Saturday, 14 March 2009

France, Russia, NATO, Smoking Room For G20, and British Pubs

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Hammurabi applies

General Charles Degaule (not found in my Microsoft American spell checker!) who took France out of NATO in 1964 did it to keep France out of American domination by a weaker and shallower culture (a French view that draws my sympathy), supported by the lapdog, Britain.

It was for the same reason that France objected strongly to British membership of the European Economic Community (EEC, a predecessor to the EU) to weaken American influences on Europe through the suffocating brutal forces of NATO.

So why is President Sarkozi willingly joining NATO now? Is he surrendering the French independence? Is that why he is called in some quarters as the American Sarkozi? I think not. The president has seen that I am dismantling NATO piece by piece to the point of packing and sending them home soon with direct and open wishes of the German people and government soon. My trump card is the British Bishop who will be invited by the Germans to declare that Germans were not as bad as the Americans and Vatican had painted them to be.

President Sarkozi could be planning one of the two things: either to sell out the French and, join NATO and strengthen it because Sarkozi is a Free Mason. Firstly, this will defeat me and my power base of Glastonbury, Michael Jackson (a converted Free Mason), arts, theatre, circus, British cinema and other culturally rich factors that may bring out 20 million people in parks and streets this summer. Secondly, he has converted to my side and joined Her Majesty the Queen who rules by decree and has full control of her armed forces.

Yesterday, she came out for the first time during her long reign to spend time with 60,000 of her subject. She must have told them that even if she was a Free Mason herself and the family, she has converted and wishes to see people take their destinations in their own hands and start a bottom to top system of government and all else that goes with it. It is for this reason that President Sarkozi started his stamp collection album with the Queen’s head and even Governator Arnie contributed a stamp as a show of solidarity and hinting to me that he wants his beloved Austria should not be left out.

Wishes granted Arnie, especially since Austria will help me greatly by exposing the Simon Wiesenthal scam.

More stamp collectors will join the club and announced loudly and clearly on air by global’s various mouth pieces as we continue the march along the road to progress and BORN FREE (a term not mentioned for a while but alive and kicking).

To sum up thus far, I have got her Majesty the Queen through people power to change allegiances from Free Masonry, President Sarkozi and the people of France, Governor Arnie and the people of California, and Austria as an n embryo. I can bring British army on to the streets to protect every ward, every borough, every city and the whole country and shoot Free Masons on site starting the bankers.

Now, how much pension did you want us to give you, Fred the fucking Shred? We are 82% owners of the RBS, you know? Just say the word and it better not be £703,000 per annum. Calculate it based on your projected income of £14,000 per annum as a job trainee. Your pension will be calculated by us based on the banks performance in the future, not the past. The future is ours, and the past yours. Which one should and will have the overall say?

Russia is a part of Earth Project Europe and I believe President Medvedev, Prime Minister Putin have jumped ship from Free Masonry and joined my BORN FREE movement. With Russia on board, the New Europe can boast the strongest military, human resources and financial power in the world soon, with number 3 economic giant, Germany, in my camp. Russia extends to neighbourhoods of Japan, China, and Alaska.

We can offer protection to Japan and chase out America from Okinawa. Then Japan will be in my economic sphere of nations. Then Europe will have other resources plus those of Germany and Japan. Therefore, Europe will undoubtedly become the new engine for the world economy.

If America and China join forces and want to play economic and war games, they could be my guests. We could install half of what we’ve got and point at China and America with bases near Alaska.

Chances are America and China will avoid such confrontations, and will propose nuclear disarmament as proposed by Russia as we speak.

Every body’s choices are quite clear.

The queen must have spelled out to the representatives of the 60,000 horse racing lovers all the Royal secrets from Diana's story to "two men in bed" and all the rest of it. Soon, audiences will be given to Mohammad El Faed to chip in with what he knows including whether Henry (Honghy) Paul, Diana's fatal driver was drunk or was he a tea totaller like I am?!!!

Mohammad Karim Ahmadzai,
Team Leader, Earth Projects

PS Smoking break: The G20 have raised two fingers at the world’s population and are telling us that we should do as they say and not as they do. The luxury Sussex country hotel have been told to provide a smoking room for the delegates to smoke in, while smoking is banned in all public buildings in the United Kingdom of Britain and Northern Ireland, especially the pubs.

The Window Dressers are after closing down the pubs, a real institution of British culture and heritage. People gather there to exchange views just as they do in post offices. Hands off our pubs, you bastards, and this is coming to you from a British Muslim. How about that?! I don't drink to keep a clear head, but my sons do and I go to pubs with them.


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