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Obama is a free Mason!

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Some readers may find the section on Nigel Lawson distressing to read.

This post is the preface to the chapter on Paedophilia. But first, an important and timely note the sad death of Natasha Richardson: I offer my heart felt condolences to the Redgrave and the Neeson families on the untimely and deeply sad loss. I wish Mr Liam Neeson all the guidance to bring up the two young lads responsibly in the absence of Natasha

I suspect Natasha’s sad death with the highest of suspension and assume it as killing by the state/Free Masons/paedophiles.

Vanessa is still looking after the Chechnya Champion Dudaiev (but don’t quote me). I rank him along side of other champions Fidel Castro, Radawan Karadic, Ratko Miladic, Dalai Lama, Hugo Chavez, President Morales of Bolivia, Mahmoud Ahmadi
Nejad, Ehud Olmer (Israel), Ismail Hanniah (Hamas), Kim Il Jung, Somali opposition leaders, Oxfam (I am Oxfam!), and Omar Ul Bashir (Sudan).

Now, Obama and paedophilia: I wholly reject the American government’s softening of policy on homosexuality on the global scene and firmly place myself along side of the 70 nations who oppose homosexuality and some even impose death penalty. I am fully behind them all.

Let me make my position absolutely clear on homosexuality. I keep an open mind. Homosexuality may very well be quite natural and it must be respected. But in this world run and governed by liars and cheats (the likes of old Jack Straw to be precise), I have to believe that opposites of norms and conventions are true. In other words, black is white and vice versa. I cannot take risks for the welfare of future generations, i.e. babies who are not even conceived yet.

Let me take a tangent on Afghanistan. It is relevant here: Zalmai Khalilzad, a follower of Bush, Rumsfeld and Cheney through and through is a candidate for the presidency in the forthcoming elections. The man has no ethics and morals. He should remain loyal to his adopted country that he represented at some highest of levels.

Since George Herbert Bush is a paedophile just as our Lord Nigel Lawson is, I highly suspect Zalmai Kahlilzad to be a paedophile and after the continued rape of Afghan children while Karzai and American soldiers keep vigil. Furthermore, Zalmai and Bush have a venomous side kick and ally:

My Bayat of Bayat Foundation who goes around dishing free rice, other commodities and mobile phones to Afghan villagers. Taliban are ordered to shoot this man and his crew on site and exercise no mercy. They should sabotage his mobile phone company “Afghan bay seem” or wireless something or other. Dig out phone masts and make in to ploughs for tilling the land.

Back in Britain, I have promised the Japanese and the Arabs that Britain including Northern Ireland will be the safest, overall best, ethical, and moral country on earth to invest their trillions. Here are some added measures to give them further assurances:

1) Adoption of children by gay and lesbian couples is banned with immediate effect. No if, no but, no nothing.

2) Sex education upward of primary schools is banned. Promoting same gender sex is absolutely banned. Teachers ignoring this notice will be judged by the 60 million Britons when they will be able to exercise their freedom of expression and speech. I recommend death penalty by firing squad at Cenotaph, in the memory of all soldiers killed by the promoters of paedophilic governments of Britain.

3) Genuine (natural) homosexuals and lesbians will have equal rights with heterosexuals to adopt children. But these adoptions are now put on the back burner until the smoke is cleared and we can all see our way ahead quite clearly.
4) Obama, Brown, Cameron, Clegg, and all world leaders remain as Free Masons and paedophiles until proven otherwise.

5) Teachers have no right to inspect children's lunch boxes for unsuitable food items. Authority of existing teachers and heads over the kids will not be tolerated. They should send written notes to parents for corrective measure. This way, if a child is raped at home or elsewhere, the teacher could not assure him or her that it is the most natural thing that could happen to a child. At the moment the children will be referred to their new text books promoting homosexuality. Children are told that teachers know best. Parent should tear those books apart and send them for recycling.

6) Disgusting vomit causing parents who should not have become parents under any circumstances ARE BALTANTLY TOLD that they should not take advantage of authorities I have given them to terrorise teachers no matter how bad they are. Such parents will be shot in good time so that they are unable to produce more children. I mean it!

Lord Nigel Lawson raped a boy of under - 10, when Lawson was young and raping young boys. I will meet the boy in question later today. He is now in his forties and will give me further colourful details. He was also subjected to rape by animal(s) to ensure his dignity, self worth, and pride were totally removed from him.

The overall affect on him is that he turned in to a life of crime, and worked for the Free Masons, and his masters, the paedophiles. He has no qualms about killing any one. For him, to kill a human is just about as significant as killing a fly. No problems. As to whether he has killed and how many, you will have to wait until tomorrow.

Mohammad Karim Ahmadzai,
Team Leader, Earth Projects


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