Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Calling Michael Barrimore to the Stand!

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Hammurabi applies

Another step to get closer to do dry cleaning. Boy,it's been a hard journey. What say you Bernard the investor and Barnaby the logo designer. £10,000 went down the drain, hey? May be not. Just hang in there.

1) Why in god’s (non religious) name was Michael allowed to leave the country for a few months, shortly after the dead body of Stewart Lubbock (SL) was found on his property? This is utterly shocking and unbelievable.

2) There was a witness that said Michael B licked his finger, dabbed cocaine, and put his finger in SL’s mouth.
3) It is reported that SL was a clean living father of 2 (?) who didn’t do drugs. So, the effect of cocaine on him would have been extremely powerful. Michael didn’t give a fuck about Stewart’s 2 children who were unsupervised/half supervised while he was having fun. Stewart himself obviously didn’t care either, seemingly.

4) SL died of internal anal injuries. Door handle and bulbous pool thermometer found near the body were later lost by the police. And the police want the public to believe that. Like hell we will.

5) So, SL was drugged and then abused, possibly the thermometer and the door handle driven up his backside by Michael B and friends fucking him first and then having a bit of fun.

6) Meanwhile, Five TV, this is yours. Investigate Michael’s earlier series “Kids Do The Funniest Things!” to explore whether Michael was the pimp of the establishment and the police supplying them with our kids to apply Lebensborn children practice on them. The victims will have either been turned into sheep or shepherds. Find out if Tony Blair, George Osborne, and Peter Mandleson are such shepherd and were sexually abused as children themselves.

7) SL’s father came across as an average normal old man devastated by his son’s unexpected death. Now, he seems a changed man unable to protest to police in stronger terms than he has and should. He reluctantly accepted the police’s apology, instead of blasting them with: “What the fuck did you do with the thermometer and the door handle with all the DNA stuff, and blood on it?”. Was the father drugged to the hilt by the psychiatrists?

8) He could have also demanded the results of the autopsy performed on SL.

9) Of late, the TV companies have been breaking each other’s heads to give Michael new programmes to do. Really? They will have to answer now Five TV. Were you one of them? Investigate yourselves too and flush out the Lebensborn promoters and captains.

10) Meanwhile, Michael B’s wife died of cancer within the year of finding out of Michael’s criminal activities. Was she killed with induced cancer like George Smith, and Mo Mowlem?

11) I am compelled to include Jade Goody in the same category now. The press and media wish me to authorise Five TV to start digging. Cancer, high profile church wedding, woman trying to attack Jade with hammer, babtising, and now, she is going blind. OK, OK, I may be a slow catcher, but I’ve got it. Jade may be dying (literally) to tell us something. Help her tell, Five TV.

12) Max Clifford, the publicist may be interested to know we have a common friend: Sandra from Addlestone, a late baker’s widow and Sam’s mum. Have paid for her and friends meals at restaurants a couple of times. You must be a hell of a nice guy, mixing it across social barriers, and very generous. Be all that in this case and tell all, mate.

13) Max was shown to know a thing or two about the ABBA story. Tell all to FIVE TV. They would love to know. Then I will know and through me, the whole world will know and will act…

14) While at it Max, tell us about Jonathan King, and Simon Cowell (X-FACTOR) and see if you can expose them as pimps of the Police, and rest of the establishment.

15) My consultant to Max will be Paul Gambacini, DJ at least until we approach the ‘dam wall’ just before I am sucked in by the turbine. Help, Paul.

Mohammad Karim Ahamdzai,
Team Leader, Earth Projects

No PS. You've got plenty up there in this post. Get on with it, Five TV!


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