Thursday, 19 March 2009

Help These Victims of Child Abuse and Catch The Criminals Protecting Their Abusers

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Access a geek if you can’t. You get an ocean of links to investigate on subject of child abuse and related issues. Here are some samples and action required by deer hunters, Eggheads, and associates:

From by David Sanderson on 27 November 2007, investigate the following:

1) Investigate the case of E. Davies of Hertfordshire. He is a child abuse victim. Help him be heard

2) Ditto but Lillett Barrett of London UK

3) Ditto but Darnthesafetynet, London W11 1NR

4) Andrew Milner, Yokohama, Japan. He says Ian Blair (ex chief of London Police) is untouchable and an honest policeman is as rare as hen’s teeth!

5) Simon Bruce of Andover, UK says about “Operation Ore” that 63 high profile names were removed from records by Hampshire Police Force. I now add: How many were Free Masons and paedophiles? Does the list contain the name Nigel Lawson?

6) Read books “Pin Down” and “Trust No One” both by Teresa Cooper, 2007 and 2008 respectively. Investigate Kendal House in Gravesend UK where Teresa was drugged and sexually abused

7) Investigate Chief of Children Services in Canoflan Ddinesig Council in Wales

8) Investigate the child abuse case of Vera Wazecha in Middlesborough, England, UK

9) Investigate Pindown Homes. Barbara from Staffordshire England was abused in one such home in the 70s. She says the abusers are still out there living in the lap of luxury on the proceeds of that abuse

10) Ditto but D. Stanley of Gourge France who wants child advocates investigated. They are financed by the Police and government

11) Turn tables round and investigate Robert Napier of Sutton Coldfield for involvement in paedophilia. Leave no stones unturned. Investigate the dog and his walker, neighbours, enemies, friends, take car registration numbers, and set kids to snoop around his house. Make his life hell.

Set 10,000 people on him to phone him, stop him on streets, place of his work, even in bed with a young boy and girl, and photograph him intensely. He has no human rights you could abuse

Generally, rally behind every one of the abused listed above in your 100s and make their cries heard. Report to the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Five TV and the national broadsheets and tabloid. If the latter don’t take notice, set up fresh newspapers and make the established press go bankrupt.

Mohammad Karim Ahmadzai
Team Leader, Earth Projects

PS. Have you made those T-Shirts yet?


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