Thursday, 12 March 2009

Give up Pope. You Can't Win This One.

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Further to post number 197, “ A Scoop to British Press”.

On the one hand, the Pope announced that the decommissioning (?) of 4 bishops may have not been taken with due care by the Vatican, but on the other, the Pope has launched a 5 pronged attack on me, the bishop, his supporters, the Germans, the British, and the entire Roman Catholics of Latin America, and those of the USA:

1) He is going to Israel to stamp his authority on the Jews telling them that the killing of the Gaza Palestinians will and should go on regardless of other parties trying to bring peace between the warring factions.

2) His Commandos (has Bush elements) gunned down innocent people in Alabama.

3) Ditto but in Northern Ireland killing soldiers, a police man and injuring civilians. The Irish kept their hard won unity (11 years of peace and quiet) by protesting silently en masse, copying the mainstay of this blog philosophy.

4) Ditto but killing 13 pupils, 2 teachers and 2 passers by in the massacre of Albertville High School, near Stuttgart.

5) Th imminent appointment of a hard liner to rpelace the reting Caridal Cormack Murphy O'Connor as the leader of the British Roman Catholic Church

Goodness knows what else the Pope will try to get out of the situation of inviting the British Bishop to simply travel to the Vatican and give his reasons as to why he firmly believes that no more than 300,000 Jews died at the hands of the Nazis, and that no Jews were gassed in the concentration camps.

The pope should realise that revealing the truth will change the face of politics and war on planet earth and we will all live in peace, NATO will dismantled a whole lot quicker, and confrontations will cease between Islam, and Islam will be given opportunities to contribute to the world of knowledge comprising of science, arts, poetry, culture, history, and a whole lot beside.

So far, the paedophile run global powers, spearheaded by the Free Masons, the American Empire and the Pope has portrayed Islam as mere savages living in dark ages.

My personal interest in pursuing this campaign has been to remove monumental obstacles from my way to simply encourage investors to invest, fashion, and technical partners to come forth and join me. This has meant that I should change the world in order to simply dry clean. Things are not going bad. It is time the Pope threw in the towel, admitted defeat and let me get on with my job.

Mohammad Karim Ahmadzai,
Team Leader, Earth Projects


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