Wednesday, 11 March 2009

CCCC and the Environment: Professor Bjorn Lomborg is hereby Given Freedom of Speech

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Hammurabi applies.

With this post, I wll get another step colser to achieving my dry cleaning aims.

Environment Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark: Professor Phillip Alan of Martial Law Environment and girl colleague are to note. Predictions are announced on the amounts of carbon that will be emitted. It is also forecast that sea levels will rise by twice as much as those predicted earlier, to over 1 metre.

Above all, it must be remembered that the people who have gathered in Copenhagen are the promoters of Lebensbornisation of the global populace. They will not be allowed to promote their half baked ideas to terrorise the world with fear so that our children could be drugged and raped easier. Supermarkets and other factors dumb the rest of us down so that societies are converted to become analogous to shepherds and flocks of sheep.

Otherwise, what concerns me is that a prominent voice on the environment is gagged and has been made to remain shut up. The man must be allowed to express his views. He is Professor Bjorn Lomborg of a Danish University, his researchers and post graduate students, and is one of the top 100 noted world personalities. I seem to remember a couple of things he had said in the past:

1) That sea levels did rise in the last 100 years to give us the world we are living in today. Chances are that increases in the next 100 years may not be as gloomy as portrayed and predicted.

2) That we best allow the under developed world to pollute as we have to build the necessary finances for paying for their share of cleaning up in future. If we stop them using carbon fuel energy now, they will remain poor now and a burden on the rest of us to feed and clothes. Also, they will be unable for the clean up in future, obviously.

Now, these are perfectly sensible things to say, and the world must hear more of such views. Professor Lomborg’s London publishers are Cyan Books and their Janey Burton who may have sold a couple of books by the World distinguished Professor. The world is urged to buy the Professor’s books from Janey whose details are:

Phone number +44 0207 565 6120,

I appoint Professor Lomborg as my advisor who should join Professor Allen of the Imperial College to strengthen the team and help establish our ground zero on the environment.

The conference in Copenhagen is hereby comprehensively rubbished and discredited while ABBA and their music remain contraband from the worlds’ radio and TV waves. World, play ABBA every where.

Well done team members Britain’s Five TV for viewing ABBA’s story last night. I was too busy to watch but a team member informed me. The world can buy (I am sure) the DVD from Five TV and follow up leads in Norway, Sweden and every where, and pass on results to deer hunters, eggheads and associates for exposing all there is to expose.

New feed back received hours after this publication: Find Freda (then why not ABFA?) hiding in Switzerland, unite with Lebensborn German father so that they could tell all to the BBC. BBC, GO! Honestly, dragging your feet along as usual. Ttttsu! Some people...

Mohammad Karim Ahmadzai,
Team Leader, Earth Projects

PS. Afghanistan: General Hassas’ Party has a newspaper online in both main Afghan dialects.

Whatever else the Soviets did in the 10 years they were in-chacrge, they did not break up the history and culture and didn't divide to rule. The Prseident Dr Najib Ahamdzai (cousin from Paktia Province and killed in the UN compound by the American branch of Taliban reared in Suadi Arabia) had as close confidente (Yaawar) was a minority Hazarah just as the Prime Minister Sultan Ali Keshtmand was in Karmal's government.


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