Saturday, 21 March 2009

I Got Yolande Lindridge Where I Want Her. You Do Her, Team

Post number 259

Yolande Lindridge
44 Halstead Walk
Maidstone, Kent
Mobile Phone 07732 875 468

Now, student unions in the area, football supporter clubs and members, postmen, and about 15,000 other supporter in the area: Get proactive and keep vigil on Yolande round the clock. Don’t loose sight of her. Call her mobile, and tell her she is a near the top Freemason in their sisterhood (not all women are safe bets). Follow her car to Masonic Halls, pubs, cubs, friends and enemies. Buy her drink and food. Spike them and ask her to drink/eat it.

Wage other psychological war fare. Make her a nervous wreck. When you’ve e done that, get her to talk like a parrot and get names of other Freemasons.

Michelle Carney and Kaz, Egham police women: Get in touch with Maidstone police and get them to clean their act. They should chase out Freemason police men and women among them and help sorting Yolande out. Make her confess to crimes she has committed against my team members in Surrey, and elsewhere.

Mohammad Karim Ahmadzai,
Team Leader, Earth Projects

PS. Destroy the morals of the SUN staff for setting out to destroy Ulrika Johnsson. ABBA, Mama Mia supporters, Meryl Streep, Norway and Sweden, rally up for Ulrika Johnsson and bring the SUN down. BBC, Channel 4, ITV, and Five TV, give every one a hand.

Bye, Bye SUN!


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