Monday, 9 March 2009

I was there, Zimbabe, when Tongogaro died

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My condolences to Morgan Tsvagarai on the sad loss of his wife. I appreciate his stating that the death was a mere accident, for the sake of national unity.

However, truth must rule at all times. I have personal experiences in Zimbabwe that your people ought to know. On political deaths, fingers have been pointed at President Robert Mugabe. I have my own to that to the people’s voices:

I happened to have travelling en route home to Zambia from Johannesburg via Louis Trichardt, Beits Bridge, Bulawayo, to Lusaka. We had arrived in Harare, and got stuck in the traffic jam caused by the funeral procession of Comrade Tongogara, the then ZANU PF’s military chief when based in Mozambique. We were stranded with the kids in car for an hour, near Hero’s Acre, the burial grounds.

We spent a few days in Harare (Oasis Motel on Baker Street) and heard people talk about the man’s death. People in bar were almost unanimous in holding Robert Mugabe responsible for Tongogara’s death. Apparently the latter was more popular and endeared by the people who would have preferred him to lead the nation instead of Mugabe. They claimed Mugabe just got rid of by arranging the road accident.

Gown up men were so grief stricken, they were sobbing and crying. They loved their Tongogara, and I felt it, and believed them. the trouble is, I still do!

Land reform: When I was a constant visitor to Zimbabwe from October 1980 to 1985, it was common knowledge that Anglo American had orange groves, some ½ million (?) acres o it or thereabouts. Zimbabwe made orange juice and exported. What happened to that white owned business? Is it still going and proceeds shared between Anglo American, Mugabe and top aids?

Gold: So the vice president is supported by all sorts of people that she is justified to carry out her official charge as well as run a gold business and loads of other businesses with the husband and daughter in Spain, huh? Are you guys running a banana republic there?

I have got to sort out the mess down there. While my home Zambia welcomes with open arms the refugees who sleep on the floor, six to a small room in Livingstone, I cannot tolerate disease epidemics spelling over and endanger Zambia.

The BBC is required to knock on Zimbabwe’s door and ask to enter the country with all they’ve got for a fact finding mission. Refusals will be recorded by Clive Anderson for dealing with Robert Mugabe and his army chiefs later. Keep on digging until you are allowed. Stubborn resistance of the type Mugabe is used to exercise will be answered by shooting him and his army chiefs by my firing squads televised to the world. I AM NOT JOKING, ROBERT GABRIEL! I will make an example of you for the Burmese leadership, the other tough nuts to crack.

Clive Anderson, for the time being, freeze all assets of the ZANU PF leadership, the army chiefs and others the rest of the team may advise.

Mohammad Karim Ahmadzai,
Team Leader, Project Earth


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