Thursday, 12 March 2009

A Lamp Post Costs upwards of £7,000 But Did You Know....?

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So, now you know that a lamp post costs more than £7,000 each ( But did you know that a pedestrian road crossing costs as much as £120,000 to construct? How can this be when all you need is to lower the curbs, install a couple of flashing yellow lights and paint a zebra crossing on the road?

You imagine a lot of other works carried out by the council contractors, motor way construction and others. If you quote £20,000 to construct a road crossing, and your quote has allowed for a good profit margin, your quote will be rejected. It’s the old boys' network of Free Masons who have stitched up the market. Councillors (Free Masons) and Free Mason Contractors share the money.

We pay through our noses by hyper inflated Council Tax Charges without being able to ask the basis for calculating them. So, imagine the size of the money pot that Free Masons hold: Our money through Council taxation, Drug money from Columbia, make happy tablets from Burma/Zimbabwe, and Afghanistan, and goodness knows what other sources. It’s been no mean force I have been fighting without even knowing it.

As mentioned in much earlier blog posts, my dry cleaning will have a global turnover of at least £50 billion per annum (£1 per person per week for 1 billion consumers world wide). The Free Masons want this for themselves and they got Greenpeace and Proctor & Gamble to stop me. I did bury them, did I not? Well, the Consumerism of 7 billion human will defeat the rest of them. Last year in April, they got their Free Mason Magazine Which? to push me in front of their juggernaught train at full speed, but I dodged it.

The Councils who own the major parts of the commercial premises (shops) in British high streets fix the rents at exorbitant levels (£20,000 plus in Egham where a mere £5,000 should be more than enough). This coupled with the supermarkets drawing the consumers to their super size shops selling every thing under the sun, render high street shops for ever vacant. No one cares. A lot of these shops are given to Charity shops who may very well be run by Free Masons and probably do business rent free.

On other occasions, young entrepreneurs set up new businesses only to be fold up and go under, leaving the owner with massive debts to pay.

To divert our attentions so that we never suspect foul play , they invested and launched 100s of TV channels, scores of radio stations bombarding us with Free Mason songs (who are all these manufactured pop bands that they come and they go?), and newspapers with scores of lies as headlines, not to mention magazines. We are bombarded with misinformation, and set at each other’s throat using religion and minority groups as escape goats.

Then of course they got the flag ship Ruper Murdock the Chief Free Mason of them all ranked with other ones that deer hunters, Eggheads and associates wiill unearth for me. These are the 'land mines' in our foundation work

Occasionally you get a Salmon Rushdie who writes a book, a film maker here, and a cartoonist there. The chief criminals with continuous assignments to tear our communities apart, namely the BNP has ridden high without detection until I came along. They ALL know their fate, don’t they? Even the cartoonists will end up with broken necks and an occasional death here and there.

Go for them forces of national unity and the custodians of your children. The xecption is the Swedish museum that has the Danish cartoons on display and recording in our dark history of this period painting sections of Europe as uncivilised and barbaric.

Mohammad Karim Ahmadzai,
Team Leader, Earth Projects


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