Tuesday, 10 March 2009

No Objection By Psychiatry and Police To Fatwa Against Salmon Rushdie

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Isn’t it a changing world? Ayatollah Rouhullah Khomeini received world condemnation for issuing his Fatwa against Salmon Rushdie. He didn’t care because he was right and raised the stakes by offering a reward of £1,000,000 for whoever killed the society shatterer Salmon Rushdie.

I issued my Fatwa and it received nods of approval from psychiatry and police! Here is what happened today:

My police woman PC Michelle Carney called at the house asking me if all was well and introduced female colleague, Caz. Miraculous coincidence because my pet name outside the house is also Kaz!

I travelled to the hospital (ACU or Abraham Cowley Unit, psychiatric hospital) to get my bi monthly injection for sacrifices I am gladly making to have the freedom to keep this book (blog) alive. Almost a welcoming reception was awaiting me. A new staff female member with yet another Iranian name Leila (actual Iranian version is Leilee from the literature Leilee and Majnoon) is assigned to my case. Now I have Parvez, Haider (Michelle), Sohrab and Leila, all Iranians. I am not complaining…

A bunch of locals were conveniently visiting the hospital and supported my allegations against Mugabe. They said that Anglo American Orange groves are still going strong. The orange juice brand is Mazoe, exported to South Africa and from there to Britain.

TESCO sell fresh Zimbabwean vegetables like Chilli peppers and green beans. They did not know who takes the money. They also confirmed that Zimbabweans would have loved to have had Tongogara as their president.

The psychiatrists will discharge me next Tuesday and lift the ban on my driving, by removing me from Section 3 of the Mental health Act.

All these good deeds are an indication of reflecting the society’s approval of my bold Fatwa against Salmon Rushdie, the Dutch film maker and indeed the BNP. I am delighted the public consensus is with me on these very sensitive issues.

Mohammad Karim Ahmadzai,
Team Leader, Earth Projects


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