Thursday, 5 March 2009

I Have had Enough of Fred The Shred!

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First, let me remove a very serious obstacle that endangers the survival of human race. Remember my assumption that say 75% of us may perish as a result of global warming and that we need healthy babies today to produce healthier and more babies tomorrow. I can add that even polygamy may be made compulsory to enhance reproduction. Who knows?

To achieve what is required, I have sat out to remove any one or any thing that doesn’t make sense. I have done pretty well, but it is now time to deal with the most serious threat of this nature. The serious obstacle is quantum physics that is only relevant when things don’t make sense!!! This aspect places 1+1 = 2 in direct confrontation with the masters who have come up with the joke of the subject (as far as the survival of human race is concerned) and the practitioners, the quantum mechanics. Then you have the quantum chief engineers. George W. Bush, and Tony Blair who have not revealed this aspect of their professionalism to you and I, are the primest of examples. Just a bit more on them later in this post.

Quantum mechanics exists in all fields of life. All members of parliament with the exception of Dennis Skinner are quantum mechanics (the applied/practical version to suit politics), Academics (Lord King, Tony Blair’s advisor on the environment), and bankers (the RBS board members who approved Fed the Shred’s pension of £703,000 per annum).

But initially, here is a snippet of what we are supposed to believe in quantum physics: Imagine that you’ve taken the kids to the fun fare. You stop at the counter where there are air rifles set for you to knock down 5 targets and win a prize. In the world of quantum physics, you can knock down all 5 with one lead pellet!!! You can never see this happen but are told you’d better believe it because it is true. Project Earth and I and the human race don’t want to believe in three dimensional objects with mass that we cannot see. We insist we see it. No ifs, no buts, no nothing.

Members of Parliament: Suppose you are a BBC reporter. It is poring with rain on the Common’s lawn. You and the MP you are interviewing are drenched with rain. It is literally running down the end of your noses (not drips), and you don’t have umbrellas. OK? With me so far?

Now, you break ice before the interview and ask. Raining heavily isn’t it? He will give two answers. One, that you’d better ask Limpet Opek of the Lib Dems on that one. And two: It depends what you mean by rain! He will glide you to Melbourne Australia where it hasn’t rained for 10 years (playing it safe, you see?). You will not be given a chance to ask him about Fred the Shred’s pension, that is your main assignment! Ok, so I have exaggerated here somewhat. So what?

If you ask another one (striding fast near the doorway to number 10 Downing Street holding his old tattered red brief case) is it day time right here and right now, or night. The Secretary of State answers “it depends where you are, doesn’t it?” And he says it with so much confidence that makes you look like an idiot!

You are taking all this in, aren’t you, board members of the RBS, you bastards and bitches? Just hang in there in your super comfortable leather chairs. It will be park benches for you soon, drinking Special Brew out of brown paper bags.

Chief quantum engineers: The two prominent ones are obviously George W. Bush, and Tony Blair, with old Jack Straw (keep on eye on the young one Gale and Mr Yeo of Manchester, and 100’s of other universities) telling the truth.

They lied to us about Saddam's weapons of mass destruction, illegally invaded a cultured, united, superbly educated, progressive nation and smashed it to bits (Richter Scale 7, American Democracy Abroad). They are still at it after nearly 6 years and when the united Iraqis of Sunnis, Shiites, Christians, Kurds, Jews and others blow up our soldiers it is us who get mad at them. Ladies and gentlemen, pinch yourselves to ensure you are wide awake and alert when you are reading this. I am telling you the reality despite what rubbish you are bombarded with day and night on you national TV’s around the world.

With me, Mr Bankers, you sons of bitches?

Now, deer hunters, Eggheads and associates: Let’s do a little summary. You are checking the foundations, digging things out rotten, and discard them. You are building anew.

To destroy the existing status quo (we stop at the government), the procedure is the same, except for one thing: I personally start at the top. I point the BBC towards the board room of RBS and they will give me names of those who sanctioned Fred the Shred’s pension of £693,000. They actually had the power pack behind them to raise two fingers at me and raise the pension to £703,000. I can never, ever, ever accept insubordination of such blatancy.

I will teach them a lesson that will make Lord King and Jacob Zuma way down in South Africa shit their pants.

When I publish those names on the blog, I will have thrown them your way deer hunters and other field workers. You chop off the roots, tributaries where the board draw their power from and wage a psychological war fare on them. Get kids to hang around their homes occasionally looking in through windows. Then getting the old mobile phones and start texting you lot when they see, or smell things fishy.

The police will be on the kids’ side. Households will have no to complain to.

Postmen can look at members of the household straight in the eye balls when delivering parcels. If stares are not met with and people nervous, mark the house on your local map. Continue the process over weeks, months and years until you have local, regional and national maps, indicating all fishy houses.

Then amazing patterns will emerge on your maps that will tell you why and how they have conglomerated where they have settled down, ways they communicate, which phone company and internet service provider serve them and so on.

While you will be doing all this, the RBS’s board will have come out in the open to explain the rational behind calculating the pension figure of £703,000 for the young 50 year old Fred. He is too young to be retired and should continue to work until he is 65. Beyond that age it is illegal to work according to the International Court of Justice in their communiqué to the British government of today. Clearly, I myself am working illegally! This is an issue I will have to take up with the Court and the Window Dressers but in good time.

Fred knows nothing about banking and he was knighted for services offered to banking. This is an obvious example of Her Majesty being used as a rubber stamp, but we won’t go there now. Young Fred has spent loads of time in banking that has kept him away from learning other skills. He will obviously start at the bottom as a trainee pegged at £14,000 a year of thereabouts.

All moneys he has been enjoying since his retirement will be taken away from him by the people’s courts that I will have sat up.

Existing laws are made up out of the air and people are forced to fit in within their dictated articles. This is ridiculous. These laws are defunct as declared earlier in the blog. In fact, Fred will be dealt with as per the date set out earlier.

Laws will be made to cater for people’s needs in a bottom to top approach. As said, the people have the data and will give it to us as we progress. Enough of this as I have other things to do.

One is to provide an alternative story on the Paul Burrell and the late George Smith. Apparently, he didn’t bugger Paul Burrell. George himself was drugged and raped by 2 of Charles’ butlers before he was allegedly killed by induced cancer. How wrong can one get when one is doing so many things at the same time. Thank goodness I don’t have to apologise to any one, except when I am nice. Apologies are offered to equals. I am unequal to you all. You ought to bear that in mind.

This piece could have been punchier than is, but this will have to do. I am only dealing with a bunch of moronic bankers. Wait until I flush them out.

Mohammad Karim Ahmdazai
Team Leader, Earth Project

PS George Harrison died of cancer. Put these bits in a folder, BBC. I will need them later.


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