Thursday, 5 March 2009

An Old Team Member and Partner

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Orange, the mobile phone company just informed me that they are team members too. Of course they are. Just because I haven’t mentioned them for quite a while, it does not mean our partnership is forgotten. I have asked for 30% of the Orange Empire in return, remember?

Can you do some stuff (IT illiterate as I am) and text every body around the world, Orange? Tell them to visit London this summer. The £ is cheep and they can pick up amazing bargains.

Other matter: Music, concerts Free New York, etc. It’s time to remind you all about one of my favourite pieces of music that marries the East, the West and North Africa: It is the end bit of music in the film Dead Man Walking. If you don’t have a CD to hand, fast forward your videos to near the end and listen to the genius of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Gale Lemanski, Eddie Vedder and a girl (French?) of North African stock.

The music raises the hair on the back of my neck. It would be interesting to know what affect it will have on you.

I highly recommend it to Pakistan at this very moment to encourage national unity and understanding the rest of us a bit more.

Taliban too. You love your music, don't you? The trouble is that a certain music like yours does not exist on our planet, and Karzai has banned it!!! The music in question (the same audio tape/cd) has silent gaps in them. Very rare indeed. Tell them about Ustaad/Pohaand Durai Logari (the title professor as given to him by the Father Of The Nation The Late King Mohammad Zahir Shah) (Ahmadzai's ancestral home). Find some, BBC and play it. The Late professor's son Salaam was good too in his own right. Is he still alive, Karzai or locked up in Bagram or Guantanamo Bay? I will find out soon enough, hey Barack?!

World to note: You have all along uderstood that Taliban hate music. Some of them may do, but I doubt it. The Taliban who hate music may not exist, and may very well be a sheer fabrication by America to rape and uproot the Orchid!

Nusrat could have attended my concert in New York if he was alive. I won’t ask the rest of his group. They may have irrelevant philosophies to Earth Projects.

Penn's and Sarandon's acting, and powerful message to me is a bit like enjoying 3 different main courses at the same sitting with friends sharing each other's orders in an international restaurant.

Mohammad Karim Ahmadzai,
Team Leader, Earth Projects


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