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I Terrified the FFMs In Their Crucifying Torture Chamber Where D Was Raped By A DOG!

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I met D in Guildford shortly before lunch yesterday weary of my own safety because of the reputation he had been given by the grapevine; of being able to kill people just like that. His friend A had travelled with me in my car that I asked to remain quite. A’s flow of first hand experiences on paedophilia and related subjects (cancer and multiple sclerosis) is as if a 6 inch pipeline discharged into a receiving 3” pipe.

Most of what he tells me at terrific speeds without taking breathers goes to waste and I am unable to take note of them to publish them on the blog. I had begged and pleaded with A to remain shut up because I could not cope with him and D if the latter is also found to speak like a machine gun.

Both A and D are white, English, working class who may have never left the shores of England. Very typical and traditional middle of the road people indeed. This proves my Afghans philosophy of “Hub Ul Watan e Minal Eemaan” or the love of your land is part of your faith. A land or a country is full of people that the new lover boy must also learn to love. I know A and like him, but I instantly took a liking to D as if we knew each other half our lives despite our varied backgrounds, religions, race, colour and our respective disabilities.

D seems a broken man, and was late to meet us because he was threatened to a good beating up by a passing stranger on the street where he was waiting for us. I had refused to meet him indoors to protect myself and had chosen a crowded public spot for my own safety. I must first tell Muslims youth and old that they should not allow the state’s and the press’s escape goating them deter them from showing the love they too have for this land her indigenous peoples. They should react strongly and fly in the face of the Neo Nazi Paedophile heads of the establishment through their vocal outbursts, and new blogs like this one.

D’s disability is the stigma of mental illness and a broken neck given to him by the police once by pushing his head hard against the police car window in violently pushing D in to the car after a complaint by some against D fro no reason at all. On this occasion D was concentrating to read his newspaper while wearing a ¾ length leather coat. His crime against the inquisitive member of the public was that was wearing a gangster type coat and that he read his paper awkwardly.

The concerned passer by himself was a threat to public because he had just threatened D to a good round of beating up for being so strange and threatening. The police was called and D fled for the fear of being arrested once again by the police and beaten up by them.

D is semi literate for he was never able to learn how to read and write because he was raped all week long from the age of 4 to 6 (he can’t remember precisely how old he must have been) by the likes of Lord Nigel Lawson. The latter raped D on regular basis of once a week or bimonthly in council houses. D was taken from his school in the army camp neighbourhood where his father was an officer serving in Oman, Libya, Jordan and other posts.

D was mute and did not speak to any one until 13 when he was isolated from his class mates and was detained in isolation in school from other kids. Thus far he had assumed that it was normal for young boys to go through what he went through because he knew no different. Can one imagine being raped by different men 5 days a week from the age of 4 to age 18 and accept it as normal? Crimes are unforgiveable, and your kids, both and girls could be going through these experiences as we speak while Brown governs, David Cameron, Nick Clegg and the BNP oppose!

D did not know what sex was until he was 18 or 21 when he was aroused by topless page 3 girls. By now, we had driven to a park in Guildford and D was reciting his experiences. He is 37 years (the same age as my elder son) but looks over 50. Both A and D pulled their skins on backs of their hands and bags under their eyes and skin stayed pinched upwards as in a ridge. It did not take its normal rest position as my skin did at the age of 65 plus.

The reason is that both have been and are being drugged in their homes, in pubs and elsewhere. D is accustomed to buy food and eat it on the spot. He only relies on tinned food and carries his own tin opener. He cannot store food in his shared home with other mentally ill hostel (neither can A). D can only go to lesbian pubs for a drink for he trusts women bar tenders not to spike his drink with microscopic powdered glass.

He is convinced that Free Mason have infiltrated during hundreds of years the world of police, pubs, building and allied trades, GPs, Judges, barristers, and the whole shooting match. He gave me this example about why the press is unable to publish anything defamatory in their newspapers against the Free Masons and their Evil and Barbaric practices of crucifying and mutilating young boys and girls:

A newspaper publishes an article (as the times did last year only, and reported in the previous post) about child abusers. Free Masons take a note of the reporter/editor’s name and contact their local police force. The latter finds out what pub he drinks in and tips the publican who is also a Free Mason. He admires the article about the Free Masons and tells the reporter he hates the guts of Free Masons and what they do. The publican or his bar tender offers the editor a free drink on the house spiked with variety of poisons (dawtoora extract and stuff???!!!). He asks the editor to come again and have free drinks. He does and in few months he is dead.

The police, GP, hospital, and the coroner who are all Free Masons declare the death as cancer, or that the man was depressed and hung himself from a tree in the woods. End of story. In the event of a Free Mason caught and publicised, only he takes the rap and the ring of scores of others go scotch Free to go round, drug, rape, crucify and mutilate, and subject to animal sex, your under age boys and girls.

I veer all over the place with this reporting but you’ve got to appreciate the position I was in. I could only sneak taking notes on paper I am to discard after publishing this post, for the fear of not alienating D to cooperate further, driving in parts of Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire, turning head round to see D pointing out to houses and places he was raped and crucified, etc. The opportunity given was unbelievable, so was my conduct not to miss a detail.

D said that Surrey military towns and Aldershot where he grew up and was raped on a daily basis have loose sand patches ideal for making concrete and cement mortars. He remembers sessions of rape by the likes of Lord Nigel Lawson, Harvey Proctor (used to beat up D and strangle him for added kicks), John Hodinough (?) who later became a prominent Surrey Police Officer at Mount Brown Headquarters in Guildford (ownership claimed by my adopted English brother C living in hiding up north), when young boys and girls were buried in the sand and were left to die.

The Masons dug holes and laid the children face down in the sand to suffocate. D and other little boys and girls were then asked to jump up and down and cover the bodies including heads with loose hands. Young bodies were left to die and the crowd dispersed for raping and mutilating to continue in another council house. D was so little at this stage of his development. He did not have a decent day of schooling thanks to Lord Nigel Lawson, Harvey Proctor and on one occasion, Chris Tarrant, the presenter of TV’s “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?” that Judith Keppel of the Egghead won once and the programme is copied and exported the world over.

Ingrid Tarrant may wish to know (or already knows) that Chris transported disabled children including those in wheel chairs from somewhere to a Mason affiliated workmen’s club (the place has no name). On one occasion, the driver had just offloaded a bunch of disabled kids from his bus under the supervision of Chris Tarrant. A young boy had wheeled himself in, only to be lifted off his wheelchair, placed on the pool table and raped by Johnny Walker who also had a rent boy set up for providing boys for MPs, police barristers and others to rape.

D’s older boy (about 15) saw the incident, rushed out to tell D who was obviously helpless and couldn’t do much. Report was received by the chief Masons in the club that D’s boy had witnessed the rape. Few minutes later, D’s younger son (about 5 years old) had walked in. He was mistaken for his older brother and his soft drink was spiked with powder glass.

The boy was taken (days or weeks later) to the GP bleeding from his penis and anus. The GP couldn’t/didn’t (!) help and the boy was referred to hospital. The boy was 5 years old. He was taken on a Monday to Fleet emergency (?) hospital, and then to the outpatient department of Frimley Park hospital (deer hunters, start digging and university of Surrey students, too).

When D was made to join the world of drugs and vice for the Free Masons, his name was 711, because he started dealing drugs from 7 am to 11 pm.

We stopped at number 99B Portsmouth Road, Guildford where I stepped out of the car to enquire from the owners about the history of the place long sold by the Free Masons. The property is a two story large detached property and was the accommodation for the Free Masons’ watchman in the old days. The whole housing estate belonged to the Masons and the house immediately behind the watchman’s house was the Mother Lodge where initiations took place in the loft (they must be near stars for some crazy reason). The gate was locked and I couldn’t get in.

Masons met 5 times a year in this house and other Mother Lodges to praise Masons for nice jobs done at the police, the courts, GP surgeries, courts of law, chambers of commerce for chasing traders away to render high streets empty in readiness for opening giant supermarkets decades later, and similar Evil deeds.

We then went to Sandringham School with an eerie past history. The under used school (15 pupils to a class) was only built by the Free Masons to hide something Evil. The whole area (100s of hectares) once belonged to a farmer who sold it to the Free Masons who built houses all over the place. They sold some, and rent the rest through housing associations (!!!). A child rapist and murderer (murdered a girl in D’s mums car!!!) by the name of David Smith used to live in a house adjacent to the school site. The latter was used to rape young girls and reportedly bury the bodies there.

Right now, a man made mound covers the patch in the school yard. The school was only built to conceal the site. Eggheads, deer hunters, University of Surrey and associates, dig the yard with JCB’s and find human bones.

Note: The disabled kids Chris Tarrant transported and supervised to be raped by the likes of Lord Nigel Lawson and Harvey Proctor were nick named “Sad Salads”. Do Nigela Lawson and Ingrid Tarrant know of “Sad Salads”? The unnamed workmen’s club where the one rape was witnessed by D’s sons (living with separated mum and D visits them) was situated opposite Johnson Wax in some town I forgot the name to.

End of note.

Roads in the Sandringham school area have Royal and famous names: Sandringham, Elgin, Peel (founder of police state), Dunbar, Canarvan, Buckingham, etc.

Then I visited number 18 Barnes Road, Frimley where Sandringham school is situated. I rang the bell to enquire the name of the road. White Dad and 3 beautiful kids looked extremely annoyed for my asking a stupid question not knowing why I was enquiring: D was raped in that house repeatedly when very young, and once escaped through an upstairs window. Here comes a real complicated bit:

Doris Rhodes (different name now but still alive) lived in number 18 and knew about D’s rape by another school’s head, a Mr E. Wise. Doris was the grandmother of D’s second wife (a cleaning lady). The wife was an abused child herself and bears 50 cigarette burns in the vaginal and anal area, some 4 burns deep. Deer hunters, associates, et al: I will put you in touch with D to find wife and investigate fully (electron microscope).

Doris’ daughter, Elaine Rhodes went to France Hill Secondary Modern school. She was with her mother when D was crucified upstairs the night club Agincourt, next to McDonalds on A30 in Camberley. Upstairs is a mother lodge but not sign posted unlike 4 or 5 others we saw in a few square miles. The door of the night club was opened. Both D and A asked me to go and enquire for membership. I thought they would never ask. Knowing me by now, you will deduct that I was super charged to see what these fuckers looked like.

No activities downstairs so I climbed the dingy flight of stairs and found myself at the entrance of a large room furnished with tatty and worn furniture. The man enquiring who I was and what was I doing there, referred me to someone much more senior when he was told that I was to move to the area from London and wanted to join the Free Masons! Just like that! They were both terrified at the direct approach (you’ve got to laugh), and I was asked to leave my details so that the “secretary” could contact me (ya, right!). I told them I will be back (got it governor Arnie of California? Me at 65?!) when I’ve bought my house. Can you imagine this Afghan Muslim with a beard doing all this stuff? It’s Hubb Ul Watan e Minal EEman in action, you see.

Two of my country men have been through hell by some fuckers and I was going to have none of it. Is that strange? So what if it is. As long as they are not happy, then neither am I, and I am going to get the FFMs (Fucking Free Masons), if it is the last thing I do before I start dry cleaning. I will get the lot of them! Mother fuckers!

I was facing two men in a place where D was raped, crucified, and subjected to anal sex by an Alsatian dog. Doris’ daughter had smeared D’s bottom with her vaginal fluids for the dog to rape D. Then Doris' daughter herself opened her legs and was fucked by the dog, while the Free Masons watched.

Deer hunters, University of Surrey, et al: visit upstairs, raid the place and collect exhibits of torture. The night club has enriched the Free Masons for 30
Years. Close it down.

Before I sign off and contact other new team members, a GP and a PhD medical laboratory expert (on induced diseases), D wants me to report this to readers:

Masonic Emulation (Jewish Priests): In the Jewish book, the Mishner (? Never heard of it), the Nasserites take a vow to take a 12 year old girl and violate her. The girl could be his own daughter, grand daughter, or any one else that the Free masons had supplied him through kidnapping of the sort D was involved in when he was say 6 years old. He was driven to parks in old classic gangster cars with big, big lights (grasshopper?) and floor boards outside doors.

D was given a tobacco tin with a moving shiny object mounted on the outside, by the occupants of the car to lure young boys and girls to the car. They liked those cars. Got in, were taken to council houses and raped by Lord Nigel Lawson, Harvey Proctor and like. At times, D warned he kids to run for their lives and they did, wishing they hadn’t and what hey had missed?!

Note: PAL, the patients association (agony aunt, Claire Rainer?) or similar are involved in all this, allegedly.

End of note.

I have left a lot out and D will not forgive me for it. But the good news is that D is going to record his whole story on a memory stick and give it to me to publish on the blog. You lucky readers, imagine what else you will know. And then I have the GP and the PhD, not forgetting A, of course, my gold mine for you.

I thank David Cameron for attacking my BBC and get me started on his weak point: Him and Michael Howard. If Lord Lawson turned out to be a chief paedophile, I take my chances on Michael Howard.

I warn America, Britain and the world that the G20 meeting in London in 3 weeks time, and solutions sought to sort out the global financial crisis will take a radically different form. Measures proposed are writings on thin ice and melting down. We may end up shooting Fred The shred, RBS board, AIG board and others instead of paying them bonuses. It depends what Michael Jackson, U2, and Glastonbury will sing this summer.

Mohammad Karim Ahmadzai
Team Leader, Earth projects


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