Friday, 13 March 2009

Benyam Mohammad and His Guantanamo Ordeal As Told To The BBC

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To the broadsheet press of the United Kingdom of Britain, Northern Ireland and British Commonwealth of 54:

You have a lead now. Benyam Mohammad was interviewed on the TODAY programme of for 4 hours in a secret location in South East England. Before you read the excerpts of the interview below, note that the interview is in high contrast with what Mr Mohammad’s sister reported earlier.

She had said that Benyam was in good spirits, has a sense of humour and is unaffected by his ordeal. She obviously desperately meant to encourage reporters to approach the family and Mr Mohammad in particular to get some facts out of him. The bait worked and BBC approached him. Now, the excerpts:

He travelled to Afghanistan on a false passport. Because of this, Mr Mohammad was stopped by his lawyer about his travel to Chechnya, in order not to compromise his position with the immigration authorities. This issue remains unresolved.

Mr Mohammad still has deep seated problems. Seven years of captivity has left him feeling dead while alive! No humour was detected during the interview, but he is very sharp indeed and a good interviewee material. He is eloquent owing to his Islamic teachings in my view, and a self made man.

He neither feels happy nor sad. This is exactly how I feel at times owing to my institutionalisation and carrying the tag and stigma of being known as a mad man in my small society of Egham. People I knew quite well, still cross the road and walk on the other side to avoid bumping in to me. They avoid my stares.

He feels that Americans or the MI5 could still walk in and take him back to Guantanamo!

He was only 21 and had a drug problem. He had gone to Afghanistan to seek help from real Muslims. He was told that at the time, real Islam (in my view, meaning unadulterated) existed in Afghanistan (the type Mullah Zaif believes in). This is very true. The other Taliban was and still is manufactured by the Americans, known as Wahabi, and imported from Saudi Arabia (note the manufacture of Sharia Law Islam in Indonesia and applied in Ache, as per the earlier blog post).

70% of the questions asked were supplied by the MI5. He was shown his own photos including those by CCTV (! Do we need them as instruments of fear to combine with say supermarkets dumbing us down by putting stuff in 10,000 food items, etc.?). He was shown photos of 100s of Muslim men he didn’t know.

Mohammad said that had it not been for contribution by MI5, he would not have been sent to Morocco top be tortured.

Now, British press, it will be criminal of you if you don’t roll up your sleeves and get to the bottom of this story. You have a reference point: The TODAY Programme.

While at it, send reporters to Morocco and bust it open. The Moroccans have asked me to include them in my investigations because the Americans are sitting heavy on them and they want to break free. Help them British and Commonwealth Press.

Mohammad Karim Ahmadzai,
Team Leader, Earth Projects

PS Sarah Montague is my kind of girl. Ooh! Same initials as Sue McRegor who does 'a good read now'. Ooh!


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