Tuesday, 17 March 2009

So, David Cameron Wants to Freeze the BBC Licence Fee, Does He?

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First, Paul Hilder of avaaz@avaaz.org and info@avaaz.org announces that there will be a citizen’s march in Central London on Saturday 28 March 2009 and invites you to attend and I add, peacefully. The demonstration will be against the G20 summit in London in April, in 3 weeks time. Avaaz will be campaigning for green jobs, sustainable recovery, and a global new deal that fixes the economy.

Avaaz will be issuing 3,000 green hard hats and you can get yours by visiting http://www.avaaz.org/en/london_citizen_march_28/.

Avaaz are prominent team members of this blog and I now ask them to use their green hard hats as equivalent to the Metropolitan Police’s helmets and uniforms to add to their peace keeping measures. Be a friend of the police rather than foe. Other blog followers and supporters are to follow suit.

Participants should be aware of the enemies of this nation such as the Neo Nazi BNP spoiling the fun and ruin the impact you will all be making otherwise. Do remember to use your martial arts to paralyse waist down, and practice no mercy. Take action under two circumstances. Attack BNP members for carrying national colours even without you being provoked. Otherwise paralyse BNP members if you are attacked.

While on the subject of the BNP, I note that a true patriot attacked a BNP member with a hammer the other day. I do not condone the use of weapons unless it can be justified. Here are a couple of examples: Sikhs and Asians are accused by the BNP that Muslims and Asians rape white English girls. This is a pack of lies to attract voters to vote BNP. The Sikhs are so upset about this that they have come out in defence of their probable carrying of ceremonial swords that their religion allows them to carry in public. Sikhs are free to use these Swords for self defence against the BNP at well.

The second example is some other religions that justify the carrying of articles as weapons. For example, there is a man in Guildford, my own Surrey who is walking around with a length of steel pipe about 11/2 metres long. He cites an ancient religion where carrying such an item for self defence is entirely justified. If the man is a reader of this blog, I suggest he should try a lead pipe. The impact and energy absorption is terrific and the BNP members at the receiving end will think twice in future about doing BNP stuff.

It must be noted that European elections are around the corner and the BNP are hopeful of getting their first MEP (Member of European Parliament) this summer. This is extremely important for the party and leader Nick Griffin. In fact, it’s make or break. If the BNP have an MEP, then they would be entitled to no less than £250 million or equivalent in Euros for building and strengthening their nasty a divisive party complicit in drug dealing and paedophilia.

The BNP will be destroyed in the next chapter when I double up on paedophilia, compliments of David Cameron trying to chop off my blog growth roots, prominent members the BBC. The Conservative Party will freeze the BBC license fee if they are elected. Well, Cameron must bear in mind that all political parties are dissolved. We are ruled under Force Majeure and my Martial Law government with Professor Robert Winston governs. In addition, if David reckons he can play ball with me, then he should think again.

A chapter is made up of more than one blog post, David Cameron and Nick Griffin may wish to note. The subject will be paedophilia as practised during the ages by the establishment on the lower lesser intelligent classes while they ruled and governed. There are Lords, Sirs, and Secretaries of State among them living among us holding their heads high. Not for long, folks, not for long.

Back to the March of 28 March, I can add that the mere inclusion of only 20 members of the world’s nation is a tunnelled vision view of the world by the paedophilic leaderships of the 20 chosen brotherhood. At the very least, all Europe nations irrespective of their potential future EU membership prospects are invited by me to attend. Rules of Consumerism dictate that Earth Projects' EU must attend, and that is all of Europe from here to Kamchatka and the neighbourhood of Okinawa and Alaska.

I give a nod of approval to President Medvedev’s announcing the build up of the Russian armed forces due to the fluidity that Earth Projects has created in terms of revised defensive strategies I have put forth for the defence of Europe against the unlikely duo of USA and China.

Mohammad Karim Ahamdzai,
Team Leader, Earth Projects


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