Wednesday, 18 March 2009

No To Corporate Filming For Added Publicity

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I have a kind offer to consider corporate filming to raise my profile through Google and Facebook. I am so glad that this subject came up so that I can clear the air about why this blog is so successful. Not only that, but its popularity will be on an upward slope provided I don’t alter the basic philosophy of remaining anti publicity. The campaign is not about me to seek fame and fortune. The dry cleaning business side will take care of that.

Let me tell you how it all happened and philosophies for success were formed: I have been deprived of freedom of speech and expression for more than 20 year. Psychiatry saw to that. Being tagged as mentally ill, no body took notice of what I said to promote my globally successful dry cleaning practices. I used to export dry cleaning services to America and Europe. Fashion designers Jaeger had dry cleaning problems globally and received customer complaints from the world over.

I simply stepped in and asked Jaeger to receive items that dry cleaning had made a mess of. Customers’ items were received by post or van, some times in TNT huge Lorries (orders from Harrods, Fenwick’s, John Lewis, Army and Navy and others). I simply reprocessed, and sent them back. My consultancy fee was £60 an hour in the early to mid 90s when my business was forced to shut by Free Mason whom I hadn’t even heard of in those days.

I lost marriage, business, and 2 properties but did not give up and started writing to almost any one around the world. Since businesses, academia (Imperial College, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine among them – the very people who made me to who I was then, full of ideas), the dry cleaning industry and the whole shooting match were controlled by the Free Masons, I had no place to go. In effect my freedom of writing was also removed from me. Because if no one replied which they didn’t, my writing skills were as good as dead.

So, now, compared to normal intellectuals with all their rights and human senses in tact, I was stripped of the ability to speak and to write. Furthermore, I was legally tagged as disabled, and that alone carries a considerable amount of stigma that I came to experience as I lived my life for the next 2 decades or so.

So, not much was left to go on with, then. As I suffered in near total isolation, I now realise that I have not had a decent intelligent conversation with any one in 20 years, short of perhaps one with my two sons last Sunday 15 March 2009!

While all the depravity went on, I wondered about the world of bacteria and viruses and how they develop resistance to drugs, and antidotes. I wished humans could do that. I specifically wondered if I could develop tools so that my silence could be used as a weapon against the Free Masons. Blogging provided the answer! I take it that you are with me now, and some of you believe that this blog will not fail provided I remain shut up, and refuse to come out in the open permanently.

That is why I said quite a few blog posts ago that I do not exist. This aspect should give blog followers and supporters that I can remain their pillar of strength, and the Free Masons killing me will not kill the blog and its immense power of knowledge and delivery to the points of need: YOU ALL OUT THERE.

To capitalise further on my gains, let me transfer some of my powers to you. I suggest you all get white shirts with the following message written on front and rear:

Google the names
Mohammad Karim Ahmadzai
And expose Paedophiles global ring for world domination

Since I don't exist, no one will ever find me. If they do, then I am Kaz, mentally ill and registered with the psychiatrists, and under medication (Respiridone injections administered bimonthly). That way, you will introduce the blog to every household around the world who have access to a PC, laptop, mobile phone and Blackberry. Prepare your T-shirts for this summer’s concerts. Meanwhile, I will open up my chapter on Paedophilia, compliments of David Cameron who exceeded his limits and attacked the BBC. I will name names. Big names!

Mohammad Karim Ahmadzai
Team Leader, Earth Projects


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