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How Freemasons Destroy Entrepreneurs And Nip Start Up Businesses In The Bud

Post number 270

Hammurabi applies

Preface for continuity so that we do not forget Teresa Cooper, Julian Grail and the government involvement. The actual post number 270 begins 6 paragraphs below.

These proceedings of Paedophilia and related topics that started with post number 244, (my recorded delivery letter of 7 July 2007 to scum bag Tony Blair that remains unanswered to date), will continue until I achieve results and get closer to my dry cleaning aims.

We will remain on this topic like a broken record until Glastonbury and until we expose the likes of the Pimp of the establishment, Chris Tarrant, Lord Nigel Lawson, and the modern day Joseph Mengele, Dr Liam Donaldson. The trouble with an occasional publication now and then in the Times, The Mirror and the Daily Telegraph is that they are one off articles with no follow ups. We should remain on course, and build up momentum.

Bigger Freemasons and affiliates exposed as result of the last few posts are: Claire Rainer, Agony uncle (after the operation. Seriously, with that voice, she may be wearing a dildo on a belt underneath her skirt!) and the head of PALS, now Denise Robertson MBE, Piers Morgan (with a little reservation but not mush), Nick Griffin of the BNP, Esther Rantzen, Police Chiefs Otter and Weber of Devon and Cornwall, Professor Sir Roger Scruten Philosopher, Oxford don, and author of 30 books – probably all crap and sold 10 copies of each to family and friends. You’ve got to laugh, even in this hour of misery.

Others who must be brought to face justice are Yolande Lindridge, Judge Neglinnan/Nelligan (?) of Plymouth/Devon, Judge Wildblood of Plymouth, Anne Mitchell the fake and mad social worker, the government back bencher/head of Plymouth SS, Sandy Bruce Lockhart, Simon Fuller (?), The housing associations, and the entire leaderships of Plymouth and Devon Councills.

Don’t forget the sweet Teresa Cooper. Buy her books “Locked Up”, “Pindown” and another. Pester Jemila Dodge of Kent County Council (Tel 01622 696265, Fax 01622 694383) and seek justice. Hound Bishop Michael Nazir Ali of Rochester and enquire why he ignored Teresa’s desperate Plight.

Seek justice for my team members, parents of the 3 old in Plymouth whose 3 year old daughter (with teeth pulled out) is subjected to giving oral sex to the leadership of Plymouth City Council Chiefs.

Investigate the case of Julian Grail, Planning Officer with the Plymouth City Council who jumped off the Tamar Bridge and killed himself. Was he “pushed” after exposing the sexual abuse of children and sex trafficking by Plymouth City Council?

New comers to the blog are advised to read from post number 244 onwards.

This post number 270: This post is to give you a detail of CleanestClean Clothes Care (CCCC) projects for commercialisation, and how, with hind sight, the Freemasons, stopped progress in its tracks:

• Dry cleaning as a vast global environment, is mobile (jet ravel), it is polluted (cleaned clothes are not clean and pollutes other world shops), it can cross infect with C. Defficille, and MRSA• Rules of clean up operations follow closely those of the water, sewerage, solid waste, and food sanitation environments
• Means of collection, treatment and disposal (superbly clean clothes through segregated dry cleaning) offer vast new businesses to be developed
• New local authority bye laws need to drawn
• New national and global health and hygiene sanitation legislation can be drawn and implemented

The collection, treatment, and disposal alone will involve the introduction of purpose built vehicles (collection and delivery vans), new recyclable packaging, new environmentally friendly chemicals (formulated already), new equipment to take care of cross infections in shops, new dry cleaning machines for the new segregated work, press, and media publicity with proactive link to the world of fashion.

Approaches to Wandsworth Borough Council, Natwest, DTI (UK government), DEMOS (Freemasons), Wandsworth Enterprise Agency, SEDA (South East of England Development Agency), Enterprise First, Business Link Surrey, Runnymede Business Partnership (1,500 businesses), Proctor and Gamble, the dry cleaning industry, University of Surrey and its technology Park, Imperial College, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and too many others to mention, have all fallen to wayside.

Information from my team members indicates that there is one Freeman controller of every city and town council in this country. This was Sandy Bruce Lockhart up until 2007 when he resigned amid pressures from all directions involving child abuse and corruption. His job is now taken up by another Freemason by the name of Simon Fuller (?) who is a homosexual living with his boy friend. My team states that now every single council in the land is controlled by a homosexual living with his boy friend. Some section of the populace may take an exception to this, especially after the carry on at Plymouth City Council and the oral sex of a 3 year old sweet toddler. Sandy Bruce Lockhart's resignation was forecast to my team member by Yolande Lindridge, as was Anne Widdecomb's earlier.

Freemasons have been and are everywhere, and have been and are throwing spanners in the works. So, until and unless I get rid of them once and for all, my business aspirations remain a pipe dream. I am well on my way into destroying the very fabric of Freemasonry by exposing their first hand involvement in paedophilia. The chapter on the subject will go on as long as it takes and will conclude naming and shaming as many chief Freemasons as possible so that the 20 million marchers can take care of them by literally knocking on their doors and meting out justice.

There onwards, non Freemason investors, technlogy and marketing partners and others will join me to work unobstructed by the paedophilic forces of Evil reprenented by the American Empire, their cronies the British establishment, NATO, the Church of England and the Pope.

Mohammad Karim Ahmadzai,
Team Leader, Earth Projects


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