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Scarlet Fever And MS Child/Rape Related?

Post number 269

Hammurabi applies

Preface for continuity so that we do not forget Teresa Cooper, Julian Grail and the government involvement. The actual post number 269 begins 6 paragraphs below.

These proceedings of Paedophilia and related topics that started with post number 244, (my recorded delivery letter of 7 July 2007 to scum bag Tony Blair that remains unanswered to date), will continue until I achieve results and get closer to my dry cleaning aims.

We will remain on this topic like a broken record until Glastonbury and until we expose the likes of the Pimp of the establishment, Chris Tarrant, Lord Nigel Lawson, and the modern day Joseph Mengele, Dr Liam Donaldson. The trouble with an occasional publication now and then in the Times, The Mirror and the Daily Telegraph is that they are one off articles with no follow ups. We should remain on course, and build up momentum.

Bigger Freemasons and affiliates exposed as result of the last few posts are: Claire Rainer, Agony uncle (after the operation. Seriously, with that voice, she may be wearing a dildo on a belt underneath her skirt!) and the head of PALS, now Denise Robertson MBE, Piers Morgan (with a little reservation but not mush), Nick Griffin of the BNP, Esther Rantzen, Police Chiefs Otter and Weber of Devon and Cornwall, Professor Sir Roger Scruten Philosopher, Oxford don, and author of 30 books – probably all crap and sold 10 copies of each to family and friends. You’ve got to laugh, even in this hour of misery.

Don’t forget the sweet Teresa Cooper. Buy her books “Locked Up”, “Pindown” and another. Pester Jemila Dodge of Kent County Council (Tel 01622 696265, Fax 01622 694383) and seek justice. Hound Bishop Michael Nazir Ali of Rochester and enquire why he ignored Teresa’s desperate Plight.

Investigate the case of Julian Grail, Planning Officer with the Plymouth City Council who jumped off the Tamar Bridge and killed himself. Was he “pushed” after exposing the sexual abuse of children and sex trafficking by Plymouth City Council?

New comers to the blog are advised to read from post number 244 onwards.

Now, post number 269:

The parents of the 3 year old who had her milk teeth pulled out for safer oral sex, name police chiefs Otter and Weber of Cornwall as the 2 ‘off duty’ policemen they filmed in their home searching the house with no search warrants. The family has the film in question to go on this blog and U Tube in due course.

Students in Plymouth, Exeter, Royal Holloway, Imperial College, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, Loughborough University of Technology, University of Arizona at Tucson, University of Wyoming at Laramie, University of Zambia, Lusaka, Kabul University (Mr Ghani Ashraf Ahmadzai, the Chancellor), and all other world universities, deer hunters, Eggheads and associates: This is the hour of need. Expose Freemason, paedophiles, organ snatchers, and children sex traffickers every where. Seven of the universities above are those I attended, or had trainees from. So, it becomes your duty to get proactive.

The Ahmadzai clan through LinkedIn Directory: 100s may be 1,000s of you scattered around the world: MOVE! Karima, Nadira, other girls, and boys, do your stuff.

In this post, I can relate to readers the connection between diseases, physical damage and alterations of the human bodies as a result of anal rape at a young age. These are first hand experiences of another team member who is willing to testify on TV to the whole wide world.

The following is facts that the secretive world of medical establishment doesn’t want you to know.

Doctors know of these physical traits of abuse such as knocked kneed, clicking hipped, bow legends, damage to the sternum, stooped shoulders, the turning of the whole arm from the shoulder joint by 90 degrees counter clockwise for the right hand and clockwise for the left; whereby the backs of hands face forward in the direction of walking forward. George W, Bush among others is a text book example of such a victim. What my team member is therefore claiming is that George W. Bush is a victim of childhood rape, and has been turned into a shepherd!

The size of the penis of the rapist (rapist of the team member must have been large), is relevant to the damage inflicted, where hip joints and pelvic tissue are forced apart, damaging the cartilage; and therefore altering the natural position of the bones and muscles for life of the victim.

In relation to the seriousness of crimes, then surely, this must rank among the top. Controversially, in the DEMONocracy and the so called justice system (old Jack Straw’s) that we are conned into living under, a bank robber gets 15 years in prison, and paedophiles get community service, a slap on the wrest, and placed back into the society secretly (secret society of the Freemasons. See also previous post on hostels and dispersed housing). Some banker robbers like Fred the shred are even rewarded with £703,000 yearly pension from our hard won money!


Scarlet fever was an epidemic in the 1950s and 60s, the member reports. It killed 1,000s of people, and afflicted many more.

The team member’s rape as a child affected his body in many of the ways depicted above. The rape also, induced this scarlet fever. From his understanding, this was induced by the bodily fluids of the rapist attacking the cartilage and other damaged tissue infecting the blood stream and causing the fever the very same day the rape took place. Hospitalised for 2 weeks (hospital name kept secret at this stage but will be revealed later to the BBC), semi coma for the first week, and recovering in the second. From this inducement, does the scarlet fever then become contagious?

This also caused abscesses in his teeth and gums and various visits to the dentist. This eventually led to surgery in the gums, the drilling of his front tooth, releasing the pungent smelling infection, and removing the nerve and ending going all the way up to his forehead. None of the team member’s 3 siblings suffered these torturous teeth problems. Although one of them has confirmed that he was also sexually abused when very young. Serious questions arise regarding the other two.

Although the team member is absolutely convinced that scarlet fever is definitely induced and spread by the paedophiles, I would like it to be investigated by a team spearheaded by Martial Law Prime Minister Lord Robert Winston and all the truly independent medical students and researchers.


From information received from a witness of a woman’s violent anal and other rape with implements, we can tell you the following:


We hereby call all the MS victims to put aside their shame and guilt, come forward and tell all to the BBC and Channel 4. You all have the immensely powerful backing of this blog.

We live in an extremely sick society, physically and mentally speaking. I will leave no stones unturned to bring the criminals to REAL justice. Remember your mobile ring tones by now: IF YOU TOLERATE THIS, THEN YOUR CHILDREN WILL BE NEXT, UNIVERSTIY STUDENTS!!!

Mohammad Karim Ahamdzai,
Team Leader, Earth Projects


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