal House, Graves End Children Homes where she was sexually abused.

An anal swab of her was taken and her GP did not act as to whether or not Teresa was sexually abused. The matter was drawn to the attention of Bishop of Rochester Michael Nazir Ali who sated that the Church was not qualified to comment. Michael Nazir will comment because I demand so – the paedophile that he is. If not, why is he not cooperating with Teresa who was sexually abused?

The ITV London Programme made a documentary about Kendal House possibly in the 1980s, and the drug dealing child raping, child murdering governments of Britain shoved follow ups under the carpet.

There are others who are trying to dig up the past and not succeeding. Hope lies in a S. Smith’s letter of this month (March 2009) to the Kent County Council requiring whether any of the victims were paid compensation and if so, how much.

Jemila Dodge, the Corporate Access to Information Officer
Chief Executive’s Department, Kent County Council
Legal & Democratic Services
Room 1.94, Session House
County Hall Maidstone Kent
ME14 1QX
Tel: 01622 696265, Fax: 01622 694383

wrote to S. Smith promising that if the information is held at their offices, then a reply will be sent to S. Smith by 20 April 2009. This is not good enough. Surely, the information is kept at the Kent County Council Offices and Jemila Dodge is dodging the bullet.

I would insist that deer hunters, the whole nation’s student unions and about 1 million other objectors to paedophilia swarm Jemila’s offices and demand an answer asap. BBC, Channel 4, ITV, and Five TV should all send film crews and hound Jemila and Kent County Council for answers. Investigations should be launched into Kendal house’s full history. There is insufficient back ground data any where on Kendal House, because Freemasons have plugged every avenue of approach. FUCK FREE MASONS! Bust Kendal House wide open.

Here are a few points for starters:

Teresa Cooper, the author (books from Amazon and other publishers), now at the young age of 41, is quoted in the Mirror (British daily newspaper) as saying that psychiatrists prescribed heavy dosages of psychotic drugs that turned girls into Zombies. Teresa’s own son was born with learning difficulties, and she is not the only mother who has given birth to deformed children.

There are other sexually abused girls from Kendal House who have no means and no voice to be heard. This blog is their continued voice for months to come, and we will play the blog like a broken record until every one is heard. Come forward you all. Make your cases to so that the world can hear you. Radio 4 is now popular the world over thanks to my working with them for over 20 years. “Feedback” and “You And Yours” programmes are full of my e-mails going back to 2001.

I also ask a Mr Daniel Lombard to come forward and contribute to blog and pool of information at Radio 4. Daniel knows about Teresa Cooper, and Kendal House. Teresa, sweet heart: Even your high profile books have been no match for the suppressive powers of Freemasons. Well, you’ve got one hell of a power house behind you now: Moi and my power pack of a team. Just hang in there. We have arrived!

Taliban of Afghanistan: Take over all Children homes that the Karzai government, NGOs, the British and American governments and all others have set up with the exception of all operations by the Swedish government aid. They are my people. Family member Gul Wazir works there. Help them in whatever ways you can.

Muslims in Britain: Gordon Brown and Jackie Smith are training 60,000 hotel staff and security guards to enrage you further and make you more fundamentalists than you are. They have stepped up efforts to use you as escape goats to cover their heinous crimes against our children. Liam Donaldson is instrumental in ripping the hearts of children while still alive. NHS Hospitals are used as frozen storage for 100s of 1,000s of body organs for use by the rich here, trafficking and sales to America and elsewhere. Find the Dutch professor and put your findings on dozens of new blogs.

Mohammad Karim Ahmadzai,
Team Leader, Earth Projects


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