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Football And Unrelated Dividends

Hammurabi applies. The quality of presentation has gone down I am afraid, because I have a lot of catching up to do. I am doing a post connecting Sweden, Meryl Streep, Mama Mia (both the Movie and the musical in London), Sweden desperate to brand herself to be seen and heard, 300 Swedish soldiers in North Afghanistan never mentioned or acknowledged, myself, London where an Afghan prime minister lives and has been sidelined etc. A tough assignment indeed.

Post number 222

First, a note on the general philosophy of post numbers 220 and 221: Previous long winded (unsuitable word, blame my vocabulary and shortage of time to use thesaurus) efforts like those by the Greenham Common women, Live Aid, Band Aid and all the rest of them, Fought from within. What I mean is that if the battle ground is a circle, then they fought a radial war working from the centre outwards and also starting at the top (the establishment).

An example would be Sir Bob Gildoff’s telling Tony Blair “Give us the fucking the money!” The whole world heard but there was no follow up and the movement eventually died. There were too many Fred the Shred’s equivalents surrounding the freedom fighters that were encircled by massive power packs unfolded in posts 220 and 221.

My approach in the two posts is that I have drawn a huge circle around the unknown forces and am attacking their rear guards, if you will. Feed back already received confirms my philosophies have inflicted devastating blows on the opposition. For one thing, Fred the Shred and Co blocked access to my blog for hours on end today and delayed the dispatching of this post.

The propulsive and barrage of productivity of this blog has stunned the opposition and delighted supporters to no end. The quality of successive posts has a positive slope on the curve of progress towards achieving our freedom out there on the ground and in real time.

Even, before successes scored by the launch of posts numbers 220 and 221, football reacted with nods of approval after placing full trust in blog philosophies as a whole:

Not in any specific order:

1) Ashley Cole was received like a Chelsea and England hero, applauded by the crowd and Roman Abramovic, personally. I have never seen the man so lively and joyful before. Ashley is free now to enjoy his married and play his football for club and country much to the disappointment of the BNP, counter parts the Dutch film maker (The holy Quran as Mine Campf?), and Salmon Rushdie and his Satanic Verses that nearly set the 1 billion Indians alight and laid the foundation of milititancy in British Muslim youth and their counter parts in the Indian subcontinent. The whore of the nation Thatcher and the drug dealing Pope worshipping revolting, vomit inducing Tony Blair are squarely blamed for giving the man with no swimming trunks (Warren Buffett) a fake respectability and a place in the society.

2) Not relevant here but Lord Ali who may be spending time in prison for driving offenses may take note that you don’t lower yourself by getting involved in exchanging opinions with these arrogant, bigoted, and enemies of national heritage and values (Rushdie destroyed the secular Britain). You simply rise above them and use them as third persons in dialogues. Has any body noticed that my developing blog philosophies (simultaneous equations) has already issued a 1+1=2 Fatwah on Salmon Rushdie without even trying? Since Salmon Rushdie = the BNP = the Dutch film maker, my ordering breaking necks using martial arts applies to all three of them! The BNP for wearing and/or displaying national colours, Salmon Rushdie by leaving residual pockets of deep hurt in British Muslims who still do not have freedom of speech to make amends with their indigenous brothers and sisters, and the Dutch fil maker with his divisive inflaming of the Dutch in to unwarranted hatred of their Muslims. If the Dutch want to break his neck and their action results in the man’s death, then again I will accept full responsibility. Go for both bastards and make my day. I have planned a day when British cities will only have one police man and woman to police the whole city. Two, because they could talk to each other so that they don’t get bored. If a couple of pseudo intellectual pay with their lives for me to achieve my goals, than so be it.

3) Salmon Rushdie is a man with no swimming trunks (Ref Warren Buffett). This blog has driven the tides down and the whole world is watching Salmon and the Dutch film maker stark naked exposing their lies of wearing swimming at all times.

4) Phew! That was some tangent I took from football, but it’s this simultaneous equation thing, you see?

5) So, back with football: First, I must congratulate ITV on the superb coverage and commentary of the Fulham v Man U live FA Cup quarter final match at Craven Cottage (I was once a supporter and one of the crowd in the 70s in post Alan Mullery’s days. There were a few others of us darkies and Muslims in the crowd. We didn’t bother any one and vice versa. How Rushdie changed thing, hey? I was living in 113 Howards Lane Putney in those days with wife Lorraine and son Jacob. There was even a Nigerian with us).

6) This will shock you: ITV was aiming cameras to study social patterns, cohesion or the lack of it in order to prove or reject blog philosophies. During the pre match scanning, they showed an Al Qaeda/Taliban look alike of Abu Qitada and Abu Hamza who is be deported to Jordan, wearing a Man U scarf proudly supporting his team!!! This defies explanation and I will leave readers to draw own conclusions. However, I say this: If that is really who they are, then why are they not given air and viewing time to express themselves openly? Answer, they are deprived of all freedom of speech as indeed I am, and so is the adult population of 60 million. Exceptions are the establishment, the BNP, Salmon Rushdie, and others towing the Window Dresser divisive policy lines to break us up, to drug and to rape our children. Now, do you see why Salmon’s death is entirely justified, my unity loving Britons? The sooner you get the mother fucker, the more peaceable our society will be. You don’t need an Ayatollah to issue a death Fatwah. You simply need 1+1=2.

7) We saw a dejected Mohammad El Fayed the Fulham owner with his back towards the camera, but showing unison and togetherness with his players.
8) We also Fulham manager Roy Hodgson with dry lips, terrified by the sheer influence of Man U supporters (note item 9 below), unable to move to issue body language instructions to his players during the match. The man was frozen solid, compared to his conducts in other matches.

9) We then saw Man U supporters whom I had deprived of wearing their global terrorist shirts, make up for it in other ways to terrorise the Fulham players and supporters: They were unusually and highly vocal, chanting a singing, they were ever clapping, and they were jumping up down seemingly during the entire match.

10) We also witnessed Alex Fergusson (all titles bestowed but left out) run on half of the Fulham grounds before the start of the second half (never done before) claiming the grounds as his and strengthening his brain washed supporters. A very highly symbolic move indeed telling the nation that he is still powerful and backed by the likes of the drug dealing Pope, G.W. Bush and gang, Blair and Mendelson.

10a) In my view the referee was slightly biased in Man U favour: Flag wasn't raised for off side in the 54th minute. The 79th yellowcarding Da Cart of Fulham was not fair in my view. The man clearly got the ball first not Park's legs.

10b) A cusiosity: Why did Vidic and Carlos Tevez outshine themselves in this match? Did it have any thing to do with Renado's and Berbatov's absense? Was Carlos happy that the President had lifted export tariffs on the Argentian wine growers? I am thorough, perhaps too thorough.

11) There was a bit of good news too: Mohammad el Fayed and Mr Capelo were sitting together. This placed Mr Capelo firmly in my camp and that is delightful news in two ways: One that he agrees with me that David Beckham’s role in the national team should be gradually tapered to total removal. Gradual, so that the Beckham brand, including his famous perfume should suffer the least damage. And second, his allegiance to me, and closeness to Mohammad, brings the latter in to my camp. I have wished such an association for a long time, but have been unable to invite him outright (no 1+1=2 reasoning). Mohammad, now, we have a lot in common all of a sudden. You want to know what happened to Diana and Dodi. So do I, but for entirely different reasons.

12) Still addressing Mohammad, he knows by now that his means of tackling his problems have been futile and at great financial cost and loss of repute to him. He could just keep on waiting and jump on my band wagon when deer hunters and associates have dug deep enough. To them and me, it is highly imperative to know what Diana meant when she had said that she has a story to tell that will shock the world. I need such stories so that I can reach my dry cleaning aims quicker. Therefore, it is equally important to prepare grounds for Paul Burrell who is dying to tell the world what Diana’s story is. It has been his promise to Diana that he will do exactly that one day. That is why I have asked President Obama before his election that he ought to protect Paul (living in America) as if his presidency depended on it.

12a) And that is why I must get to the bottom of the story on George Smith's rape by two of Prince Charles' staffers. Channel 4 TV (prime team members) covered aspects of this problem recently and the timing wasn't right for me to play ping pong. I an encouraging you now to get in touch with John Snow and team, and obtain whatever they have on the case. They have also used a Royal guard (Smith's colleague) as a witness in another story. Rewnind their film archives and find out.

13) What I suggest you should also do is to take a few tangents: Something I have been curious about is to concentrate on celebrities who were disgraced during the Blair’s terms of office. They could very well be decent human beings and smeared with disrepute by the power and the media and by removing their rights too, to express themselves. I have broeken them loose now. You encourage them to come forward. I have in mind the likes of Jonathan Aitkin and his ‘sword of truth’, Christine and Neil Hamilton (she can talk, and is my kind of girl), and Lord Archer. Mix a little with them. Invite to come forth and say things. They may have precious data on your case and mine. My interest on behalf of deer hunters, Eggheads and associate would be to give us threads on Obelisks (including Cleopatra’s Needle on the banks of the Thames), Eros in Piccadilly, Dark Vader, Lord of the rings (to do with anus or ass hole), and stuff.

13a) For my sake, speak to Terry Waite (Church of England man and ex Hezbullah hostage. Ditto but John McCarthy, and hid ex girl friend campaigner Jill Morrell.

14) Back with the Fulham match and to conclude it, we witnessed a sad event too: A boy of about 10 on father’s lap gave me ‘thumbs up’ but looked extremely sad, portraying the plight of all our youth. I could not help sharpening my sword on the likes of Mandlesons, Blairs and now the dividing and ruling son of a bitch Salmon Rushdie. He has been so much the cause of the loss of freedom of expression of speech and writing that the Iranians both in Iran and abroad have been unable to say or to write word about the humour attached to the very name Rushdie:

15) Rushd (Pronounced something close to Rashd) is an area in Iran, and the people are called Rushdis. Hundreds of years ago these people and others from Iran immigrated to India and are known as the Parsis. I am not clear as to whether Salmon’s descendents are from Iran and I am not going to ask him either. He is beneath me and may die as a fruit of my 1+1+=2 so that the world is free of one scum bag at least. Having said that, he is an exception and has weeks and months to post comments to the blog, so that I can really turn on him.

16) Rushdis in Iran are what the Irish used to be here in mainland Britain, and are butts of fantastic jokes. How will this translate is left to readers and the likes of Omid Djalilee and Ms Khursandian to step in and help. Even they have had no freedom of speech to cover the subject in their stand up comedies: A man’s wife was sleeping around and had a good income to buy loads of hand bags and shoes. The husband unaware of where the money came from (Mrs was a house wife); he employed a detective to spy on Mrs Rushdie. He reported his findings complete with photos of her negotiating deals with different men every day. Mr Rushdie was puzzled as to what to do waited until one day an opportunity presented itself. Mrs Rushdie having come home and feeling cold stood in front o f the open fire to warm her legs and dry her still wet crotch! Oh, earlier, when asked by the husband where all the money had come from, the Mrs replied that she wins the lottery all the time. While Mrs Rushdie was still warming and drying herself, Mr Rushdie said: “Watch out dear. Make sure you don’t burn your ever winning ticket!”

17) Here is another one: Mr Rushdie had put the family home on the market. The agent phoned his office advising him to show the house to a very keen buyer. Mr Rushdie rushed home, slammed the front door hard behind him and started tidying up downstairs. His wife was shagging the boy friend in the bedroom, panicked and hid him in the wardrobe. Mr Rushdie showed the prospective buyer downstairs, including the kitchen and nice fitting. While showing him the bedroom (wife standing wearing a night gown), he pointed to the nice double bed, a good view to the garden through the window and opened the wardrobe and faced the stark naked boy friend still with a hard on like a rock. Not embarrassed at all, he said to the buyer: “Oh, this must be me. So, why don’t you meet me too?”

Iran, like Afghanistan and Tibet is an Orchid. Only if the likes of Salmon Rushdie hadn’t shut us up to express ourselves. For that he will pay with his life whether dead or alive. This blog has made his life unworthy of living, one would have thought.

Mohammad Karim Ahmadzai,
Team Leader, Earth Projects

PS. As said, Lord Ali. Rise above them all. Just rise above.


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