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Letter to Scum bag promoter of Paedophilia in Britain, Tony Blair

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Letter sent by Royal Mail recorded delivery number DL 2912 4286 6GB on Tuesday 5 June 2007. Note how my approach to him has changed from one of respect to utter contempt now.

I never forget days and nights when I slept rough in his neighbourhood and was offered male sex, drugs and cheap Vodka and the police laughed.

Now, the letter that Gordon Brown may have found hidden behind the sofa at number 10.

"""""" Tony Blair,
10 Downing Street
London SW1 2AA 4 June 2007

Dear Mr Blair,

A Muslims’ contributions to Britain and The World

I wholeheartedly agree with your initiative of encouraging the academic world to perhaps change tact and encourage the non-reactionary aspects of Islam. There are other avenues that can lead to healing social wounds and creating harmony. I, for my part have been waiting for years for an opportunity to arise when I can draw your attention to a real and substantive contribution I am making to business, social value/enterprise, public health/hygiene, the environment and even religion (cleanliness is godliness).

The good news is that I do not need your help now but if you wish to take part once you have time to spare, I would be delighted to have you on board. For now, I am just glad to give you a brief. It is a global enterprise and will have a major impact on the world scene – a claim not rejected by academics, investors and the business world I correspond with.

My innovations are new investigations and results in the established but failing dry cleaning industry that has perplexed the world’s technologists for decades. If I may dare say, you personally can and will have a major impact on social harmony between Muslims and host communities by joining a Muslim to launch something called Segregated Dry Cleaning. The Appendix in 4 pages (a re – edited letter to Radio 4) gives an overview of how dry cleaning has been sorted out once and for all. Sensitive health issues were omitted but are now added below.

Segregated dry cleaning discriminates in favour of consumers’ clothes by not cleaning domestic and industrial items such as rugs, garage overalls, and items from some health sectors in the same machines and shops. Some unpleasant odours in dry cleaned clothes are caused by cleaning items from old people's homes and nursing homes contaminated with intestinal human waste in the same machines and shops.

This practice is common the world over, for all technologies employed including the latest Hydrocarbon, Liquid Carbon Dioxide and greenEarth. Residual dirt left in the rinse solvent distributes this waste evenly to contents of dry cleaning machines (your clothes included). Our segregated Dry Cleaning will not clean these offending items, preventing objectionable odours and potential health risks (spread of infections, especially Clostridium Deficile, a gut bacterium, with an 8% increase last year and unbraced source of spread and entry to hospitals).

Work surfaces in dry cleaning shops are shared between dry cleaned clothes and incoming soiled items. Probabilities of cross infection are not inconceivable. Dry cleaned clothes of today (including yours and Cherie’s) are not clean to worship in whether the wearer is a follower of a Semitic religion or other major and minor faiths. The distinguished gathering at Cambridge University is clad in dirty clothes as we speak; shocking but technologically true.

NHS Innovations South East (interestingly, headed by another Muslim and a fellow Imperial College alumnus, Mr Tas Gohar) and I spent 2 moths from last December and exchanged 31 e-mails on health issues. We both agreed that issues are genuine (subject to confirmation by laboratory examinations), but too sensitive and damaging to business aspects of the project, and I dropped them from proceedings with the investor and the business team.

I only divulge the knowledge to yourself and the TODAY programme because I know it will be handled responsibly.

My investors - Discovery Beach Australia, and I are building a team to bring the innovations to commercial reality. My engineering (machinery manufacturing) and chemical associates are currently attending The Clean 07 exhibition in Las Vegas and will have discussions with the President of California Cleaners Association to introduce the innovations for marketing in the US.

There is no need to reply to this letter. However, if you wish to be kept informed, then please drop me a short e-mail, or alternatively, you may follow the blog. At any rate, Knowledge is power, and you can add more to the considerable stock you have amassed over the years, free of charge. The reward: You can give a Muslim a hand to make the suit and skirt wearing humans happy whoever and wherever they are, using my imposing platform of public health and hygiene to stand on.

To put it more emphatically, help me clean up an environment in the fashion the fathers of public health did - the likes of Chadwick, Jenner, Snow, and the immigrant Joseph Bazalgette. Unlike the latter, I am a refugee and feel responsible to repay the generosity my adopted nation has offered me. Although I can and am paying back, your taking part will add style and panache for the history books, should you decide to take part. I wish you success in future, perhaps with a role as patron/ambassador to a worthy cause…

Yours sincerely,

Mohammad Karim Ahmadzai"""

Mohammad Karim Ahmadzai,
Team Leader, Earth Projects


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