Friday, 20 March 2009

Homosexuality: Natural Or Induced/Manufactured?

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Before I forget, here is an exponentially important observation that must not be allowed to escape the public’s attention for a single minute from now on, every hour of the day, every day o f the week, every week of the month and every month of the fucking year!:

The CAUSE of binge drinking and alcoholism in teenagers has always been and still is brushed under the carpet day in and day out. The latest example was "Question Time" last night on, when two ladies in the audience enquired 10 minutes apart of each other: That instead of concentrating on the 50 pence price rise of the alcohol, why didn’t the panel comment on why teenagers take to alcohol in the first place.

The ladies related the youths’ alcohol related problems to their social upbringing and experiences – negative experiences!!! On both occasions, Mr Dimbleby was quick enough to re direct the panel in order to avoid getting in hot soup or tackling the real issue. The real issue is SEXUAL ABUSE, according to my team members, this is an absolute certainly, and there is no doubt about it.

I know that even the BBC has a strong contingent of Free Masons, Neo Nazis and Zionists according to my new members such as D and others, pulling strings and ranks on Mr Dimbleby and censoring the agenda.

Robert Killroy Silk was getting close to exposing the extent of the sexual abuse in this country when they struck his popular show off the air. At the time he had 28 other shows ready to be aired. These were struck off, too. The establishment of filthy Free Masons and associates destroyed the man with any political aspirations he and his Veritas Party may have had.

I would like to stress upon the cock sucking Free Masons that this here blog is different. I am no Killroy Silk and I will destroy and uproot you not only from this country but will flush you in whichever rat hole you are hiding on planet earth. That is a firm promise to the oppressed people of the world. OY, YES!

Mohammad Karim Ahmadzai,
Team Leader, Earth Projects

PS. To put the fear of Free Masons in parents of tomorrow, take a load of this: Kids who are abused at ages of 3, 4, and 5, have sex with other innocent children of the same ages when they are visited by the abused kids. Indoctrination and manufacturing shepherds and sheeple start at a very young age indeed. My team members are convinced that anal sex at this age produces gays and the trend becomes the norm of their lives.

My team emphasises that Men brought up with such early experiences become paedophiles and abuse young boys and girls anally as a matter of course. My team poses this question to the gay community: What is the difference between this form of homosexuality (anal sex perversion) and so called “natural homosexuality”, even though same gender sex occurs between consenting adults.

Do bear in mind that those who were abused at the age of 3 and also abused others of the same age, end up having anal sex with adult males and females too. Now, what’s the difference? My team further hypothesises that the occurrance of the so called “natural homosexuality” is directly related to the abuse and hence manufactured and not natural. Ref: The story of Lot in the old testament with regards to Sodom and Gomorrah.

We definitively need a public debate on this where millions can take part on prime time TV, and pole taken. Glastonbury, Michael Jackson, U2 and others can soften the stubborn ground. Is it gay pride or hiding shame?!!!


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