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Hundreds Of 1,000s Of Children's Organs Removed By Free Masons with Plymouth England As The Epicentre Of Operations

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So far I have linked Lord Nigel Lawson, my team member D, the Pimp, Chris Tarrant, The Harvey Proctor Gang and many more to paedophilia, burying young children alive in sand pits in Surrey, and other gory details. Proceedings form the chapter on paedophilia, Neo Nazism, drug dealing, terrorist bombing of Bali, Nairobi, Tanzania, Madrid, London 07/07, and more crimes committed globally against humanity for which Al Qaida and Taliban are blamed for. Now, you know the real culprits.

Below is a part copy of

“””In 2001, Britain was also pressed by allegations of storing hearts, lungs, brains and
other organs from children in hospitals. A Dutch pathologist Dick Van Velzen at the
Alder Hey Children's Hospital in Liverpool had confessed to removing hundreds of
thousands of organs from children’s bodies and storing them in hospitals all over the
country. The doctor told the BBC program ‘Panorama’ that body parts from living
children were given to a pharmaceutical company for research in return for financial
donations following management's instructions.
An inquiry by a British Medical Officer reported that in addition to over 2,000 hearts,
there were a large number of brain parts, eyes taken from over 15,000 stillborn
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foetuses and perhaps most disturbingly of all, a number of children's heads and
bodies. Professor Van Velzen, who was sacked from a hospital in Canada where he
faced similar charges also worked at a hospital in Holland.

In 2004, Israeli doctors were charged of harvesting organs from Palestinian children.”””

This is utterly shocking. The article uncovers crimes against children on a global scale from Sri Nagar in Cashmere in India, through to Europe, and Latin America.

I am dealing with criminals with the combined forces of NATO, the Pope/Vatican, the whole world’s establishments with their army, navy, intelligence services, and air forces all rolled in to one against me and the innocent peoples of the world. I say they are on, and bring them on. It’s the case of one flea fighting 1,000 elephants. How about 20 million fleas and 1,000 elephants? And I am talking the United Kingdom of Britain and Northern Ireland alone. We will beat the cock suckers hands down.

By the way, does any one now blame Taliban for the ruthless way they ruled Afghanistan and why? THINK!

Mohammad Karim Ahmadzai
Team Leader, Earth Projects

PS 1. Don't forget Jill Dando's murder (what did she know,engaged to a doctor involved in all of this?), Sally Clarke's induced heart attack, Robin Cooke's induced heart attack (?), the Bushes' byuing land in Latin America, and the good old Pope, and of course Marilyn (Tony) Blair, Ruth Kelly, a member of OPUS DEI (?) - the Secret Service of the Vatican.

PS 2. Amid accusations of mental ill heath, I would suggest that any one that doesn't believes my chapter on Paedophilia and the conspiracies that are abound, then they must be mentally ill. Furthermore, I firmly believe that any one who votes for the 3 main political parties must eihter be mentally ill or Free Masons, or part of the conspiracy.

The latter group are the innocent ones who sheepishly believe publications like the SUN newspaper. Student Unions, Postal worker unions, deer hunters, and all other supporters: Do not buy the SUN. Investigate reporters, the editors by phone calls, manning their offices, homes, pubs, social clubs. Turn tables round and do a Free MAson on them including poisoing and spiking their food, drink, cigarettes, and smoking tobacco. The lot!

For now use Monk's Hood, one poison that the Free Masons use on us. I will give you more to poison the SUN staff. Use it on Rupert Murdoch and his son, too.


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