Saturday, 7 March 2009

Israel, Palestine, and Hollywood

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As you both know too well, I have not abandoned you. This is to assure the rest of the world that I am on the ball.

I haven’t come near you for quite a while. The reason is quite clear as we three know: The only 3 parties who didn’t go near Sham Ul Sheikh in Egypt were Gaza, Israel, and I, the 3 key players. The rest of the world including Hillary and Tony Blair wasted their time. The only good thing was that they raised more funds than asked for, for Gaza.

Now, I suggest you share values and aspects that unite you rather than pounding each other with tanks and rockets that cause further divisions. MOSAD and Gaza Intelligence, go Nazi hunting. Start with Simon Wiesenthal’s Foundation in Austria. Go through records, and make a list of all Nazis captured earlier and those still on their list but not found yet.

Send team to Latin America and find friends of the British Bishop who believes no more than 300,000 Jews were killed in Hitler’s Concentration Camps. As the Bishop claims there were no gassing of the Jews either.

Team up with Angela Merkil and people of Germany and register added voice to their request to invite the Bishop over to speak to the German people and explain himself.

Do some other stuff too, like the Munich Olympic team massacre in 1972. Establish all connections with the Vatican from Europe to Latin and South America. Investigate why Hollywood made so many war movies pounding on the Germans time and again. Study the latest Oscar winning move the Reader. Tell Hollywood their bluff is called, their reputations are ruined. This is a blow from which they will need till eternity to catch up with competitors in France, United Kingdom of Britain and Northern Ireland, and Sundance Studios up in Utah.

Did Hollwood finance Star Wars and why? Let the BBC and Channell 4 TV tell it the world in plain English. The BBC World Serive Radio will broadcast in world langauges from Russain to Punjabi, Persian and Pushtoo. Is Mr Haashmzai if the Afghan Circus (gocha!!!) still there up in Reading, BBC? And is he still a friend of Nasir Saberi, the thief and Karzai's senior civil servant/deputy cabinet minister.

Don't you just love it when jig saw pieces fit, Mr Haashemzai?

Mohammad Karim Ahmadzai,
Team Leader, Earth Projects


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