Saturday, 21 March 2009

Sir Liam Donaldson Is A Chief Freemason. Destroy Him, Team

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Thank you team for ripping apart Sir Liam Donaldson, the government Chief Medical Officer for me. He is the biggest catch after Lord Nigel Lawson, the Pimp Chris Tarrant, Yolande Lindridge (You have her address and phone number in the previous post number 259), and others who’ve got Alan Melbourne, Peter Mandleson, Marilyn (Tony) Blair, The Bushes, Lord George Robertson, NATO and the whole of the world’s armed forces as a humongous power pack behind them.

Liam Donaldson (Knighthood removed by people power) is the chief architect of letting the Dutch doctor removing 100s of 1000s of organs from live children and dead ones go Scotch free, involved in massive international child snatching and trafficking, responsible for recruiting killer junior doctors only and leaving the dedicated graduate doctors out and numerous other heinous crimes against the children of the world.

Some of his chief supporters are Professor Dame Carol (title removed) Black, Alan Melbourne (the Mandleson magnet), and Dr Anita Thomas. They are all big time Freemasons.

The British Medical Association is against Liam Donaldson’s health policies. I do not trust them to be on my side yet, but I give them the benefit of the doubt to speak more so that I can make up my mind about them. Let me give an example involving Liam Donaldson and his masters the Brown government:

They were so intelligent to make me slip and fall in the trap of accepting Liam Donaldson as someone sympathising with my revolution. This is clever but not clever enough. They thought because I know the government to be firmly Freemasons, then chances are that Donaldson is clean. Clean, my ass! They are all Freemasons and therefore I am not fooled.

Liam Donaldson’s other Klu Klu Klan type mask is his disingenuine support of Bob Dylan and what he stands for and his hypocritical support of Newcastle United.

Now then, my beloved student unions, Eggheads and half a million other supporters: Rip into Liam Donaldson and make him a nervous wreck. Leave him no rat hole or sewer to climb down to, the son of a cock sucking bitch. GO, BOYS AND GIRLS GO!

Mohammad Karim Ahamdzai,
Team Leader, earth Projects

PS. Liam Donaldson’s banning smoking from public places had nothing to do with protecting the nations’ health. It had to do with breaking up gatherings and communities (pub closures) and selling more pharmaceutical products, e.g. nicotine patches, chewing gums, etc. Note that private clubs are exempt from smoking bans. Private clubs are all secretive. All things secretive are Freemasons. In future we will have no secret societies. No ifs, no buts, and certainly no nothing.


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