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Pakistan, an emergency

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Clearly, Hammurabi applies owing to the complexity of the subject matter at hand.

Miss/Mrs Fareehah Rasheed,
Chief Executive,
The new INK Magazine.

I am afraid Pakistan has become quite an emergency for world security. I must step in, although I will have to bring Karzai’s Afghanistan to the fold, but this will not be due to my breaking Afghan Code to prioritise Afghanistan. Rather, it has to do with his Karakul cap that he wears, which is of Pakistani origin.

This is going to be thoroughly confusing to general readers and I apologise to them all for losing them for a while. It cannot be helped.

But first, due to mounting pressures, allow me to assure Senior Presidents Chavez and Oribe (Columbia) that their plights are noticed. I will act decisively soon. Meanwhile, the British Bishop ought to note that his support base in Latin America is getting stronger by the day against the Drug Dealing Pope who has made Latin American Roman Catholics piss in their pants, with sheer dread and terror (and hence, the Pope as a religious promoter of global terrorism joining the Bush/Blair Regimes using mortars and bombs), every time he gets up on his Pope soap box any where on the planet.

His days are numbered. That’s for sure.

Team members the global BBC will shed light through their normal channels, on my linking these entities together:

• Pakistan, a pre Schizophrenic start: Pakistan was not supposed to exist. Founder Ali Jinnah himself was unaware as he was just about to negotiate union with Mahatma Gandhi. Indians were running around trying to locate where Pakistan was so that they could settle in!

• A look at Jinnah’s shrine, the place of Pakistan’s identity: His car, his Saville Row suit(s) or equivalents, his golf clubs (?). In short, a half finished Englishman put in charge of establishing a new country and running it. You can thank Britain for that. But the important thing is that we own up to it right now. And that matters a great deal, because this effort will stabilise Pakistan, some how. Complete success cannot be guaranteed because Pakistan shows signs of a failed state and hence not sustainable under current circumstances.

• Bangladesh shows signs of a failed state, too.

• Hence unification with India is a sensible proposal.

• Back on track with Pakistan: Jumping a few steps, take a look at Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto’s (Benazir’s father) Pakistan. You will probably find it running along the lines of current day’s Syria being run by President Basheer Ul Assad (excellent job, Mr President and your women folks. I have been observing). A secular Pakistan, open minded, with fundamentalists living side by side as brothers and sisters with the secular ones. Pakistan had problems, too, but they are beyond the scope of this study.

• Let us bear in mind that my main stay in this debate is the Pakistani dress code.

• So run cinema film reels of yester years and study the social scenesof various regime reigns. On streets, on campuses, in or near mosques, etc.

• Compare Benazir’s two dress codes: The Oxford/Harvard blue jeans wearing, MG sport car driving young girl full of Western dreams and running Pakistan on Western ideologies, with the Shalwar Kemees wearing, head covering leader just before she was assassinated.

• Now the Schizophrenia: If the Islamic code Benazir portrayed before her sad death the real face of today’s Pakistani leadership, then how can Pakistan justify Mohammad Ali Jinnah’s shrine? It must go. It must be demolished as Pakistan’s ground zero for
Pakistani democracy and all the rest of it.

• If Jinnah’s ground zero is solid and must be built upon, then why the hell was Benazir dressed in Shalwar Kammees?

• With the above half baked hypothesis, the world would be blind not to see that Pakistan as is, suffers from a definitive loss of identity. Your leaders are mentally ill and I do have a pretty good team of psychiatrists here that I could send over, Miss Rasheed.

• Do you see the scope and depth of subject matters for INK? There is more.

• Which gear would President Zardari find himself comfortable in? The Hollywood Code that Bollywood’s Shahrukh Khan and others (promoting GM/BT cotton, GAP, etc, and fucking up South Asia’s brains. IS ANY ONE SURPRISED TALIBAN BANNED TV AND VIDEOS?!) promote, or the Shalwar Kamees he wears when touring the West? He should make up his mind.

• What about the Oxford attending son, the chairman of PPP? I’ll bet he finds it boring to head Party Leadership conferences dressed up in Shalwar Kamees pretending to be more of a Muslim than he practically is when studying and living in Oxford. A high profile like him, will be taken the micky out of in Oxford by his mates.

• Oxford break: Gale Trimble dear. I heard your team at Corpus Christie cheated. Don’t worry. It wasn’t your fault. Roger Scruten, the alleged Free Mason (they may not exist) must have planted the man in the team who is no longer a student with the college. Your winning the competition stands unless the 40,000 strong Manchester University contests the results and asks for a re match. Wait and see.

• End of Oxford break. Back with Pakistan.

• Miss Rasheed, I’ve got to do music now. In particular, the Soafi/Qawali music. This is in the social fabric of certain Pakistani communities. It does provide magic, provides calm, and is vital for keeping a healthy mind. May you have more of it? The danger is that this avenue is being exploited so that the destroyers of what is entitled as Pakistani values (only since 1947 and put in jeopardy due to Schizophrenia). This sector is being fronted to affect a dialogue with the fundamentalists. This will be counter productive. American agents will infiltrate and cause burning and mayhem, and blame opposing sides for atrocities.

• Pakistani military intelligence is aware of facts on the ground. Pro Taliban factions are embarrassed. The non secular is anguished. The ‘I don’t knows’ don’t know. Or some such combination.

• Foreign Minister and military general visited President Obama recently. The foreign Minister is visiting Washington again. He is a very confused man and his logic on pacifying the frontier people is a load of crap and he does not make an iota of sense! He claims that although the boarder people will be ‘permitted’ to run Sharria Law, but in this case the said Law is exactly compatible with the Pakistani constitution. Then why not change the whole of the constitution to Sharria Law? He was not asked that question in order for the man to walk away from the interview still attached with some dignity. He has none, and clearly is a puppet of America. And Pakistan knows it.

• Now, what’s Karzai’s cap has to do with all this, you might ask? A lot, actually. When Dick Cheney created Karzai as my clone (striped robe in earlier blog post), he told Karzai to wear a Pakistani cap. America has been raping old and historic heritages where ever they went to burn, to butcher and level places to the ground. I suggest that in future, earth quakes should be measured in terms of multiples of American democracies abroad instead of the Richter sale. On a scale of 1 to 10, Iraq would score about 7, and Afghanistan a mere 5. Venezuela, Iran, Cuba, Syria, and North Korea would have scored perfect 10s if Hillary was allowed to run the world unilaterally, while the new President is engaged in healing America. Wonderful.

• Now, half the Afghans are wearing Pakistani hats (prominent in Parliament). It is clearly intended that a proud nation and founders of the Mogul Empire in India with 1000s of years of history should be cleansed of all of it, and adopt a Schizophrenic culture; 62 years old. The Neo Nazi intention was that the world should be cleansed of all cultures older than 300 years. By achieving their goal, they will have established Americanism as the oldest culture on Earth with nothing left to compare it with.

• If the world wishes to see what the Afghan cap really looked likeliked, then the world is referred to watch clips of King Mohammad Zahir Shah, the late Presidnet Dawood, and film clips of the co ed campus of Kabul university in the 1960s and 70s. Generally, the dress code will be found a quite different to what they are today. Records may indicate that Afghanistan has been take back in history some 30 to 50 years.

The Afghan hat has a depth in the rear that measures half of the depth of the front. The Pakistani cap has the same depth all round. That is a big difference to genuine Afghans. The world has been watching a fake for 7 or 8 years selling Afghan heritage very cheaply indeed. He had our guns, and bombs and more of the American and NATO ones to help him rape Afhanistan. Thanks Poland, Germany, Holland, the Czec Republic, France, and 20 other EU/NATO countries. Shame on you all.

• They drove tanks over an orchid. Still not satisfied, they keep on hitting it with DMUs, with Karzai’s blessing.

Our British soldiers are out of the Afghan campaign as annonuced earlier, Prime minister Lord Winston is informed. General Richard Dannet is notified to implement my decision. At any rate, he rmains responsible for any furhter loss of life in the Afghan theatre of war, and will be answerable for any such losses.

I recommend Anne Wydecombe as Martial Law Secretary of State for Community Affairs to keep an eye on Window Dresser Hazel Blear. As Anne will know, wonderfull and intellectual exchanges can be brought about with Uunited Kingdom's Muslim Youth leaders. They can air their views quite adequaletey, it must be believed. No one must speak for them. They can do it themselves.

This has been immensely boring for me, Miss Rasheed. I hope it has helped you. I need to get out and have a break.

Bye every one.

Mohammad Karim Ahmadzai
Team Leader, Earth Projects


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