Sunday, 8 March 2009

Google, U Tube and Microsoft Are Neo Nazis

Post number 224,

These 3 giants have been in collusion chiefly with the Neo Nazi Americans, the Pope, the converted Catholic Blair, Mandleson and the rest, and are equally Neo Nazis by association.

Google’s not registering Lebensborn Norwegian children in their search engines, has meant that the world has been deprived of knowing the truth. The Telegraph article of 2001 cited in post number 223 adds that the children in question were detained in mental institutions and were subjected to being drugged and then raped!

Google’s withholding such a deeply sensitive issue out of the public domain is a criminal offense against their own children never mind that of the rest of ours'. They seem not to care as long as they make money, and plenty of it.

The same goes for the other super criminals U Tube and Microsoft. In order to destine me to being minced in the hydro electric turbines, the 3 master minded the Carnegie Hall classical concert from 70 countries and 3,000 pieces of music. Judges have had no more than 5 to 10 seconds to OK or rubbish each piece received!!!

In the case of Microsoft, I can allow an exception and punitive measures will be imposed on them when the day of judgement comes. They are free to operate but should shift attitudes and become benign. NO MORE TRICKS, BILL GATES. AM I UNDERSTOOD?!

As for the other two:

Clive Anderson: Your legal duties cover the globe. Ensure to start proceedings for the total and comprehensive shut down of U Tube and Google. They are highly unethical and immoral and enemies of the human race. Record today’s date as the start of their illegal pirated operations. Heavy financial and criminal charges will be levelled against both.

BT Internet/Yahoo: You are my team members (my service providers). Use available technologies to block the Carnegie Hall Concert. Tell U Tube to apologise to the 70 countries parents and children. They should also return all music to their owners with full copy rights etc intact.

Shut down Google’s entire operations including Google Earth and Google China. Take over the services between the two of you as Clive will do the following:

Freeze Google’s global fixed and liquid assets as of now (02:54 hours GMT). Arrange for the smooth transfer of all technologies from Google to BT/Yahoo. The Google owners is myself, lock stock and barrel.

I now assure the masses world wide this has been one case of you lot fishing me out just 100 metres upstream of the dam wall. Well done and thank you.

I obviously withdraw all support given earlier for the Carnegie Concert.

Other pressing matter: North Korea’s satellite launch is genuine because they wanted to inform the world about Lebensborn children and save themselves from genetically modified to blue eyed and blonde hair super Neo Nazi race. It’s too late, Barack, call off your rabid dogs (US military). Cancell joint South Korean US military annual needless exercises unless you want me to treat you as I did Bush!

Northern Ireland: Pakistani intelligence referred to Lahore killers as “Rambos”, a clear reference to Western commandos. Undoubtedly, with reference to other blog posts, these commandos were those of the Pope and Bush and associate and they were none other than the Real IRA! Note below.

Brown called the killers of the two British soldiers ready to go to Afghanistan (misreporting earlier is acknowledged) evil. This is referring to my calling Bush and gang as the Sphere of Evil, and is accepted globally, since no comments are received from any one negating my allegations. Browns coded use of the word evil is acknowledged as his concurring with me.

Summing up, it was the Real IRA who was responsible for the death of the two soldiers, Lahore, Mumbai, Bali, Madrid and London 07/07. The real IRA were condemned by all political parties especially Sin Fein, and the Irish Republic. The Real IRA are Neo Nazis, and previous atrocities they have been involved in earlier will looked at afresh and treated as crimes against humanity.

Columbia: Split between President Oribe and his Defence Chief is a major break through and a peace of mind for President Chavez. It would appear that the Defence Chief was in-charge of Drug manufacturing, distribution and providing armed forces that nearly toppled the Mexican government. In a silent coup, President Oribe seems to have defeated the forces of the Neo Nazis.

I now look forward to the normalisation of the relations between Columbia, Venezuela and the other neighbour who lined the boarder last time in a joint show of force with President Chavez.

Kharg women can also come in the open soon and speak their minds with help from France.

No comments recieved from Nick Griffin and his BNP. They are free game and the hunting season began at around 23:00 last night. Give me some broken necks and even some dead bodies boys and girls provided you use no weapons. Just your bodies, beacuse they make babies and the BNP had placed your very bodies in danger. Just go for the bastards and bitches. No mercy!!! Is that clear?

Blog awaits your comments on any of the above as usual.

Mohammad Karim Ahmadzai,
Team Leader, Earth Projects


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